BottleDog is coming!

BottleDog is coming!

We've been teasing you long enough with news of a BrewDog bottle shop, but we can officially announce our plans right here, right now. Ready? Ok, here goes...!


BrewDog's first Bottle shop, BottleDog, will open at the end of April 2014 on Gray's Inn Road near King's Cross in London. The concept for this shop is essentially the Diagon Alley of craft beer, minus the magic wands and trained owls. It'll stock everything a craft beer lover could dream of; from BrewDog bottled beers and growler fills to amazing new beers from International breweries, to homebrewing equipment and great glassware to enjoy your purchases in, this place will have it all.


We are also designing the shop to be a place to come and sit down and sample a few things before making any decisions. There'll be books about beer and food and anything else that might be of interest on a table in the centre of the store, with seating and wise, knowledgeable, Cicerone-trained staff on hand to advise and chat with.

This venue will be the first of many and Aberdeen, Glasgow and Manchester are in our sights once we've got London off the ground.

Stay tuned for more accurate launch dates, but in the mean time, I think the most important question is what breweries' beers should we get in for the grand opening?

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  • Rejoice! Id like to see in no particular order some;

    Nomada, Amager Bryghus, Hill Farmstead, Bad Seed, Arizona Wilderness, Trillium & Toppling Goliath
  • No bottle shops in Edinburgh? Oh pl-eeeaaseee! I can think of 4 fantastic shops and 5 decent shops in the city. Apart from the Royal mile I cant think of an area within the city centre that is more than 20 minutes walk from a great selection of beer. Oh heres a list http://www.ratebeer.com/Places/FindPlacesByCity.asp?CountryID=241&StateID=0&City=edinburgh&Show=3
  • Yall need to get some Craddocks Crazy Sheep and Craddocks Capra in.
    Xand Kendall22.02.2014
  • definitely some beer from the Netherlands like molen and uiltje
  • If the Aberdeen store could be right at the train station that would be super handy thanks.
    Rich W20.02.2014
  • Will only BrewDog growlers be filled, or will you accept any growler?
  • Please stock:
    Dogfish Head Brewery
    Oskar Blues Brewing
    Anchor Brewery
    Dark Star
  • Anything from Oregon/cascadia region, Ninkasi, Alaskan, Russian River, Full Sail etc etc
  • YES. Hurry up with Aberdeen! :-P
  • Hi I deal with food and drink for the herald if you are thinking of a shop in Glasgow or Scotland I could help with advertising
    Anne Fraser 19.02.2014
  • +1 in manc...
  • AM -

    (former Fritzale)
    Eighties lover boy19.02.2014
  • Eermahgerrrrd

    Cantillon and Russian River please.

    5 minute walk from work. Dont you have enough of my money already. Dang.
  • Id like to see a local craft brewery area in each shop specific to the location.
  • Hey everyone - James has confirmed that shareholder will get their discount in BottleDog as per in our bars, 5% :)

    Huleboer, click shop at the top of this page! :)
  • please add a webshop aswell.. Im currently ordering from 3-4 different webshops around the world.. I need more shops to buy from :)
  • Brilliant location as usually stay in hotel around there when in London. How about opening a bottledog in Durham, we could do with a nice craft beer shop.
  • Some Hitachino Nest would be nice. And itd be good to get confirmation of shareholder discounts too!
  • Anything Scottish(!), but preferably Top Out (Loanhead), Tempest (Kelso), Elixir (Livingston), Innis & Gunn (yeah, yeah, I know....), Inveralmond (Perth), Madcap (Dumfriesshire) & Windswept (Lossiemouth). Thats all for now!
  • Some of the Valhalla ales from Shetland.
  • Cigar city! And Dogfishhead, and Three Floyds. And Mickeller :)
  • When u gonna open one in inverness
    Ally stornoway19.02.2014
  • To Ol please.
    sir haggard19.02.2014
  • Magic Rock, Weird Beard, Great Divide, Flying Dog
  • Definitely Kernel, Pressure Drop, Four Pure, ELB,Magic Rock, Brixton...the list goes on. Cant wait!
  • Would be nice to get stuff unavailable elsewhere, e.g.:

    Cigar City
    Firestone Walker
    Dogfish Head
    Southern Tier
    Hoppin Frog
  • I think I love you ........now open one in leeds !!!!!
  • William Bros & Thornbridge.
    Nightshift Brew Co aswell!
  • List of Brewmeister beers that arent terrible:

    *space left intentionally blank*
  • In London, Ive been impressed by Brixton Beer, Kernel and Redchurch Brewery.
  • If the first shop is in London village, then you HAVE to stock beer from The Kernel. All their bottles I have tried have been fantastic.
    Others to consider - Magic Rock, Buxton, Marble, Oakham, but definately NOT Castle Rock.
    Pete H., Nottm19.02.2014
  • Couldnt you have opened it on a railway station concourse ? Dont you know how much beer time will be lost walking down the Grays Inn Road? Its not easy keeping up with beer in London you know !
  • The Kernel, and De Molen are musts! Kings of brewing for me at the moment.
    Alexander Davis19.02.2014
  • Russian River and The Alchemist!
  • i will do the first shop in germany!!!!!
  • We need all of the Three Floyds. And Jester King. And Cigar City.
  • Are you going to be stocking home brew ingredients too or just the kit?

    some great all grain mix (in 1 Gallon & 5 Gallon) kits would be amazing - After BottleDog - why not HomeDog?
  • Russian River, Stone, Mikkeller, Three Floyds, Goose Island, AleSmith, Bells, Hair of the Dog, Deschutes, Alchemist, Firestone Walker! I could go on forever!
  • +1 on the Brewmeister or Tetleys Smooth Flow
    dynamiteninja 19.02.2014
  • Nice, hopefully its near the travel lodge on grays road. Booked in there for a stay in london later in the year so ill be able to have a growler filled before heading for the train.
  • Beavertown/ Brew by Numbers/ Partizan/ Kernel/ Stone/ Mikkeller/ Evil Twin/ Weird Beard/ Ska/ Pressure Drop/ Kona/ Flying Dog - if these were sold in one place I wouldnt need to go anywhere else!!
    Londinium Maximus19.02.2014
  • Some Pliny, Dark Lord and any of Bremeisters gear please! #NomNomNom
  • If you could get Vortex by Fort George Brewery I will sweep your floors and be a caged novelty for your customers to throw nuts at
  • What about Edinburgh? :(
  • If you can get the small but fine selection of beers from Four Pines Brewery Australia, youd be the first in Europe I think.
    Andy P19.02.2014
  • Why not in Edinburgh guys?
    We need more beer shops here and especially homebrew stores (theres only one, and it is bloody expensive)!!!
  • Re: BenH - You are joking, right?
    BrewMeister? Really?19.02.2014
  • A good British beer section would be awesome! Cromarty bottles? Yes please...
  • Rooie Dop from Utrecht, The Netherlands.
    Het Uiltje from Haarlem, The Netherlands.
    De Molen from Bodegraven, The Netherlands.
  • itd be cool if you could get a mixed crate of 12/24 different bottles
  • Cigar City!
  • Any idea of timescale/location for the Manchester shop?
  • Pity my London office is due to move from Grays Inn Road at the beginning of April! :-(
    Adam B19.02.2014
  • Will the shareholder discount be the same as in the online stores, or more akin to the bars?
  • Such a memorable occasion calls for some Pliny, right?
  • I demand trained owls.
  • Brewmeister make some damn good beers, get them in please
  • Shareholder discount available?
  • Amazing - when will you be hoping to open the others around the UK?
  • Sweet! Growler fills sound cool, please make sure you have them in stock when you open! Mine from Camden Town broke *sad face*
  • Errrrr right by my office?! How did you know?! ;)

    Magic Rock High Wire please!
    Georgie K19.02.2014

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