BrewDog HQ - All Systems Go!

BrewDog HQ - All Systems Go!

We have loads of projects happening at the moment to make our Ellon brewery even better! Here is the low-down on what we're up to:
5th Brewhouse Vessel


We've just installed a new vessel in our brewhouse, giving us the extra capacity we need to brew enough wort (which our friendly yeast turns into beer) to keep up with the insanely huge demand for our beers. With our 5th vessel, our brewhouse can now brew 10 times per day(!)

New Fermentation Vessels


Punk is so popular we decided to add a few bonus fermentation tanks outside the brewery, so  we can make bumper batches. It means moving more bags of malt, but hey, it's worth it!

Water treatment plant


Don't worry, it's just the technical name for a cool piece of kit we've added, which is a tall tower that simply nudges the oxygen out of the liquor (geeky term for "water used in beer") before we brew with it. Like using mountains of hops, or cold-conditioning for two weeks, it's a way of improving the shelf life of our beer without pasteurisation, so your beer tastes great for even longer without any nasty processes or additives.

Canning Line


We've ordered our canning line, so soon we'll be ready and rocking with a regular restock of canned little hop bombs! You guys have been screaming out for cans of Punk IPA and Dead Pony Club and we've not been ignoring you! Hopefully this will be installed and ready to presst the start button in time for the Summer sun!



Our operations team are currently playing a big game of Tetris and rearranging our new warehouse so we can fit some extra special new kit into the space they free up. We've also made room for some new racking so we can fit in more barrels to age our beers in!

New offices


We're almost ready to move into our new offices, and once the flitting's done we'll be shifting up a gear with our visitor centre, where you'll be able to see exactly how we brew, and enjoy the freshest BrewDog beers available on the planet in Dog Tap...speaking of which...

Dog Tap


Yes indeedy! With the new build nearly complete, we're almost ready to open the doors to our on-site tap room! Once launched, visitors to our brewery in Ellon will be able to taste the freshest BrewDog beer on the planet! We're super psyched about this one...can you tell?

So! Who's up for joining us for a beer in Ellon?

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  • Any chance youll can other beers from the core range? Would love to see cans of hardcore and jackhammer on sale!
  • How much did the canning line cost and how many cans can you can during a cancan?
    hystrix cristata26.04.2014
  • Will there be a bottle dog at HQ too?
  • Wow ! Even more great investment.
    Cant wait to see Dog Tap when Im next up in June.
    Pete H., Nottm24.04.2014
  • Theres a thirsty local dying for a proper drink dispenser to open nearby! Roll on the end of the year! :)
  • Good work lads ;o)
  • Its certainly come on a bit since I visited - nothing on the site then bar some plans and some machinery.

    Well done to all involved and nice to know that my EFP 1 and 2 investments are still working hard!
    Charles May23.04.2014
  • Canning line!!!! Dead Pony Club in cans for summer BBQ!
    Scott D23.04.2014
  • Wow wow wow wow! You guys are fantastic pround to be part of it!
  • Whenever you turn on a new piece of equipment, does James dress up like Jean-Luc Picard and shout Engage!. He should.
    The Garv23.04.2014
  • Saweet! Get that visitor centre open! I want to meet EVERYONE.

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