Brew Sunday Returns to BrewDog Aberdeen

Brew Sunday Returns to BrewDog Aberdeen

At 2.00 PM on Sunday the 22nd of January we will be hosting our second (and most awesome) Brew Sunday at BrewDog Aberdeen.

Joining the Aberdeen team will be Graeme, Russell and Colin three of our hardcore brewing team.

They will be bringing down the (soon to perhaps be world famous) pilot brewing kit to brew a beer of your choice right here in the bar. The 50L keg will be a one off brew and be served only in BrewDog Aberdeen.

New Year's Eve in BrewDog Bars

For anyone who missed our last Pilot Brew this will be an interactive live brewing demonstration allowing our expert brewers to showcase their talents in the art of craft brewing, and also most importantly let you get involved in the whole brewing process.

This will be the first "new" BrewDog beer to be brewed and launched in 2012, in the original BrewDog bar! Exciting huh?


You can register your suggestion on the blog or stop by the bar and place your vote in the official squirrel ballot box. The most creative and best ideas will be shortlisted this Sunday (15/12) with the voting to begin (via our extremely high tech chalkboard) from Monday (16/12) - Caramel porter? Pink Peppercorn I.P.A!?... You decide!

Let the suggestions commence...

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  • Ah, a Sabco Brewmagic. Might get one of those to put in the garage!
    Steve P21.01.2012
  • Did the beer made in Brewedog Glasgow ever show up? Never heard much about it.
  • Only $6000, think I'll order 2
  • @Grahamf4

    You can order your RIMS system here http://www.brewmagic.com/products/brew-magic-v350ms-system/

  • I'm sure Edinburgh will get its turn guys, but Aberdeen is not too far away, why not make a weekend of it!
    BrewDog Tom18.01.2012
  • How about marketing your pilot brew kit?
  • It is slightly unfair that Aberdeen is getting a second shot before Edinburgh has had a turn
  • yes, I agree, bring this to Edinburgh please.
  • ...bring..this ..to ...Perth!..Orstralia!~
  • Wow. I might have to drive up from Edinburgh and get involved in this beer :)

    It's Winter, I think you guys should make a hearty bock with a complimentary hop profile - something to match the richness of the malt body. Darker than a maibock and less alcohol than a doppelbock, so I can drink more of it (I don't want a shot glass full, I want a half or two :) I know it's a lager style and takes longer to make... You could also make a rich brown ale with dried fruit, like raisins or black currants. Make something 7-8-9% though, nothing wimpy for Winter, something to drive the dampness from the bones :)
  • Will this be recorded and available to watch onlineat a later stage/streamed live? I'd love to attend but 600 miles is a bit of a way to go to brew a batch of beer, let alone to go back to taste it!
  • My suggestion is - bring this to Edinburgh!
    James H18.01.2012

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