The BrewDog App, Loyalty Scheme & Equity for Punks

The BrewDog App, Loyalty Scheme & Equity for Punks

Many of you will have already started using our BrewDog app, and thanks for all the feedback you guys have sent to help us improve it. Now comes the next phase, which is one we're super psyched about, it's almost time to start cashing in some points on the app in exchange for challenges!

Have A Nice Flight!

To do so, you need to get yourself a BrewDog Loyalty Card. There are 2 ways to do this:

1. If you are an Equity Punk...

Firstly, all Equity Punk investors automatically get a free Equity Punk card which will double as their loyalty card. You can invest in BrewDog at www.brewdog.com/equityforpunks

If you have invested in EFP III, your new EFP card will have a magnetic strip on the back and will double as your BrewDog loyalty card.

For those who invested in Equity Punks I or II, you will be sent an email next week with details on how to register for your card which will be free of charge. It will be like your current EFP card but will contain the magnetic strip to accumulate your loyalty points with BrewDog.


2. If you're not an Equity Punk...

If you'd like to become an Equity Punk and get your loyalty card nice and quick and easy, hit up www.brewdog.com/equityforpunks to invest. If not, here's how non Equity Punks can get their paws on a loyalty card:

1. Visit a BrewDog bar and pick up one of our core range cards

2. Write your name and email on one side, and flip it over to choose the beer you fancy first

3. Buy each of the 5 beers on the reverse (from our bars) and get the bar staff to stamp the card on the relevant beer name from our core range.

4. When you've finished, give it to the bar staff, who will verify your card and fire off your details to BrewDog HQ. 

5. You will be sent a loyalty card which features a magical mystical magnetic strip (We're easily impressed...).

6. Once you've got your card, flash it at the bar staff every time you buy a beer and they'll swipe it to get your points straight over to you on the app! Beers you buy at www.brewdog.com/shop will also add points to your BrewDog account.

Hit the bar this week to start collecting the core range and set yourself on your merry way to becoming a digital craft beer don.

The Great BrewDog Bar Hunt 2013

BrewDog: the business that underpins the beers

We are also constantly evolving our new app. It currently lets you find your nearest BrewDog bar, gives you live information about what beers each BrewDog bars have in tap, let’s you check in and log visits and also enables you to collect loyalty points. 

If you have any comments or feedback on our app, please email them to app@brewdog.com including the make, model and operating system of your device.

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  • Probably wishful thinking but any plans for a BlackBerry version?
  • Great App
    I need to download 31.08.2013
  • Windows version please?
  • If we have an EFP2 should we fill in a stamp card until our new card arrives? Then I assume points will be added on.
  • Windows phone version ?
  • Nice to see some of the ideas I put forward last year were taken onboard and the wheels put in motion.
  • Too bad there are no Brewdog bars in the Netherlands... :(
  • Hi Fanboy Puppy Lover, we're working on a broader profile for the people who drink our beers, so bear with us on that one. If you have an iPhone or Android device, the app is available in the app store and Android Play store.
  • I haven't got an app, whatever that is, can you check your points on the old fashioned web on a PC?
    Fanboy Puppy Lover28.08.2013
  • Hey guys - some answers to your questions are below!

    EddArmitage, I agree, we're looking into foursquare integration!

    TheSweeney, EFP3 cards will double up as loyalty cards. These are going through the works at present and you'll emailed with an update on this shortly :)

    Aquarion, thanks for that, we're looking at Untappd integration as well :)

    ago1, Sorry about that, all bars are now updating their live feed. There has been a bit of an issue in one or two bars with wifi (typical timing!) but they should all be updated today :)

    Martainn, You'll be able to check in your drink and log this as points once the cards are issued. Grab your core card to get ready for it to be first in line when we start issuing these!

    AleBeHonest, it's all linked into our till systems, so when you buy a beer, we'll swipe your card, and it'll hook up with your app profile so everything is synchronised. We have plans to expand this out further including the online shop, but the finer details are yet to be worked out here.
  • How does this link to the App? I see the challenge is showing on the Android app, but don't get how the loyalty card and app are supposed to link.
  • How lovely would you all be if you could back-date the loyalty points on our online purchases to date?? :D :D :D
  • How do I check in and log visits? With the card or with the app?
  • Will all bars be keeping the live tap up today's now the app is full functioning as some were last updated in July.
  • If it could also integrate with untappd (untappd.com, like foursquare but for beer) that would also be great.
  • If we have bought in EFPIII but not received the card yet, what's the best way to get started?
  • Foursquare integration for the checkins? It should be pretty straightforward to implement.
  • Can we do this at the Stockholm bar as well?
  • This sounds bloody brilliant!
    Gary 8428.08.2013

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