BrewDog Camden

BrewDog Camden

London Baby!

We have secured a deal (subject to license) for a flagship London location for the next BrewDog Craft Beer Bar! 113 Bayham Street in Camden will hopefully soon be undergoing a transformation to become BrewDog Camden, and be our 4th craft beer bar following on from BrewDog Aberdeen, BrewDog Edinburgh and BrewDog Glasgow (due to open in July).

The venue will be on 2 levels and have a open industrial space on the ground floor and a beer cellar with some secluded seating, private vault sreas and a wide bottle selection downstairs.



The deal is subject to re-assignation of the license and our application for this is now underway. All things going well, we hope to open in late August with our signature blend of warehouse utilitarianism and hardcore craft ales.


In other Bar news, BrewDog Edinburgh has now been given permission to have use our outside area, just in time for summer! Seating is being installed in the next couple of weeks, but we can already use this area. So come down and experience the Scottish summertime and the hustle and bustle of the Cowgate with a Punk IPA in your hand and a cool breeze on your cheek.


We have also extended the license of BrewDog Aberdeen until 1am on Friday and Saturday evenings which rocks, it was always sad to kick out so many happy craft beer drinking scamps at 12 before. So come past, say hi and enjoy a cool Speedway Stout or AB06 as a night cap this weekend.


Work is progressing well on BrewDog Glasgow, here are some photos taken by our Project Manager, Becca.



And what BrewDog Glasgow looked like in the 1930s (not taken by Becca!)

BrewDog Glasgow

The King is Dead. Long live the craft beer revolution.

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  • @ yaldi
    guessing you've seen the new south park too! hahaha
  • Good comeback Avril, I like it. You clearly are more intelligent than you make out, woo-hoo! Don't hide it from us all sunshine, share the joy! Rock on sweetcheeks, rock on!
    Justin Bieber, Teenageville26.05.2011
  • Avril, are you really angry about the fact that people wont agree with your opinions. Or is it actually the size of your dong?
  • Because; you're trying to be cool, you look like a fool to me.
    Avril Lavigne25.05.2011
  • Avril, why'd you have to go and make things so complicated?
    Justin Bieber, Brewdog HQ25.05.2011
  • Avril, do you really have nothing better to do? ok so you don't like brewdog, why don't you just go away and not like brewdog somewhere else? you're not going to get anyone on this site to suddenly stop drinking brewdog!

    also nice one on the london bar ghuys!
  • More than that, they're paying thousands of pounds to have a brewery bar at GBBF.

    What happened to CAMRA making it difficult for you to get your beers at festivals?

    Was that all bullshit spin too? (Hint:YES)
    Avril Lavigne25.05.2011
  • Also, really happy to see Brewdog on the list for the Scottish Real Ale Festival this year (for the first time?)... has there been a detente with CAMRA?
  • @RM

    "AN AVRIL:
    She tries too hard
    She gives a bad name to all Punks
    She's immature(always saying shit about someone)
    She just sucks"

    Wasn't sure whether you were describing Avril or James when I first read that!

    Beerleaks is an epic fail, but it doesn't stop some Brewdog beers being very good.

    Play to your strengths, stick to the beers!
  • Great news that you're opening in London, cant wait. Perhaps though could you not make the decor and interior more original and indivdual - surely having every bar looking identical and industrial looking is the opposite of the punk ethos. its always the one part of your brand I've not got. It's like you're trying to b wetherspoons, although even they have uniqueness amongst their pubs
  • @Avril

    Tits or GTFO

    From http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Avril&page=2


    She tries too hard

    She gives a bad name to all Punks

    She's immature(always saying shit about someone)

    She just sucks"

  • Awesome news! Great to see the BrewDog brand growing strong and opening a bar south of the border! I think I speak for enlightened craft beer fans across the globe when I say: Well Done BrewDog, great passion, great beer, great bars and shut the hell up Avril.
    John Simmons24.05.2011
  • best news all day, especially when you're revising for uni
    Dominic Barton24.05.2011
  • I am literally starting work in Camden in less than three weeks. Brewdog, you are beautiful fucking people
  • That's on Bayham Street as well!!!!!!! I work on Bayham Street! I love you Brewdog!!! Careful though, that place is cursed, nothing lasts there more than a few months. But you will, I know!! :)
  • Will you have the hop pizzas? Or just the cheese plates?
  • As a huge fan of the new Edinburgh bar, this is going to make moving to London for my new job so much easier.

    Love the sounds of the beer cellar too!
  • And now address the points you've glossed over?
    Avril Lavigne24.05.2011
  • There is no BrewDog branding on the beerleaks.org website (nor did we build/host the website) as this is not about BrewDog. It is about growing the craft beer category as a whole and not the BrewDog brand. It is about getting people to understand that by drinking mainstream beers they are nothing more than a mere pawn in a corporate game. We just want people to enjoy good beer in general; and there is an ever increasing number of awesome craft beers out there to choose from. The more people that drink great craft beers means less people drinking fizzy yellow beers. That can only be a good thing.
    James, BrewDog24.05.2011
  • So why not list all the "craft" breweries using isinglass?
    Why not be up front and say who the site is run by?
    Why mix in bullshit about amylase?

    Why lambaste brewers for not brewing in their original brewery (despite it being on all the packaging) while doing the exact same yourself?

    Is an exposé on quality problems caused by oxygen contamination in small scale keg plants forthcoming?
    Avril Lavigne24.05.2011
  • So much good things happening for craft beer right now!

    London's beer scene is getting better and better.
    Matt P24.05.2011
  • Avril, you are a spineless weasel. Come out from your annonimity and have the courage to stand by your convictions, like the BrewDog guys have.
  • erm, we actually announced the Meantime arrangement here http://www.brewdog.com/blog-article/an-update-on-stock-our-new-brewery-and-our-partnership-with-meantime

    All the industrial brewers we call out for Isinglass freely admit to using it.

    We are not trying to preach to the converted with this website, I realise many fans of great craft beers (such as most of you guys) already know a lot of the information on there. But then again, you already drink awesome beers. The point is to try and widen the customer base for craft beers in general and let mainstream beer drinkers know what is going on and what is actually in their glass.

    However just because the craft beer community already knows all these things, does not mean it is not a good idea to try and let as many people as possible understand how the big beer companies operate.
    James, BrewDog24.05.2011
  • James, I suppose you'll be telling us next that all your beer is brewed in Fraserburgh and not at Meantime in Greenwich.

    Are you sure you want to stand by the claim that amylase in beer is bad?

    The claim that industrial brewers use isinglass, when most use centrifuges, and small scale brewers are far more likely to use it?

    That there's anything but the remotest of chances that the colour of glass used for a bottle will have any effect on the smell of beer unless it's left in a desert in full sun for a month? All the while selling beer in green glass bottles.

    It's bullshit spin and nothing more.

    Avril Lavigne24.05.2011
  • BrewDog Camden!

  • @ Avril

    there are no lies on the website. Everything is backed up by facts and statements form the brewers in question.

    The internet is quite cool though, if you don't like the site, go to another one :)
    James, BrewDog24.05.2011
  • Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
  • If I'm a coward, then Brewdog are duplicitous cowards.

    They're telling lies about companies under a pseudonym; I'm telling the truth.
    Avril Lavigne24.05.2011
  • Avril. I forgot to say that I think you are a coward for making the comments you do behind an alias. Kinda puts you in the same category as a certain footballer, who was trying to stay out of the news recently.

    I'm sure the people of London will judge this bar on it's own merits when it opens, and I'm sure it will become a destination for people who enjoy good beer.
    Ian Prise24.05.2011
  • If you click on the "our Manifesto" link and watch the video all the way to the end you will see the Brewdog credit. OK so it is not obvious but it is there. I'm not a great fan of negitive campagining, but you can't argue with the Pete Brown article on there.
    As for the keg product being inferior, that is only your opinion. Lots of people have another view. Brewdog have made a huge success of two pubs with an all keg line up, and are about to do the same with two more. If you enjoy cask beer then you won't be forced to drink there. It's a business decision, and one that allows them to sell KEG beer from the likes of Mikkelller, Lost Abbey/Portbrewing, Stone, Flying Dog and Nonge O to name but a few.
    Ian Prise24.05.2011
  • It's interesting that you ask me to use my real name, when, as you say, Brewdog aren't using their real name on beerleaks.org

    Just because YOU know that it's Brewdog doesn't mean that everyone else does. Can you really not see the conflict of interest in a brewery having an anonymised site that attempts to discredit other breweries? One that is factually incorrect and misleading in basically every point it makes?

    And yes, I have been in a Brewdog bar. Their keg products are inferior to their excellent cask products. If I wanted to pay a premium for something I enjoy less, I'd go back.
    Avril Lavigne24.05.2011
  • @Avril Lavigne. Have you ever set foot inside a Brewdog bar? I doubt it. If you had you would know that they are all about great tasting beer. If they were about volume salest they would be selling Tokyo* by the pint and not by the third as they do. I see you've punted up that link again. How about if you are going to do this sort of stuff you have the courage and integrity to put your real name to it. And before you start everybody knows that Brewdog is behind beerleaks.org That is no secret.
    Ian Prise24.05.2011
  • May have to travel down for the opening night.. Also Neil Bowers i second that motion
    R Marshall24.05.2011
  • This is very exciting. I'm excited.
    iaian Louden24.05.2011
  • More than likely, both the other bars are keg only. It's almost as if Brewdog is all about volume sales and not about good tasting beer...

    Avril Lavigne24.05.2011
  • Great News! Is it going to be keg only? I think some of your beers taste even better from cask (I had a few at the Coronet a few months back).
  • I live just over the road from the new Camden place, can't wait.
  • The Brewdog 3 pubs challenge has just become the Brewdog 4 pubs challenge. Need to get my thinking cap on to see how to do 4 in a day.
    Ian Prise24.05.2011
  • Epic! Can't Wait!
  • Any chance of coming to Norwich? I've seen a couple of pubs that have shut that would be ideal for you requirements.
    Neil Bowers24.05.2011
  • Any chance Camden being ready for GBBF 2011. ?
    Martin Price24.05.2011
  • Great news for the N London drinking scene especially with Craft Beer Co. opening soon. BUT how's the brewery taking shape? Will you have enough beer to serve all of these new outlets? Nag nag
    Eddie Miles24.05.2011
  • Holy crap! This is 2 minutes from my house. Best news! That place has been a couple of shitty restaurants over the last few years. Nice to see the place put to good use.
    Matt Poke24.05.2011
  • right by the Family Alcohol Service, nice.

    This is a stones throw from where i live. So if you need any help with aything, let me now.

    I feel a very expensive time coming.
    B Spooner24.05.2011
  • BrewDog Camden - that's the old Laurel Tree isn't it? Funny wee pub back in the 90s - sort of a gay pub downstairs, scuzzy indie venue upstairs (saw some amazing gigs there, and my old band played there too).

    Anyway.... EXCITED!

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