BrewDog Camden

BrewDog Camden

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BrewDog Camden is the latest addition to our fleet of craft beer bars and we couldn’t think of a more apt location in the Big Smoke.

Just a stone’s throw from Camden Tube Station, the BrewDog bar at 113 Bayham Street adds a much needed craft beer injection to an area that’s typically associated with a twisted mix of indie drinking dens, chic VIP venues and mental aslyums.

A Sunday Afternoon in BrewDog Glasgow

In a BrewDog bar first, we’re able to serve an incredible array of international craft brews and BrewDog favourites across two floors, each stripped back and with a bite and edge that's befitting of the world's most hardcore beers. We will have 20 draft lines in total.

Here are the opening plans:

Saturday 10th December - soft hard launch

The doors will open (hopefully at 12 noon) and we welcome anyone to come and hang out in our new bar! The soft launch event will kick off from 7 in the evening. Martin, James and Bruce will all be hanging about if you want to talk about beer, BrewDog or pretending to be the Pope whilst having a miso soup bowl on your head. There may or may not be a speech, crowd-surfing, a tank, Lagunitas on draft (for the first time in the UK), Lost Dog on draft, AB08 on draft, an exclusive Mikkeller beer on draft, a nervous fox, board games and some food designed by a Masterchef winner!

Sunday 11th December 4pm - Equity for Punks tasting

All Equity Punk investors are invited to a free tasting hosted by both James and Martin in the basement. We will taste 6 beers and talk you through our plans for 2011 and answer any questions you have on our business and your shareholding. You can come along for free if you invest at www.brewdog.com/equityforpunks

By Shareholders, For Shareholders - The Equity for Punks Beer 2011!

*to get into this free tasting just bring either your EFP card, or if this has not arrived print out a copy of your investment confirmation email. If loads of Equity Punks come along, we will run multiple tastings downstairs each for one hour.

There is also an official press and journalist launch and opening event Tuesday the 13th, and a beer and food blogger event downstairs on Wednesday 14th - email Camillia camilla@manifestlondon.co.uk if you would like to come along to either these events.

Here are some Blackberry snaps (forgive the poor quality) from my visit on Monday, still plenty to do!




Invest in BrewDog at www.brewdog.com/equityforpunks

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  • Fantastic opening night with some great beers. AB08 is awesome.

    well done, guys.
  • Dropped in this afternoon, very informed, friendly staff, great bottle range beyond the expected BrewDog draught range. Sad I couldn't stay around until the Abstrakt08 hit the pumps. Keep up to the good work.
  • Can't make it to the opening this weekend but am planning on visiting with some scumlords in the very near future.
  • Can't wait, see you on Sunday afternoon for some beer tasting!!
  • Fantastic! Hopefully someone will video or stream an EFP Tasting for those of us that can't be there. Justin.tv or something?
  • whats the beer line up on draft for saturday or is it gonna be a suprise apart from the ones already mentioned
  • Joel,

    the tasting lasts one hour and is only for investors. But bring friends and they can hang out in the bar upstairs.

    Depending on how many people come along, there is a good chance we can give Equity Punks a +1 for the Sunday tastings, however we need to ensure all investors get to attend the free tasting first.
    James, BrewDog07.12.2011
  • Can we bring friends on Sunday or is it investors only?
  • Agreed. Bruce - Give your gran her scarf back..
  • Looking amazing
  • Hoping you've got Alice Porter on tap on Saturday to make it worth the effort of going.
  • Hoping you've got Alice Porter on tap on Saturday to make it worth the effort of going.
  • Bruce's scarf is terrible.
  • Is a copy of the EFP share certificate good enough for the Sunday event? Have not had time to sort out an EFP card yet. (Old shareholder.) Hah.
  • Fantastic, though i was just over for the weekend from Sweden. Should have booked a week later... Next time then.
  • Just so you know - Saturday is Santacon. So don't be too surprised if you see a thousand or so Santae wandering through Camden.
  • Coming all the way from Sweden on New Years Eve. Staying in London for 3nights and offcourse I would LOVE to visit the bar, I'm a huge fan of all the Brew's!! Working in a restaurant in Sweden where we sell alot of them! What are your opening hours? Must say that BrewDog Mikkeller I Hardcore You is a taste sensation!!
  • Is it open anytime on Tuesday 13th for anyone other than the press?
  • @Stewart lol! This excites me, I had plans to keep for the Sat so am well pleased for the Sunday tasting to be announced. Get in.x
  • "We will taste 6 beers and talk you through our plans for 2011"

    You can't have that much planned for the next three weeks.
  • 5am saint is in my top five all time greatest beers of all time. Looking forward to another world class beer bar in London.
  • Good luck with the opening
  • looks fantastic. Want to be there!

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