BrewDog Bars Collab Fest

BrewDog Bars Collab Fest

We love collaborating: we've worked on beers with the likes of Three Floyds, Mikkeller, Brodie's, Stone, Lost Abbey, Evil Twin & Ballast Point in the past. It's the perfect way to share ideas and  introduce new approaches and ideas and share experiences with like-minded brewers.

And now, with the help of some craft beer royalty and our amazing bar teams, we are taking the collaborative brewing thing to a whole new level.

Have A Nice Flight!


We are launching the biggest craft beer collaboration effort the world has ever seen as we create not one, not two, but 12 collaborative beers with 11 different breweries and with input from all of our bar teams.

Each of our BrewDog Bars are brewing a collaboration beer with one of their local, outstanding craft brewers, resulting in our biggest, most exciting beer festival ever.

Our bar teams are currently brewing beers which they helped devise with their local brewery of choice. Once the beers are ready, they will all be simultaneously unveiled in every one of our bars.

Impending Liquid Anarchy: Some upcoming beers

We're planning a big fat bastard of a beer festival style event, which will run in all of our bars, tapping all 12 collaboration beers at once. You will also be able to meet the brewer that helped brew that bar's beer on the day. We'll also be stocking more beers from the various breweries too, so we can really showcase the different partners we're collaborating with.

The BrewDog Bars Collab-Fest will be on October 19th & 20th

These are the breweries we are working with:



  • Aberdeen – Cromarty Brewing Co
  • Birmingham – Lovibonds
  • Bristol - Arbor Ales
  • Camden – Weird Beard Brew Co
  • Shoreditch – Beavertown Brewery
  • Edinburgh – Tempest Brewing Co
  • Glasgow – Fyne Ales
  • Leeds – Hand Drawn Monkey Brewing Co
  • Manchester – Quantum Brewing Co
  • Newcastle – The Durham Brewery
  • Nottingham – Buxton Brewery

BrewDog Manchester's New BBQ Menu

Wanna make a suggestion for a beer style or idea for a special twist for one of these partnerships? Drop it in the comments and we'll compile them for the bars!

This huge collaborative effort has come about because of an awesome suggestion put forward by Cormac, our duty manager at BrewDog Shoreditch. Cheers, Cormac.



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  • I don't see Stockholm on the list...
  • Perhaps a hopped up, light ABV, dark stout or porter along the lines of a hopped up Black Perle or something with Weird Beard/Camden? Or a Scotch ale with a Beavertown twist with the Beavertown/Shoreditch combo? Or just an IPA since they do that style so well. For Buxton, a BrewDog take on their saison would be nice to see... I mean drink.
  • Wow! Almost all my favorites that i`ve tried while going to England & Scotland.
    The only ones missing is Wild Beer & Tiny Rebel!
  • Smoked IPA from Aberdeen / Cromarty collaboration please, cheers!
  • What no collaboration with Tiny Rebel shame on you get in the phone ! A true Celt beer Scots meet the Welsh clash of the titans (-:
  • Daaammnn iitt!!
    The only thing is that São Paulo's bar isn't open yet!
    I would love to see those collab brews around here in the openning!
    Even better if they come in with my first shift!
    Nicko Fuchs24.09.2013
  • The bar staff at Nottingham have been keeping us punters up to date with the Buxton collaboration. Sounds really good, so looking forward to trying the beer next month.
    I've had Buxton beer many times before, and it is impressive.
    Well suggested Cormac !
    Pete H., Nottm24.09.2013
  • Be interested to see Brewdog add some extra magic to Beavertown's Smog Rocket... something pointing in the direction of a Tokyo? Tokyo Smog maybe?
  • What about an awesome dark, warming, wintery beer? Think cherries & cinnamon.....and beer. I'm looking at you BrewdogMancs!
  • What about an Ultra Punk IPA ?
  • I love the list so far, but I'd REALLY love for you to do something with Brodie's or The Kernel. That'd make my entire life, because I have no actual life. =]
    CJ Truman23.09.2013
  • Will there be bottled versions of these ? You should release a limited 12-pack on the webshop after the event...
  • I'm really looking forward to the Durham collab - that's going to be interesting. Their barley wine and Belgian trippel are fantastic and their lambic stout was very interesting :)
    Andy Cochran23.09.2013
  • Ok cool. So when can we find out the styles the bars are working on? I know I've seen Camden tweeting about brewing theirs already, is there a list somewhere perhaps?
    George N, Cambs23.09.2013
  • Holyyyyy shit. This blog post just got better and better. Yes please and thank you ta and cheers.
    San Fran 23.09.2013

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