BrewDog Sheffield: Open for business!

BrewDog Sheffield: Open for business!

On Saturday 8th March 2014, we well and truly put our hop-stained footprint on the city of Sheffield. Our latest UK bar is now open, and proved an immensely popular place to hang out over the weekend.


Designed in our ever-evolving style, this mecca of malt has comfy booths, retro-inspired high chairs, another awesome and mind-melting piece of Fisher art and a draft board visible from space (or at least the other end of the venue). It's a great place to chill out with a few session beers, or indulge in a weekends worth of antics and crazy guest beers from around the world.

But hey, don't just take our word for it. As the Emperor put it, "see for yourself."









BrewDog Sheffield can be found on twitter and facebook.

Were you there for opening night? Let us know what you thought in the comments below!

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  • Got to admit the draft board is pretty nice. And the fluo dogs as well. Was fluorescent paint used? would be cool if they lit up in the dark.
  • Popped in on Sunday afternoon. Staff knew exactly what they were selling and dropped some sweeeeet recommendations! Found it super refreshing to sit and overhear loads of people discussing flavours and all trying their friends beers. Beverage education in sheffield has begun!
    Upshot Espresso10.03.2014
  • such a cool vibe on Saturday night. Place was buzzin
  • love the draft board! are the other bars getting the same treatment?
    clown king10.03.2014
  • A great bar, amazing staff and some fantastic beer. Cant wait to go back
    Yorkshire Man10.03.2014
  • Amazing place, atmosphere was incredible! *Arnie voice* Ill be back!
    steve w10.03.2014

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