BrewDog Stockholm

BrewDog Stockholm

Last Saturday we gave Equity Punk investors, beer journalists and bloggers a sneak peak at BrewDog Stockholm. The formal opening will take place in a couple of weeks time - watch this space for the official date!

To mark the Equity Punk event we held a funeral procession for industrial, generic beers (or Stor Stark in Swedish). The procession included a police escort, 2 actual horses, around 50 'mourners' and James appropriately dressed as the conductor of the funeral. We marched over a kilometre through central Stockholm as people flooded the streets cheering with delight.

Sweden is already a great country for craft beer with great beer bars and insanely passionate and knowledgable craft beer drinkers. With our new bar there we are seeking to bolster this movement and play our part in the downfall of tasteless, whoring mediocrity masquerading as beer.

Say Hello To BrewDog Stockholm.


 the funeral carriage




the queue!


the first customer was a penguin



the opening speech


the upstairs dining area 


 the bar!



*James is not actually the Pope.

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  • The new reason to visit Stockholm appeared! Great news! Keep on moving!!!
    Yuri ORM Katunin07.05.2013
  • Great news for Swedish beer lovers! PLEASE COME TO FINLAND ALSO!
  • Im so glad to see that the Stockholm bar finaly has opend! When BrewDog realise how passionate we are about craft-beer, it wont be long untill we get one in Gothenburg as well!
  • I'm so happy this will be open when I move to Sweden in a few months time :D
  • * don't tell him that.....
    Eldridge Pope03.05.2013
  • Ten more beer flights coming up soon!
    Niall Robertson03.05.2013
  • Huge sigh of relief. Looking good for hitting all12 Brewdog bars Later this month after all!
    Ian Prise03.05.2013

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