BrewDog’s 5th Birthday Party!

BrewDog’s 5th Birthday Party!

On Saturday 28th April we will be holding our combined AGM for our Equity Punks investors and our 5th Anniversary Party at the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre.

The day kicks off at 12.00 and all attending equity punk investors have been emailed an itinerary and schedule for the days plans. (if you have not received this yet please send an email to agm@brewdog.com).


From 5pm the AGM will morph into our rock ‘n roll 5th Anniversary Party celebrating 5 years of BrewDog in libertine style with epic live music and hardcore craft beers.

Doors open for our 5th Anniversary Party at 5pm, we have a killer line up of live music, with Kassidy headlining  and Radio 1 DJ Ally Macrae hosting and presenting the bands. It runs until 11.30pm and we will also have a great line up of 12 draft beers at special anniversary prices!

Entry is free for shareholders and costs only £6.00 for non shareholders. Shareholders are also more than welcome to buy tickets for their non-shareholder friends! We only have a very limited number of tickets so you will need to be quick to reserve your place. You can buy tickets from our website here: http://www.brewdog.com/product/brewdog-5th-anniversary-party-ticket

The Music Line Up is:

4pm Hello Video (Equity Punks Only)

5pm The Fire and I

6pm Tommy Reilly

7pm The Little Kicks

8pm Fatherson

9pm Kassidy

10pm Bomskare


Musa will be open on Sunday (www.musaaberdeen.com) from 10am with a special brunch menu and a special discount for all shareholders. For a craft beer brunch on the day after the AGM check out Musa, 33 Exchange Street, Aberdeen. No need to reserve, just rock up.

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  • Just a wee question, I ordered tickets and was sent an email saying they had been dispatched on Thursday, Postie just been and no sign. Iv read that theres a guest list and proof of id is needed. Will i b on this guest list even tho i havent received my tickets???
  • Fire and I, well i never! fine choice in bands, fellow bathgate boys tae, look forward 2 it cheers brewdog
  • I can't wait to the party starts. Iv'e just ordered my tickets :)
  • Doors open at 5pm but there's a band on at 4pm?
  • @acrowson - You miserable miserable man! Cheer up pal, BrewDog is throwing you a party, organising a mixture of music, and all you do is moan. I'm sure the blog welcomes constructive criticism, but you're not helping anyone. You can have your seat reservation at the bar mate, I doubt anyone wants to stand with you. Can anyone lend this grumpy old man at the bar some ear plugs? And a noose.
    Vivien Pringle25.04.2012
  • There may be copywrite issues with the playing or singing of Happy Birthday to you at such a large public gathering. I won't tell if you don't though! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Happy_Birthday_to_You
    Ian Prise24.04.2012
  • Love Kassidy - really stoked you managed to get them onboard!
  • So excited about this.

    Don't know why some people are not happy with the music - it looks great!

  • Epic music line up.

    Can't wait!
    Adrian M24.04.2012
  • It's a good job their beer is not as bland and nondescript as the selection of bands for the AGM
    Old Punk24.04.2012
  • Brewdog are all about Indy-pop-hipster-folky AWESOMENESS. I think there idea of punk is the American version (not good)
  • Well thats an adventurous line up. I understand you need music for everyone, but that line up honestly bores me, (i put up with ALOT of this kinda crap when i worked at a local club) one punk or rock band wouldnt of hurt surely?
    For the amount i've spent for me and my plus one i hope that the crowd and rest of the weekend will make up for it! Is there anyway to have two seats set aside at a bar for me during this set??
  • As the brewery open day has been moved to the Sunday will you be putting on any buses between Aberdeen and Fraserburgh?
  • Can we all sing a happy birthday? I've never heard serveral hundred/few thousand people sing happy birthday all at once before.

    Make my dream come true BrewDog.
  • So I guess you couldn't persuade The ChielMeister to come along and do a set?


    That's a pity..
  • Let's just hope the Radio 1 dJ doesn't do anything cringeworthy, like 'Let me hear you scream Aberdeen'!
  • Great line-up! Here's also a BrewDogly awesome suggestion: having a BrewDog song played at the AGM/5th Birthday Party! How about that!? I came across it on YouTube; check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-j-UapynDSk
  • Thanks, James. Was seriously considering leaving the squeeze at the door. £6 is beer.
  • @confuddled - no - your and your guest have a free all day pass due to your investor status :)

    All investors also have a special rate on draft beers and access to an awesome shop during the afternoon where you put a case of beer together and we send it to you.

    Should be a great day - really excited about the music line up!

    James, BrewDog23.04.2012
  • As a shareholder with a +1, as per the original emails, are you now saying that I have to pay £6 to not leave them at the door?
  • aye man , cant say no , lol
  • Looks like a indy poppy folky rocky night. what no punks... Ah i remember, punk died way back in 80 something
  • Already looking out my partying spats.
  • IWILL be there!!! Can't wait!!!!
  • Happy Birthday you crazy imps!!!! Five years of making the world one beer at a time.....you know the saying...

    It's a BrewDog world...and we're all Bracken's Bitches....

    Bracken's Bitches23.04.2012
  • Wish I could be there!

    Have an awesome time, and HAPPY FUCKING BIRTHDAY BREWDOG!
    Ukulele Kris23.04.2012

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