BrewDogs Season 2!

BrewDogs Season 2!

It's official, following the massive success of James & Martin's TV show BrewDogs, BrewDogs Season 2 will be coming to a screen near you very soon! Well, that is if you live in the USA. But never fear, international craft beer fans, for we have a few tricks up our hop-stained sleeves this year, which will hopefully mean you guys can see more of the BrewDogs action than last year.

Season 1 was an epic adventure across America, working with some of the most awesome breweries out there, and Season 2 will be no different. We brewed beer using the sun's rays as a heat source, mashed in on a moving train, went fishing for lobsters and ate a bull's testicle (would not recommend.) Expect more of this sort of thing when season 2 airs later this year.

Here is the website for more details on our show http://tv.esquire.com/shows/brew-dogs

Season 2 will consist of 10 (yes 10!) epic episodes as we hop our way across America on a mission to share our passion for amazing craft beer with as many people as we can.


We can't reveal which breweries we're working with yet (we are sworn to secrecy. There was an oath and everything) but we're keen to hear who you guys reckon we should visit - hit us up in the comments!

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  • chuckanut brewery in Bellingham washington
    Mike S.22.02.2014
  • new glarus brewery in WI would be a great pick. with beers like fat squirrel and two naked women you cant lose.
    the tick21.02.2014
  • Come to BC and brew at Driftwood (a true Canadian brewery).. Make good use of our spruce. Brew in a canoe on the Fraser? I think so! ;)
  • I would love to see you guys come to Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. So many craft breweries have opened up in the last few years: Deep Ellum Brewing Co., Peticolas, Lakewood, Four Corners, Community, Revolver, etc. I also know youd love Dallas beer filling station: Craft & Growler!
  • I would recommend coming to Asheville North Carolina! Beer city USA several years running and tons of local brewerys that flocked to the area for our kick ass water. Highlands brewery, Oskar Blues, Sierra Navada, Pisgah brewing, Asheville brewing, The Wedge Brewing, Wicked Weed Brewing. Just to name a few.
  • I would say an episode in up north or Traverse City Michigan would be perfect. Torch Lake (http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Torch_Lake_(Antrim_County,_Michigan)) has crystal blue water and is very close to Shorts Brewing Company. Shorta has been known for creating strange concoctions that seem to line up with the show. They have a beer for every flavor, carrot cake, key lime pie, strawberry shortcake, a beer with pine needles hand picked from up north, etc. give them a look, Im sure you will be quite impressed (shortsbrewing,com). The beer scene in Traverse City is fantastic as well with taprooms and bars such as 7 monks, terra firma, right brain, etc.
    Derrick 19.02.2014
  • Visit Yazoo in Nashville, their Hop Project and Sly Rye Alebis worth the trip (along with all of the other micro breweries popping up in Nashville)
  • Great Lakes Brewery in Cleveland!
  • Great Lakes Brewery in Cleveland. Several more in town, but theyre the best!!
  • MUST go to Asheville NC. Wicked Weed, Highland, Sierra Nevada (east), Oskar Blues (east), New Belgium (east), Wedge Brewing, Green Man, Asheville Brewing, Thirsty Monk, plus its a great town on its own. Get a taste of Appalachia.
  • Clearly youre going to visit North Carolina. Between Asheville, Charlotte and Raleigh, we are the state of southern beer.
  • Come to Canada!
  • The historic Hudson Valley, New York! Weve got a solid trifecta going: craft brews, farm to table pairings galore, and NYC just an hour & change to the south!
    Session Dee18.02.2014
  • Connecticut it FULL of microbreweries!!!!
  • When are you making Brewdoge?
    Many expectation
    So mystery
    Very anticipation
    Such beer18.02.2014
  • You should come to Sherveport, LA. The first two breweries since prohibition have recently opened!
    Becky C18.02.2014
  • Check out the NYC and westchester and long island brew scene tons of great beers coming out of there
  • I have to assume youre coming to Grand Rapids, MI and working with Founders! It is Beer City USA two years running after all.

    I can taste a wheatwine with Traverse City tart cherries now.
  • Visit Stone Brewing Co. and make Arrogant Bastard with them - one of the best ales Ive ever tasted!
  • John Allen please. Every episode.
  • Russian River, Oscar Blues, Great divide to name a few.
  • Surly brewing co. In brooklyn center MN. They have a huge flowing. Darkness is the #1 beer in MN and very hard to get. We camp out at the brewery every oct when it is cold just to get the 6 bottle limit. People drive and fly in from all over the US to buy it.
  • You should brew with Allagash brewing company I. Portland maine. They make some killer beers.
  • Jester King, Stillwater, Hill Farmstead, Three Floyds, Jolly Pumpkin, Firestone Walker, Russian River, Brooklyn, Cigar City
  • Goose Island
  • Cant wait for season 2!

    Would recommend Country Boy Brewerys taproom in Lexington, Kentucky. Crazy flavors (aka Smoked Jalapeno Porter, Nacho Cougar Bait), fun beer names, an awesome atmosphere, and delicious beer. They also pride themselves in using local ingredients, such as coffee ground around the corner and peaches from a nearby farm.
  • Id love to see you visit Rogue in Newport, OR. :)
  • Revolution or two brothers in chicagoland
  • Come to atlanta, sweetwater is a great brewery and always doing new things
    neal m17.02.2014
  • Revolution in Chicago!
  • How about paying a visit to Three Floyds or Alesmith as previously suggested.
    Baldy Steve17.02.2014
  • Maybe someone can pick up Season 1 for a UK run?
  • Great News - go to Maui Brewing. Sun, Surf, Volcanoes. Heat your water with lava. I really enjoyed your first series, more episodes is great too. (the constitution DNA was the most rubbish bit, the beer virgins bit was the best).
  • You should go to Alesmith and brew in a lorry on a speedway.
    barry t17.02.2014
  • This looks awesome. How about a Big Brother style lock up at the brewery in the next season? I want to see Franz and Famous John Allen fight over the last scraps of malt.....
    Big Brother is watching17.02.2014
  • Gigantic!

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