BrewDogs the TV show premieres today in America!

BrewDogs the TV show premieres today in America!

Tonight the new BrewDogs TV show airs in America! It is on today (Tuesday 24th) and then for the next 6 weeks every Tuesday night at the same time. The show airs at 10pm

The show has it's own website here http://tv.esquire.com/shows/brew-dogs 

And if you are in the US you can find more details on how to get the new Esquire Network here http://tv.esquire.com/channelfinder 

In its first series, BrewDogs will follow James and Martin on a quest for nationwide craft beer enlightenment in America. Aiming to convert one million craft beer virgins, we will be joined on their merry way by the likes of Stone, Anchor, Elysian, Victory, Oskar Blues and more! 

In the show we make beer on a train, on a raft made of beer kegs, on top of a mountain, on a sailing ship and on an Independence Day parade. We also make the most caffeinated beer in the world, use the planet's hottest chili and infuse beers with encoded DNA, meat smoked malt and even turn a beer into a fog for people to inhale. Each episode also focusses on working with local top chefs to put together some amazing beer and food pairings.

Here is the line up of episodes.

  • San Diego – Stone Brewing Company
  • San Francisco – Anchor Brewing Company
  • Seattle – Elysian
  • Denver – Oskar Blues
  • Philadelphia – Victory
  • Portland – Deschutes
  • Boston – Boston Beer Company

We will hopefully have a date for UK viewing soon too. Quite literally, stay tuned.


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  • If you end up in the midwest for season 2, checkout The Lafayette Brewing Company in Indiana.
  • Watched the show for the first time tonight. Awesome show. Hope you come to CT and check out Two Roads Brewing in Stratford. I think their style would be right up your alley.
    PS. Igor's Dream is to DIE for.
  • I lost my Cherry at Hanger 24 in Redlands California just two months ago.. I will now always love Beer forever.. Great show Guys.. Makes me want a Brew right freakin now...
  • Come to Minnesota and brew with Surly great craft beer in a can made for a glass.
  • Loved the first episode in San Diego! Hate it has so many commercials. Great lineup. Hello!
  • Haven't seen it yet but I hope the Midwest gets some love in Season 2. Skipped a big chunk of passion.
  • I loved the first episode - can't wait to see what's next!
  • Hope you get to Chicago in Season 2.

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