Bring forth the feedback!

Bring forth the feedback!

With 16 BrewDog bars now open worldwide (which will become 17 on Thursday this week when BrewDog Gothenburg launches!) it's critical that we keep a keen eye and ear out for feedback that can make our bars perform as awesomely as physically possible.

From our beer range, to seating, to food, to glassware, to toilet fit outs, to service standards, to events and beyond, we want to be at the top of our game. It's what we strive for and if we're not doing it right, what is the point?

That's where you come in. We can sit in a booth at BrewDog Edinburgh and have an opinion on how awesome Punk tastes paired with some of the finest local cheese, but we're brainy enough to know you guys might have a different point of view.

So! Here's what we're after from you guys. We want to know what you think about our bars and how we can improve. Below is a list of areas we really want your feedback on, whether you want to rave about something you think is totally exemplary, or tell us about something we could improve upon, we really want to know what you think.

If you've got something to say, please copy and paste the below into the comments section and leave your feedback beside each point.

What BrewDog beers are we missing?

What guest beers/breweries are we missing?

What do we rock at?

What could we be better at?

Any other comments?

We're ready for it - bring forth the feedback!

PS. Did you know that if you have feedback about a specific bar you can now log it on their page on our website? Just click "Leave Feedback" on any bar's page here and someone will get back to you.

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  • Spell draught correctly, please
  • What could we be better at?
    Big new site needed at Edinburgh with BBQ, and house smoked food would be a winner. In general, keep up the good work. Lumberjack breakfast stout awesome brew
    Ricardo L28.05.2014
  • What BrewDog beers are we missing?

    Alice Porter, also Jackhammer to be in the core range

    What guest beers/breweries are we missing?

    Hawkshead, more British, maybe a local guest tap permanently in each bar

    What do we rock at?

    Great staff who are so patient with newcomers to craft beer, really good at social media and creating an inclusive buzz (for want of a better word) and such attractive beards

    What could we be better at?

    Food choices, more reasonably priced snacks - change the crisps! More work with local suppliers if doing cheese and meat boards, and more variety of them. E.g. the Leeds bar being 5 minutes walk from Friends of Ham leaves their offering pretty embarrassing...

    Any other comments?

    You consistently open bars with some of the most uncomfortable seating Ive encountered. The backless stools at the tall tables are awful, the booths in the old style bars can be very awkward to get in and out of - the shepherds bush ones are better. Could you have lower benches instead? Can deal with a wooden seat if my legs arent left dangling wildly.

    The live music is very mixed to put it diplomatically. Often was terrible in Manchester last year. If youre going to do it, do it properly not just for the sake of it.

    Id like to see more beer dinners or more information and beer and food matching in your bars. This could be on your food menus and an explanation of why a certain style would match that food - educate people!

    Would love to see either a Brewdog tasting restaurant, maybe as a joint venue with an established chef. Tasting menus paired with beers as a destination spot in London.
  • BrewDog Edinburgh is in a terrible location. Cowgate is a hellhole at night so get it shifted if at all possible!
  • BrewDog beers that are missing?

    Ill echo the demand for cask. So many breweries manage to put both cask and keg out. From past range, Id happily have Chris from Stones Sunmaid Stout back - surely the recipe is kicking about somewhere. Tokyo* more regularly. Riptide more regularly. Strong, darker beers more regularly, to be honest.

    Guest Beers/Breweries: More Belgian stuff, certainly. And I dont just mean lambics. Lots of young breweries moving into things like IPAs rather than traditional Belgian styles.

    I suppose Id just prefer more randomness to the guest list. If all from one brewery comes in at one time, hold some back, put it on later, and create real surprise. Tap takeovers arent that interesting to me.

    Rock at?

    Customer service is certainly up there. Chatty staff.

    Not rock at?

    I dont like live music in bars. Especially when its unoriginal covers they are muddling their way through.

    Menus could also do with highlighting bottle volume as well as just price. And stop running out of food!
    Dr Hops28.05.2014
  • BrewDog core range on tap at all times - add more taps if needed.
    Try and have a good range of beer styles on tap at all times.
    Fanboy Puppy Lover28.05.2014
  • What BrewDog beers are we missing? Bring back Zeitgeist for good.

    What guest beers/breweries are we missing? The guest beers seem to be pretty static in the Aberdeen bar. Would be good to see a bit more from San Diego. Oh, and get more Kernel in. And Maui Brewing Co.

    What do we rock at? Great atmosphere and staff alongside meet the brewer events and tap takeovers that also keeps things interesting.

    What could we be better at? In terms of Aberdeen you could make more use of Musa in respect to bar food and also get the regular beer dinners with guest breweries back on the go. These seem to have fallen away the past 6 months and always proved popular.

    Any other comments? The Aberdeen bar needs to be FAR bigger and provide a better selection of food. Just think, you could take over the RGU student Union on Schoolhill and include a bottle shop, onsite brewing, bigger bar, Musa 2 etc (wishful thinking I know as its a massive space).
  • Agree with the comments on the Edinburgh bar, the previous seats were much better than the booths, took up less space to have more people sitting.

    Food options are limited and too expensive to even consider it.

    Guest beer selection has improved in the Edinburgh bar recently so thats a plus, especially with the competition nearby. Would be keen to see more varied American beers ie the rarer Stone beers or Hoppin Frog that some of the other bars get.

    20% shareholder discount during the day is much appreciated, hope it stays.

    Also Semilentals comment about filling one glass then pouring it into another, bit of a waste? Id happily drink from the first glass it gets poured into.
  • Everything is generally awesome, but a £200 deposit for booking a 15 person table at shoreditch on a Thursday night is ridiculous.
  • What BrewDog beers are we missing?
    It would be nice to see some of the old ones make a reappearance.

    What guest beers/breweries are we missing?
    Thornbridge, Siren, Flying dog, Dogfish head, Ska

    What do we rock at?
    Service and atmosphere is always great!

    What could we be better at?
    More bars!! Im not looking forward to the prospect of finishing uni and no longer having a bar within walking distance!
    Dan Chester28.05.2014
  • My local is the Edinburgh bar and I agree with some of the other comments regarding space in the bar. Sadly I dont think that the location lends itself to expansion very well, a second bar or a new location would be ideal.

    As for what beers are lacking - Jackhammer and Libertine on tap.

    Guest beers that are lacking? Would like to see more Belgian style beers.

    What do you rock at? Having awesome staff, selling awesome beer.

    What could you do better? More taps and greater rotation of less common beers

    Any other comments? Not at this time
  • - What BrewDog beers are we missing?
    Cask ones. I know youre all about keg, but Edge was magnificent; Punk was fantastic on cask and Hardcore was out of this world.
    Really, well kept cask definitely adds something. And youll sell twice as much as people buy a pint of each to compare...
    And Ill echo the calls to bring back Trashy Blonde

    - What guest beers/breweries are we missing?
    Good English ones. Thornbridge, Dark Star, etc. Perhaps craft breweries that arent all about the hops, to complement the Brewdog beers.
    Of course, if you can get more dirty Belgian stuff in too, thatd be ace.

    - What do we rock at?
    Customer service. Helping people find beers that they like when theyre confronted with a heap of brews theyve never heard of.

    - What could we be better at?
    Good soft drinks and offering something good for the teetotalers. The usual coke etc gets very dull.

    - Any other comments?
    Keep up the great work!
    My Username has been stolen28.05.2014
  • My only comment is price right now. In London it is now £4.85 for a Punk or 5AM.

    I can compare that with a number of places very close by, where a Laguintas IPA is £5.

    Food miles are less on BD Beers, duty should be less as theyre both lower ABVs, but theyre now up there with the pricing of import beers.

  • Are you thinking of opening any bars in Norway? Huge craft beer following here. Stavanger would be perfect.
  • What BrewDog beers are we missing?
    Id like to see Riptide or the Old World Stout on more regularly. Having to go huge for a dark beer is never ideal.

    What guest beers/breweries are we missing?
    Fyne Ales. Id like to see more small scottish brewers on (speaking as London-centric)
    Avery, Smuttynose

    What do we rock at?

    What could we be better at?
    Serving big and dark beers at the right temperature. I dont always want to have to have three drinks while waiting for the other to get to the right temperature.

    Any other comment
    Stopping pizzas at Camden was just WRONG. Ive taken New Yorkers there and they were blown away.
  • I have been to Glasgow, Manchester, Leeds, Shoreditch, Camden and Shepherds Bush.. What strikes me is how they all have their own unique atmosphere and clientele - not necessarily a good/bad thing just an observation. Some bars I prefer to others, The Shoreditch bar attracts the obvious Shoreditch crowd, but underdog is a unique and interesting space.

    The customer experience in Brewdog bars (is good) but it is nothing compared to how it is done in the States in similar establishments... I have been lucky to travel around Oregon and Washington and across the US and see many of these bars first hand... The little details are not overlooked in these places. Check out any of these for inspiration...Beer Ritz in Eugene, is the pre eminent bottle bar on the West Coast for good reason. APEX in Portland is unique. Henrys Tavern in Seattle or Portland, just a local beer house, but with an Ice Trough running round the bar to put your glass on a keep it chilled.
    BarCade in Brooklyn which I am sure you are familiar with as you talk about it enough on your blogs. The Brick Store in Atlanta. The Rogue Bar in Portland. I could go on... I guess part of it is a cultural thing but Brewdog should be pushing these boundaries.

    I would like to see Boneyard Beer. I think their Hop Venom Double IPA is superior to Pliny.

  • A Brewdog in St Albans but it should be large because its going to get busy!
  • What BrewDog beers are we missing?
    more trashy blonde and jackhammer please, oh and more hello my name is favourites back

    What guest beers/breweries are we missing?
    you cover all the bases

    What do we rock at?
    staff knowledge, staff enthusiasm, customer service, music, atmosphere, promotions, newsletter, BEER!

    What could we be better at?
    Id pick locations with outdoor areas; wish Aberdeen had a beer garden

    Any other comments?
    just keep doing what youre doing. (business wise - I sometimes wonder whether you should now consolidate for a little while, and slow down on the new bars just for a bit. But you know what youre doing)

  • It has been a real struggle to have to live without the DEAD METAPHOR and to make things even worse I seem to be entirely alone in this struggle I honestly dont know how long I can handle this
    Eurasio 28.05.2014
  • What BrewDog beers are we missing?

    More of the my name is series on tap, Where did ingrid go I miss her? Also Electric india and hops kill.

    What guest beers/breweries are we missing?

    Tiny Rebel

    What do we rock at?

    Friendly staff, good atmosphere, music is always good in Newcastle and the beer cocktails was a masterstroke

    What could we be better at?

    More tasting notes (just a stout Ipa would do) next to the names of the beers on the board would be good, or use a colour system like in Casc in Aberdeen

    Also in Newcastle there always seems to be problem in the toilets, something is always out of order, leaking or overflowing, Im told the ladies is the same, not the bar staffs fault but get a plumber in.

    Any other comments?

    See you at the AGM
  • What BrewDog beers are we missing?

    I would like to see as many BrewDog beers on tap as possible. I only ever drink BrewDog when I am in one of the bars.

    What guest beers/breweries are we missing?

    There are always plenty on offer!

    What do we rock at?

    Making quirky interesting bars that serve awesome beer and food! Its a great idea to have an ol skool N64 available to play in Shoreditch!

    What could we be better at?

    Glasswear! Me and the GF recently did a BD bar tour one Saturday and visited all 3 bars in London (and Bottle Dog). Unfortunately 2 out of the 3 bars we had chipped glasses, one of which cut my GFs lip.

    Another thing which could be better are the toilets in the bars.

    Any other comments?

    Yes... Open a bar in Norwich!
  • I love Brewdog Newcastle but this Sundays experiences as far from perfect. No punk IPA, mens toilets out of order so only the disabled toilet with no lock on door and then to top it off charged £5.50 for a Mohsi Moshi.
  • Ive been to Aberdeen, Camden, Manchester, Newcastle.

    Beers missing -
    none, but as I dont get to visit very often, I like to sample the newer more rare brews, so nice to always have something new on.

    What rocks - board games

    What could we do better - larger pubs, then can be cramped when busy. The veggie food is varied, loving the Manchester options, but not so much the Camden choice.
  • What BrewDog beers are we missing?.... Hello My Name is Ingrid, and all too frequently, Hardcore (in Edinburgh)

    What guest beers/breweries are we missing?..... Thornbridge, Oakham brewers (UK) Hop Rising, Heady Topper, Bengali IPA beers (US)

    What do we rock at?.....Winding up the Portman Group (Bunch o fannies)

    What could we be better at?..... Pricing. There is an ever expanding craft beer market here now, so some healthy competitive pricing to increase the Punk army, as the other craft beer outlets are also overpricing their products. What happened to the Equity members card being used as a loyalty card, accumulating points for merch ?

    Any other comments? ... The World Domination project has snowballed amazingly. The first few Brewdog bars opened were Craft Beer Only initially, and the snacks like pizza and a cheeseboard were ample for cases of the munchies, However, these bars are too small to encompass large kitchens and food storage etc. Maybe someday soon Brewdog will buy larger premises to feed the masses and cater for kiddies birthday parties and just give up brewing amazing beers ?
    UTTER SHITE ! Leave the Dog alone !
    Looking forward to Brewdog Hotel and Casino opening on the Vegas Strip.
    See you at the AGM.
  • Love Brewdog and Id love another chance to taste your cask beers. They were excellent! Obviously I dont turn my nose up at keg but Magic Rock and Thornbridge do both really well...

    Love your bars, Camden is local. Excellent staff, friendly and knowledgeable.
  • What do we rock at? Staff who come round asking if you want a refill or new beer, all pubs and bars in Britain should do this, but not many do!
  • What guest beers/breweries are we missing?
    Would love some German wheat beers, only seen one on once in Sheffield. How about a decent English Keg Cider too?
  • What BrewDog beers are we missing?
    Wheat and Rye based beers, or beer made based on other grain than barley.

    What do we rock at?
    Beer based on Pale ale
  • To echo some other comments - return to cask beer (perhaps on gravity with appropriate coolers as a trial), better veggie and vegan food, bring back Edge, get more Tiny Rebel, Tempest and Magic Rock in, get rid of the horrible booths at the Edinburgh bar. Staff are wonderful. Bristol bar is brilliant. Looking forward to Dundee - should get there soon after opening.
  • What BrewDog beers are we missing?

    More Stouts/Imperial Stouts on tap please, sometimes there are none (Ive visited serval Brewdog bars). Also need to always have 5am Saint and Punk IPA available, sometimes theyre out and to me they are Brewdog staples!

    What guest beers/breweries are we missing?

    Weird Beard/Magic Rock/Kernal - more of!

    What do we rock at?

    Love the beer and the atmosphere in the bars.The staff are knowledgeable and mostly friendly.

    What could we be better at?

    A couple of the bars are too small, Bristol for example, you should expand downstairs and have a kitchen. I like my Brewdog burgers or Pizzas with my beer! Bottled Brewdog beers are too expensive in the bars.Sometimes when an imperial stout is not available on tap the only option is an expensive bottle. Can;t afford 10-15 quid a time.
    Bristol bar plays some great music, I found it a great addition, and the ones with no music dont have such as good an atmosphere.

    Any other comments?

    You should open a bar in Cheltenham, a town with a great vibe, not to mention serious money to be made during race weeks.
  • If youre after a bigger premises in Edinburgh, what about the old Walkabout at the back of the omni centre?
  • Edinburgh: the toilet is way too small and rank.

    That is all.
  • I was mega excited when the Shepherds Bush bar opened but have to say Im pretty disappointed now.

    Love the beer of course. No complaints there. Ive only eaten there once but it was delicious.

    - I just hate the layout and the atmosphere in there.

    - The booths are cool but highly sought after.

    - The high tables are alright, but there arent enough of them and the tables are too deep to sit across from someone, especially as the stripped-back walls create a really cacophonous echoey noise.

    - That leaves a sh*tload of standing room that feels like youre in a sports bar. Youre always in the way, which means the bar is always busy as its the only decent place to stand. Everywhere else feels like youre in a waiting room for a table. Lots of wasted space.

    - I dont mind standing to drink, but not when Im trying to savour a 10% beer and Ive got nowhere to put it down. So I just end up having a Punk and then go somewhere else.

    As my mate described it, its like a branch of All Saints thats been turned into a bar. And I hate to say it, but I think he hit the nail on the head. I just dont think its really in keeping with the brand and the ethos.

    Did I mention I love your beer? Its ace.
    John Bush27.05.2014
  • Leeds bar looks crap from outside - the sign is tiny and thats it, one of your posters above isnt even aware Leeds has one it seems?

    the beer is excellent but too expensive. even for craft beer

    other than that, its perfect

  • Ive been in Shoreditch and Edinburgh.

    - What BrewDog beers are we missing?

    Good: Libertine, Libertine everywhere! AB:14, too.

    Bad: Some nights, in Shoreditch Ive tried to have the Fake Lager. But they dont had any bottle. Ive never tasted this beer because of this.

    - What guest beers/breweries are we missing?

    You can add some Brazilian beers at those pubs like Eisenbahn, Amazon Beer and Burgman. They have passion for quality, too.

    - What do we rock at?

    Edinburgh: very nice and inspiring decoration, great beers options, perfect staff.

    Shoreditch: the underground party is one of the most awesome place Ive ever seen. Please share it with the other pubs! The world needs to know that this place exists!

    - What could we be better at?

    Your pubs are amazing. It could be better if you try to add some good meals in the menu, but dont add standard meals. I want to eat meals (or appetizers) that match with the each kind of beers, special meals like your special beer.

    Another thing is that the prices in Brazil are just... impossible. Its about £9 for one pint (the cheapest beer) while in UK it costs £4. We love beer, too, but because of these prices its impossible to go there. I prefer to wait and visit your pubs when Im at Europe.

    - Any other comments?

    Please, keep your style. Open more pubs in Brazil.
  • Aberdeen bar is 1/4 of the size it needs to be!
  • edinburgh seating is poor, what was wrong with the old layout?

    Also the wifi never works
  • This is based on Brewdog Shoreditch and Camden which are the ones I visit most.

    What BrewDog beers are we missing?
    None that Ive noticed - as long as you have Libertine and JackHammer available then Im a happy camper!

    What guest beers/breweries are we missing?
    To ol. Particularly their Double/Imperial IPAs

    The Plinys, Zombie Dust and Heady Topper would be amazing if the breweries let them travel that far!

    What do we rock at?
    Being friendly and giving recommendations. My girlfriend can be a very picky drinker but the staff always find something she really enjoys.

    What could we be better at?
    The vegetarian food selection could be more varied, particularly at Brewdog Shoreditch

    Any other comments?
    Ive never had a bad experience at a Brewdog bar and this is largely down to the quality of the beer and the quality of the staff. A better range of veggie food is the only obvious improvement I can see.

    Also, I spend a lot of time in East Anglia so it would be nice to see a branch out there, though not sure the market for it exists outside of Norwich.
    Chris I27.05.2014
  • London: Camden, Shoreditch, Shepherds Bush.

    What Brewdog beers are we missing?
    Occasionally CoCo Pycho but staff always offer an equivalent alternative.

    What guest beers/breweries are we missing?
    Batemans: Mocha
    :Amaretto Mocha
    : Hazelnut Brownie

    What do rock at?
    Customer service!
    A refreshing all round change to the drinking experience!

    What could we be better at?
    Special offers.

    Any other comments?
    I think Brewdog is amazing. Your attention to detail, the knowledge of the product, your staff and just the whole Brewdog experience. Its a pleasure to go for a drink where you can appreciate Quality over quantity. Sitting with like minded customers, sharing your individual experience and opinions on your favourite drinks. I really cant rate you guys and gals enough xXx

  • hey

    i agree with a lot of the above - I never understood why you got rid of Trashy Blonde, it was my favourite. I would also like to see more of your stable beers doing the rounds back in casks – Punk IPA is so good in cask.
    Humility, it’s a tough one because its not your image – but it would be great to see you guys trying to re-engage with a lot of the local pubs with cask beer, meet the brewer nights etc – and I’m talking about Scotland here, possibly down south.
    I recently visited your Birmingham pub and the staff were really friendly, which is something that can at times be missing from your older pubs – though I haven’t frequented many of the Scottish bars for a while – so that could be a misplaced comment.
    Tunengine 27.05.2014
  • hi, could you either hire or re-deploy staff at busier times to wander around the tables taking orders for beers as it can be a pain waiting at the bar sometimes......youll tend to find people order more if their in company and comfy. . . .
    lazyboy ; ) 27.05.2014
  • Beers are great, staff are generally great. I dont mind which beers are on offer, because you change them around all the time. I love that its always different (BD and guests). I agree with previous poster re Edinburgh... Not enough seats, and really crap location. Close to work for me, which is great, but the cowgate is grim and unpleasant. Shit rather than edgy...

    I know that food isnt the point, but its necessary. Offers in all the BD bars ive visited are very limited if available at all. I dont know what the easy answer is... Why not get Tim Anderson to have a think for you, since you have had him involved? There must be a way of offering a small but sufficiently diverse range of food that doesnt need much work on the staffs part or much in the way of kitchen facilities...

    I dont mean to sound overly negative though... i love BD beers and BD bars! But its time to grow up a bit, whilst retaining the all-important punk attitude...
  • I had Punk IPA on cask in my pub. And was loved by the CAMRA boys.
    any chance of a regular cask line of this in my local in Glasgow?
    chief knut27.05.2014
  • Discounts if you bring a dog in with you...
  • Edinburgh could really do with a much bigger bar in a better location. The lack of space is a big problem and the cowgate can be pretty vile on a friday or saturday night. It puts me off visiting.
  • GLASGOW...

    Great, friendly staff.

    DO BETTER - Often running out of food, needs to be more options if ran out of beef for burgers.

    OTHER COMMENTS - The bar is trendy and cool, though not the best layout when it is busy (most of the time!), some soft seats or better seating arrangements would be good.

    You should open a bar in the east end or Merchant City!
  • My only complaint is theres nae butter with the meat/cheese platters in Aberdeen!! Affa dry.
  • The Leeds bar is great, but if I get a strong beer @ 1 third of a pint they fill a 1 third glass up then pour it into a bigger glass which I dont really like. Better to have 1 third marked on the glass already, no?
  • The seating in the Edinburgh bar isnt great
  • What do you do great? Serving up good beer
    All the time and staff knowledge
    What guest beers would you like to see more?
    SWB,BBF,MOOR,BEERD and more stuff from Australia and NZ
    What BD beers are missing? A good session or Old school Big Small beer

    What can BD do better? I think the biggest thing
    is the food offering. Harder in older sites do to
    Space( edinburgh and Bristol examples) but I believe it needs ro become a major focus if BD are to keep up with the market. It cannot just focus on beer . There must be more.Example Edinburgh has a pizza oven . Why not offer nachos, bbq ribs and wings . Easy to do prep and no extra investment required. Non beer products need to be pushed as much as the beers.spirits,wine and non alcholic drinks are on offer but if you ask people most would say oh I can only get beer at brewdog bars
  • What guest beers/breweries are we missing? Tiny Rebel, Kernel

    What could we be better at? More vegetarian options on the food
  • The staff at Brewdog Birmingham are phenomenal, a real pleasure to talk to and discuss beer.

    My only real gripes are that the beer selection can be a bit stifled. I know there are issues with Dead Pony, but Id love to see it permanently on the board. The specials could do with being moved around a bit more regularly too, sometimes I pop in after a month and its the same selection.

    One last minor fickle point, it would be nice if the burgers were served medium cooked as standard!
  • Heady Topper and Pliny the Elder. That is all.
  • I go to brewdog for the Imperial stouts, sometimes your shepherds bush bar doesnt have any on the 40 taps!

    Could be open later.

    Great knowledgeable staff, good music!
  • Missing beers... Southern tier. Particularly pumking. Amazing seasonal.
  • I will reply to this regarding my local Brewdog bar in Leeds:

    What BrewDog beers are we missing?
    I much prefer 77 Lager to Fake Lager. But I guess most of the time that beer is for the non-ale drinkers.

    What guest beers/breweries are we missing?
    The selection we get in Leeds is pretty poor compared with everywhere else. As for breweries Id like to see, Societie, Surly, Funky Buddha, Almanac, more Firestone Walker, Cigar City, Bells, more Stone, Modern Times

    What do we rock at?
    Deilvering Brewdog beers at a constant high standard. When Leeds first opened the service was patchy but now there is a great team of friendly people who love beer.

    What could we be better at?
    Once agian the guest selection at Leeds isnt great, make better choices, pick the kind of beers that the type of people who are after guests beers will buy. Too many average beers at high prices, too many German beers that only a small amount of people want. With only a few guests available all of them should be winners.
    Also the food never looks all that appealing
    HopZine Rob27.05.2014
  • What BrewDog beers are we missing? Hardcore NZ, Imperial Red wheat, Chris from Stones stout, Old Dogma, Old Punk

    What guest beers/breweries are we missing?
    3 Floyds, Dogfish head, Russian River (Pliney elder & younger), Lagunitas (the fun ones not the IPA), Hair of the dog, Cascade brewing (nice sours)

    What do we rock at? Awesome staff, Awesome food, Early doors Shareholder discount.

    What could we be better at? not much maybe a nice humidor of cigars and a heated area outside to enjoy them.

    Any other comments? More meet the brewer type events and brewing days.
    big dunc27.05.2014
  • Im commenting on Brewdog Edinburgh here:

    What BrewDog beers are we missing?

    I often find the bar is out of classics, like Dead Pony, on tap!

    What do we rock at?

    Staff are great - very knowledgeable and friendly, they foster a good atmosphere.

    What could we be better at?

    More choice for non beer drinkers; would make the bar more appealing to those who arent fans.

    More special offers.

    Edinburgh could with a bigger bar - its almost always packed!

  • 1. Zeitgeist more often.
    2.. Thornbridge, tiny rebel, Bristol beer factory, kernel,
    Mr j27.05.2014
  • What BrewDog beers are we missing? - Hello, My Name Is Ingrid & some of the early, discontinued ones reappearing occasionally would be nice.

    What guest beers/breweries are we missing? - A more varied selection, particularly from the US. I always see 2 or 3 from Mikkeller on at the same time. Understandable after something like a tap-takeover but not all the time. And its usually the same few American breweries beers that I see on-tap.

    What do we rock at? - Service and selection are great.

    What could we be better at? - More non-beer options such as spirits and soft drinks. Softer chairs would be nice in some bars as well.

    Any other comments? - A bottle shop in Glasgow is needed, and a city centre or southside bar would be great,
  • What BrewDog beers are we missing? Tactical Nuclear Penguin and Sink the Bismark!

    What guest beers/breweries are we missing? Ever hear of The Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery?

    What do we rock at? Bar staff are friendly and willing to take the time to have a chat if theyre not busy. A big plus for customer service. It makes you feel like youre part of something special.

    What could we be better at? A few more selections for the non-beer lovers. My wife likes beer, but not all beer, so sometimes its hard to find her something that she enjoys drinking when were in. Craft cider in bottles?

    Any other comments? Ive never had a bad experience in any of the BrewDog bars Ive been to, but some trips have been better than others depending on what beers are on. Im often disappointed when there are no dark beers on (at all). Also, cant wait for Dundee to open!
  • What BrewDog beers are we missing? Hardcore IPA was not on tap at Shoreditch last week - a travesty! Jackhammer on tap would also be very good.

    What guest beers/breweries are we missing? Id recommend Top Out Brewery, especially their smoked porter.

    What do we rock at? Just about everything!

    What could we be better at? A multiple (perhaps 4 or 6) set of mini-growlers would be wonderful, if it were possible.

    Any other comments? Roll on Brewdog South London happening one day!

  • What BrewDog beers are we missing? - Libertine

    What guest beers/breweries are we missing? - Allagash

    What do we rock at? - Keeping it simple

    What could we be better at? - Waiter service. Dont just collect my empty glass, ask me if I want another :)

    Any other comments? - Fewer booths, more benches
  • What BrewDog beers are we missing? - cask ones.

    What guest beers/breweries are we missing? - stuff from brewers that only do cask I guess

    What do we rock at? Publicity and crowd-funding

    What could we be better at? Humility, competitive pricing, putting beer into casks like the good old days of Trashy Blonde, Edge and the Physics. More choice please!
    Loseao Baton27.05.2014
  • Everything else you do rocks but you need a bigger bar in Edinburgh!
  • What BrewDog beers are we missing? None of my favourites :)

    What guest beers/breweries are we missing? Thornbridge, Kelham Island, Abbeydale

    What do we rock at? Beer selection, service especially when its busy is great, board games make going to the Brewdog a treat.

    What could we be better at? Price or offers (discounted at a certain time or day, points cards, etc) on specific days especially in very large student areas like Sheffield which would bring more of my fellow students in. A larger food menu with a variation of prices too.

    Any other comments? Brilliant brewery and bar when all things said and done!
  • Could do with offering more non beer options. For example soft drinks etc.
    when we visit we go in a group where majority love beer but there are a few who arent beer drinkers. For example they can not get a vodka lime n lemonade only have bitter lemon like drink.

    Need more bars in the uk. Especially England. Leeds and York would really suit brew dog bars
  • What BrewDog beers are we missing? - Trashy Blonde!

    What guest beers/breweries are we missing? - Tiny Rebel!

    What do we rock at? Most things :) Service is outstanding

    What could we be better at? Open later :P

    Any other comments? No.

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