Caption Competition 18

Caption Competition 18

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  • Chris hesitated for a split second when Flora shouted at him 'Grab my cans'...but he knew he made the right decision...
    Erinn Govers01.06.2011
  • So when do you announce the winner?
    Mark Richards01.06.2011
  • Jamie's School Lunches can kiss my arse... Mine's in the can!!
    Anthony Williams01.06.2011
  • She's smiling because she knows where he's hiding the third can (up his arse).
    Stephen Head31.05.2011
  • "come on love, 2 in the hand must be worth 1 in your bush!?"
    eddy connor31.05.2011
  • "come on love, 2 in the hand must be worth 1 in your bush!?"
    eddy connor31.05.2011
  • "come on love, 2 in the hand must be worth 1 in your bush!?"
    eddy connor31.05.2011
  • You don't just drink 77 lager, you strap in and feel the g's!
    T J Sandwick31.05.2011
  • You don't just drink 77 lager, you strap in and feel the g's!
    T J Sandwick31.05.2011
  • He never thought he'd get his hands on her cans....
    Bracken's Bitches31.05.2011
  • On his first invitation to a lay, he decides where his priorities lie.
    ray howard31.05.2011
  • Turns out she likes dudes with cold hands that smell of well crafted beer.
    ralph heinze31.05.2011
  • REMINDER: 1 beer in each hand does not qualify as a balanced diet
    Andy Morton31.05.2011
  • Maybe after 15 cans of lager you'll love ME instead of beer?....

    ...maybe not
    Ben hislop31.05.2011
  • 'Drink 77 and you too could be as good looking and tastefully tattooed as us.'
    Joe Roberts31.05.2011
  • Anyone who appear to be under 21 will be asked to prove they are over 18. Some of you, are just not coming in.
    Tony Kiernan31.05.2011
  • ...When the barmaid said 'grab any pair you want' Eric knew he made the right choice.
    christopher thompson31.05.2011
  • Well, Hello,how are you?...hello how are you?
    Scott Graham31.05.2011
  • Under"dogs" win Eurovision!
    Luke Robertson31.05.2011
  • "Daisy, you're standing on my toe again you IDIOT"
    Old Tommy31.05.2011
  • girls love my swagger coz I'm up for a pagger, or maybe it's coz I drink 77 lager
    Michael Sinclair30.05.2011
  • These 77's are breast feeding to grow big and strong
    Josh Williams30.05.2011
  • Perhaps if you spent less time on caption competitions and more time brewing, you might have been able to fulfil the order for the Scottish Real Ale Festival? Just sayin', is all.
  • What my brother doesn't know is that I've secretly filled these cans with Carling
  • Looks like someone let this episode of "To Catch a Predator" go on a little too long
  • Hey, as long he keeps loving that beer my tush stays hassle free - drink up honey!
    Al Sex Gore30.05.2011
  • Who won the comptition before the last one?
    john rolph30.05.2011
  • Hello. My name is Albert.
    john rolph30.05.2011
  • Women are not only ones who have "cans"...
    Pasi Aapala30.05.2011
  • Punk Drunk Love
    Colin Christian30.05.2011
  • This was testament to little jimmy's "can" do attitude in and out of the class room
    Magnus McKay30.05.2011
  • 77 Lager.... better than life itself!
    Mark Cade30.05.2011
  • Angus Young's new girl didn't have rythym.....but she did have a load of craft beer.
    Ed Beech30.05.2011
  • Show us your cans boy!
    Nathaniel Southwood30.05.2011
  • "close the door love"
    mike smith30.05.2011
  • There's just this little thing between men and women and the ability of holding as many beers their hand as they simply can. Quality comes before quantity.
    Juho Miettinen30.05.2011
  • Cunningly. Should not post comments at 3am
    Ian Prise30.05.2011
  • Wendy knowing that Barry was a greedy sod and would grab two, had cunninlg smeared the cans with a bit of superglue. Barry has just realised that there is no way he is opening his cans now, or his fly for that matter and now suddenly he really needs to pee.
    Ian Prise30.05.2011
  • Doh, thats "portman group"
  • Hansel and Gretel finally move on from Gingerbread Men and Candy Canes. They'll soon kick the proman group into the fire.
  • "Not only am I a young, strapping chap, but doesn't she have a lovely 'rack'? Cheers!"
    Ariel Sanchez29.05.2011
  • Brewdog blamed for youth drinking.....
    Dave H29.05.2011
  • Class of '77
    Richard Wilson29.05.2011
  • Screw the girl, grab the beer!
    Jørn Idar Kvig29.05.2011
  • Hurry up. This tray is heavy.
    john rolph29.05.2011
  • Nice pair of cans mate
  • Broch Academy's replacement for school milk lives up to reputations.
    Lewis Scott Verlegh29.05.2011
  • Brewdog have always been about pushing the boundaries but surely their 'is this beer cold enough nipple test' is one step too far.
    Steven Bradley29.05.2011
  • I got 77 problems but a beer ain't one...
    Steven Bradley29.05.2011
  • right from teh start it was always going to eba Love / Beer relationship!
    Bill Allen29.05.2011
  • Who won the last competition?
  • If only every day was a Brewdog day !
  • "Detention for you young Macdonald, look at the state of you...that knot is not the regulation full Windsor."
  • Put those cold cans down!Your nipples are like jam jars already!
    Fran Turner29.05.2011
  • Hope the cans are sterilised or the beer pasteurized this time. Unlike the very punk move on the IPA
  • A much better replacement for MD 20/20 behind the school bike sheds
    jonathan moir29.05.2011
  • No, take the girl but the beer is mine I tell ya!!!
    Reuben Gray29.05.2011
  • The BrewDog beer-leeder really made little Johnny Rotten's day!
    Steve Brockman29.05.2011
  • Brewdog's guide to proper parenting.
    Mark Richards29.05.2011
  • 77 lager, for sale to anyone with good taste.
    Mark Richards29.05.2011
  • School's out, beer's in
    Roy Walker29.05.2011
  • the 77 is the only thing with class in this pick ...
    vincent varewijck29.05.2011
  • Even Brewdog CAN't camouflage the impacts of Binge Drinking...
  • After taking his most unassuming form yet, the Dark Lord counts down the final seconds before the end of days, brought on by the ultimate culmination of Love and Beer; fulfilling the '77 prophecy.
    Gregg Speirs29.05.2011
  • School dinners have come a long way since I was a boy...
    Jamie Phillips29.05.2011
  • Popeye had lied. Spinach hadn't made him strong.
    Eoin Loveless29.05.2011
  • Damien couldn't decide which cans he wanted more- the 77's in his hand or the 32D's standing next to him...
    Fiona Wark29.05.2011
  • Martin quickly regretted getting a magnetic nipple ring
    Stuart Reekie29.05.2011
  • Oh no a camera! I hope my mum doesn't find out I've skipped class!
    Harry Skeggs29.05.2011
  • Seeing the tray of beer in front of him, Carl was glad he remembered his check-box tie to keep track of how many he consumed.
    Ben Wideman29.05.2011
  • Brew Dog 77 Lager.......barely legal.
    Winton White29.05.2011
  • 77' always over the girl. Ok and the girl ;)
    Sean Johnson29.05.2011
  • If you want beer... You got it
    Ricky Skelton29.05.2011
  • Our favorite number used to be 69, now it's 77!
    Sandy Reid29.05.2011
  • He gets the girl, he gets the beer, he gets the idea!
    Scott Murray29.05.2011
  • Hold those things you love close to you... Like real beer.
    Michael Richardson29.05.2011
  • Melissa goes a bit far with the sex change and the tattoos in promoting Love Beer at Borough.
    Glyn Roberts29.05.2011
  • The class of 77. I look pretty young, but I'm just back-dated.
  • I remember my first 77 lager
    John Bicocchi29.05.2011
  • "...at least it looks like you care"
    Knut Groettland29.05.2011
  • OOooohh Byker, Byker Grove!
    andrew Sharp29.05.2011
  • Grange Hill has gone a bit upmarket.
    Matthew Hoggart29.05.2011
  • The Beano's Bash Street Kids is given a drastic revamp to give an accurate portrayal or life in 2011.
    Kevin O'Hagan29.05.2011
  • 77 lager... you know, for kids!
    Adam Prendergast29.05.2011
  • All's fair in love and beer
    steve lamond29.05.2011

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