Caption Competition 29

Caption Competition 29

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  • Beer with no soul goes straight to hell!
    Ben Franklin14.05.2013
  • Both in Scotland or Sweden, some funerals this year have been a surprisingly good cause for celebration.

    (Ding dong, that shit is gone!)
  • In some countries the passing of a beer festival is like the loss of a dear friend
  • After 3 times around the same block James realized the person playing bagpipes had clearly had too much tactical nuclear penguin..... still though, It was nice to hear some dropkick murphy's played on bagpipes!
  • Dominoes, Poker, Three Card Brag.
  • "i wish i hadn't tucked my jeans into my boots"
  • There are beers which bore tastebuds to death, and there are beers to die for.
    Choose wisely! Choose Brewdog!
  • The only thing more confusing than where the hell is that bus going and how do you pronounce it, is why anyone mourned the death of mass produced swill.
    Fraser Paterson13.05.2013
  • James is that holy he can drink beer from an empty bottle.........
  • Beer priest submits to Stockholm Syndrome
  • Ironically, the wake was held in a bar that only sold Carling...
  • Ironically the wake was held in a Bass Tavern...
  • Best.. Freaking.. Idea.. EVER!!
    Fredric O12.05.2013
  • Divine taste comes at a price, natural selection only delivers a slice. The beers that could be, the beers that were, not every trial makes it there...
  • My new entry:
    "We worked hard to 'urn' a pint, but in the 'wake' of a night sampling from cask(et)s at the BrewDog Bar with my (cre)mates, the grave consequences left me coffin and spluttering, with a hearse voice, and a Mitre-ly bad head in the mourning!"
  • "Fans of Stor Stark gather in mourning. Fans of Brewdog gather in evening."
    D Kelly12.05.2013
  • Becks-communicated.
  • Carriage driver, 87, due windfall after 'a good gig'.
  • "Nearly done, then I can spend the afternoon in the Abba museum", "Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! A Man After Midnight..."
    Roddy Edgar12.05.2013
  • Lager the Mundane is dead, long live the Dog.
    Noel Joyce12.05.2013
  • Pour one for a fallen brother......WAIT not the Brewdog!!!
  • BrewDog don't do Stockholm Syndrome, but if they did it would be declared a Cardinals Inn...
    Kenny B12.05.2013
  • Following the retirement announcement of Pope Benedict, and after knocking back 6 bottles of Hardcore IPA... Sven's tribute ceremony starts to get a little out of hand...
    Kris Le May12.05.2013
  • All were released after the police breathalised the cortège, all but the horses, apparently they were slaughtered...
  • Out with the öl and in with the new.
  • A study of Pope Not So Innocent XXX
  • Police are no further forward in their investigation into the death of cheap lager. Main suspect brewdog was not available for comment.
  • Do not stand at my vat and weep
    At the bar is where we'll meet.
    I am the thousand hops that grow
    I am the deep dark malts that glow.
    I am the sunlight on your darkest day.
    I am the gentle twist on what we pray.
    When you awaken in the noondays hush
    I am the swift, dawning of a headrush
    Of a hangover in full flight
    After drinking Brewdog through the night.
    Do not stand at my keg and cry
    I am not there, you drank me dry.
  • Hybrid Hop Pandemic. Corporate Beers asked to stay indoors until further notice.
  • Filming is well under way on series three the American remake of hit show "the Killing" starring that bloke from Good Charlotte as the surly alcoholic bishop.
    Jamie M12.05.2013
  • Dave took finishing a pint of 5am Saint to the next level
  • The Pied Piper of Fraserburgh leads the Swedish on a merry dance to enlightenment.
  • Ding dong, the witch is dead!
  • The piper at the gates of Stöl's dawn
    Henrik Jakobsson Eqfp.No 64612.05.2013
  • "The Number 4 to Gullmarsplan suffered heavy delays today, our man on the ground outside Lars Bengtsson reported seeing a techno craft-beer pope"
    Nick C12.05.2013
  • Mistaken Swedes confuses Thatchers and mourn the death of a celebrated Somerset cider
    Mark F12.05.2013
  • Saint Brewdog leading the inaugural crap beer death march.
  • Saint Brewdog leading the inaugural shit beer death march.
  • And thus the beer was reborn!
  • For goodness sake! Yer talkin aboot it as if it wis some kind o drunken brawl, it was totally justified and vital to the credibility o my deeply held beliefs...
  • when you can't cope and have no hope, we'll bring in the pope because at brewdog.............. we love a joke.......
  • Buddy in visors: King of Beers.
  • Lars Bengtsson.... Video this!
  • If I was in St.Peter's Square I'd have been arrested for this!
  • The pope drinks dope - BrewDog!
  • Anyone fancy bashing the bishop?
  • dying for a holy pint
  • dead beer walking
  • And I will strike down upon thee, those who attempt to poison and destroy our flavours. And you will know my name is the lord, when I lay my hops upon you!
    J Schubert11.05.2013
  • For once Carl XVI Gustaf isn't alone: in addition to the king of Sweden, also the king of beers resides in Stockholm.
  • He would had paraded around in his pope bubble car if it wasn't for Sweden's über strict DUI punishment scheme .....
  • Knight and Bishop take Swedish crown. Checkmate Brewdog!
    captain haddock10.05.2013
  • There's no pope in hell for Stor Stark.
  • **** STOP PRESS ****
    Bishop gives the old dog the finger.
    The New Testament - CRAFT BEER, now that's clean living and won't need confessing in years to come.
    brewdogpat - Pat McG10.05.2013
  • Police, Scotchman, Pope and hearse that must be a Brewdog
  • Brew Patrol (in background Baywatch music)
  • My bus is late because of Beer Pope
  • Knight takes Bishop. Checkmate Brewdog!
    mike f10.05.2013
  • A funeral for one we will not miss
    Old fellow, chummy rest in peace
    A memory of you ‘s already skunked
    Our bitter tears are hoppy punked
    Yuri Katunin10.05.2013
  • "..does The Pope wear a silly hat?" Well he drinks Brewdog!
  • When white smoke rose from the brewery, the whole town rejoiced in the election of Pope Lambic XVI as the new leader of the "Vat-of-cans".
  • For a pint of Ale is a meal for a Pope
  • Having a bit of trouble swallowing this, the actress said to the bishop
  • “Excuse me, are those Bugle Boy jeans that you’re wearing?”
  • Suddenly, Craft Beer!
    Steve N10.05.2013
  • A horse walks into a car....
  • After a heavy night on the brewdog, Tim knew that he would have a hangover in the mourning.
  • Sink it like Thatcher, six feet deep
  • Man in skinny jeans try's to sell passing beer procession patrons knockoff Winkle-Pickers from Mystery big blue manbag!
  • "What are you looking at? This is how I travel!"
  • If BrewDog did funerials, they'd probably send the right people on their way..
  • I like the Pop, the Pop drinks Hop.
  • À tout le monde, à tous mes amis, je vous aime, je dois partir!
  • See what drinking tasteless lager did to this poor guy. Don't go the same way!
  • To paraphrase John 1:7
    But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the beer of BrewDog cleanses us from all sin.
  • Purple Pope for the Punks on Patrol.
  • Brewdow beer is to die for!
  • Mass produced Lager. What mitre been a good idea turned out to be a Cardinal Sin.
  • Brewdog beer: It's Mitre-ly good!
  • Where's the crook ?
  • Funeral procession for a good cause!
    Sebastian Själin10.05.2013
  • It was only a matter of time before James became aware of the revenge seeking Pony and Radioactive Penguins, who had mistakenly took BrewDogs marketing too literally.
  • And the Lord said unto Moses, take thy malt, water, yeast and hops and make something awesome, and set thy people free from the plague of crap beer
  • The most common form of corporal punishment in 21st century Sweden was a walk of shame where the guilty party was dressed up as a bishop and publicly flogged by a top hat wearing torturer while listening to bagpipes.
  • the residents of Gullmarsplan got home late that evening......
  • Dying for a pint, the BrewDog way.
    Kevin Black10.05.2013
  • No-one thought James was serious when he said he could murder a pint...
  • Not what Clive expected when he was told he'd "pay big" for spilling someone's pint.
  • The moment the world discovered that James Watt is actually Papa Emeritus II from the Swedish heavy metal band Ghost.
  • Pope Francis further proves he's a Pope of the People.
    Nick T10.05.2013

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