Caption Competition 31

Caption Competition 31

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  • The perfect Brew Dog accessory for those who like to take the chill off their beer.
  • I told you I could party harder than Charlie Sheen and make it into work the next day
  • I tell you what big man... this is gonna hurt when its time for a jobby tomorrow!
  • BrewDog refreshes the parts other beers cant reach
    (Especially for squirrels who love white boards)
  • Needs more squirrel ...
  • Googled Quantum Physics in a nutshell. I then found the biggest nut Ive ever seen in my life. I couldnt resist stuffing my face with it. Thats how I ended up here.
  • Whilst practising his party trick for the upcoming festive season, Steve noticed that indeed, fractions are tricky.
  • Irvine Welshs adaptation of The Tales of Squirrel Nutkin was going well ...
  • I told you I could party harder than Charlie Sheen and still make it into work the next day
  • Nuts about brewing!
  • Apparently it didnt contain a hazelnut in every bite.
  • Latest cashew flow indicates grey pound not in the red.
  • Squirreling beer bottles is better than squiggling numbers on a board ?!!
  • I would love to read these numbers. Not sure why but I woke up with a stiff neck this morning and cant seem to look at anything but the ceiling. Somebody, yes you the stuffed moose, get these numbers on the ceiling
  • Have you met my pet squirrel? Her name is Linda Lovelace?
  • Finally! Thought Trevor. The time has come to shed this squirrel skin and reveal my true form! Bow down to me whiteboard for I am The End Of History!
    James Arbuckle20.11.2013
  • After fine-tuning his plan to bring about the end of history, evil Dr. Nutkins felt a warm liquid glow brew up from within
    Mark Stevenson19.11.2013
  • Formula of my brand new, kick ass style of beer, that I spent years without sleep, is finally complete! muahaha (mad squirrel laugh) Feeling quite stuffed by it.
  • up your aspirations
    perro malo19.11.2013
  • Interesting Brewdog fact #202: Who knew that a squirrels arse was that stretchy?
  • Harold realised that after double booking his 3.15, he was absolutely stuffed.
    Ben Harrison19.11.2013
  • Theses figures are nuts!
  • All these dinner dates but Im stuffed...
    Ste O'Neill 18.11.2013
  • Mr. Nuts couldnt wrap his head around the economics in the company, a nice Brewdog beer had to do!
    Joakim Gunnar18.11.2013
  • Squirrel plots the end of history
  • This recipe contains...no nuts!
  • Looks good... fill me up and stick me in the fridge!
    ben dodds18.11.2013
  • And they said downing the entire bottle was a bad idea, they might have been right..
  • Taxidermy bottle squirrels- WORST WHITEBOARD ERASER EVER!
    Simon 18.11.2013
  • And last thing I remember saying to Trevor the squirrel was - if you dont add more hops to the recipe, Ill shove this bottle right up your arse!
  • Hey, hey guys, look! If I put my head just so, it looks like I have a bottle inside me. Awesome, right?
  • in heinsight the tattoo may have been less painfull
  • Although the audience listened intently, Franks presentation was ultimately hindered, not by the bottle protruding from his mouth, but because he left his whiteboard markers at home.
    Ronan McCann18.11.2013
  • Dead squirrel with a beer bottle shoved down its throat looks up at a whiteboard full of writing
    Mark Pyper18.11.2013
  • 67.5% you say?

    Fuck it. Im in.
  • Mr Squirrel was taken aback as the full gravity of the situation dawned on him
    Ben Franklin18.11.2013
  • Brewdog, bottle gobbling good
    Vidar Hrafn18.11.2013
  • Heres a bottle that has been squirreled away for a later date.
  • Well, I lost that bet. This math stuff is tougher than I thought!
  • After the red squirrel had managed to get some friends in politics to help fight back against the grey squirrel, the greys went into hiding, vowing to return.

    Ever since that day, a small crack team of grey squirrel have been developing a weapon so powerful, no human could remain standing after being hit with it.

    Today we received this picture as our first warning, the greys will rise again!

    Latest reports show the red squirrels are working on a team of dedicated beer lovers to tackle the greys once and for all, your country needs you!
  • Ive met hopheads before, but this is I-PE-A nuts!
    Ben wants beer!18.11.2013
  • E = MC Squirreld
  • Got it!! New Squirrel beer complete with stubby cooler. Brilliant work James
  • Finally, Ive cracked it !
    The Del18.11.2013
  • He would beg, steal and BURROW to get his paws on some BrewDog shares...
  • Stand back guys, I got this.
  • Brewdog, not even the bottle leaves a bad taste in the mouth
    The Del18.11.2013
  • The only member of staff that was bright-eyed and bushy tailed after the BrewDog Christmas party...
    Callum Saunders18.11.2013
  • Another recipe fixed in the night..
    BeerSquirrel awaaaaayyy!
  • It was hard work to set the schedule for the taxidermy-revenge. Not to mention ordering human sized bottles.
  • Having squirreled away their funds all year, Dave thought the projections were looking rather tasty.
    Colin N18.11.2013
  • Damn, Id freaking rather drink this beer than pour it! - Mr. Squirrel
    Diogo Olivares18.11.2013
  • Ah yes, the circumference of the nut will inversely effect the nuttiness of the nut ale...
  • General squirrel shows and interprets calculations and figures leading to brewing the best beers in the world... After showing his incredible bottleneck tongue.
    This is the end of history for bad beers mates!
  • Bottled it.
    Ben Kassous18.11.2013
  • squireling some brews away for a rainy day
  • Whiteboards. Remarkable arent they?
  • Huh...All I see is a bunch of squigles !?
  • All that stuff on the board and you decided to stuff me...
    Marton Sefcsik18.11.2013
  • Love math and leave the trees!
  • After work I was so thirsty that I drank the whole bottle.
    Manuel Ramirez18.11.2013
  • Go stuf yself
  • Guys, weve been studying the figures and we think we have identified the bottleneck in production...
    Simple Lampoon18.11.2013
  • Breaking Bad spinoff confirmed: The End of HiStOry - brews liquid meth
    Welsh Mike18.11.2013
  • This board makes sense to you??
    And you say Im nuts........
    Jaylaxton 18.11.2013
  • The conceptual design for the new hopzooka was so cutting edge, it required a special protective casing.
    Peter Tudor18.11.2013
  • At first glance the squirrel appeared gutless, but on examining his plan it became obvious he had bottle after all.
    Mike W-G18.11.2013
  • Is this the formula for crack? Im pretty sure they used it when they came up with this idea. Stuffed squirrel surrounding a bottle.
  • This would be a lot easier to understand if I wasnt dead and filled with alcohol.
  • Guys, I think we need to reduce the SiO2 in the next batch...
  • Guys, I think weve identified the bottleneck in production...
  • At this years Hunger Games, the odds were most definitely not in the squirrels favour.
  • Acorn be arsed to work today
    Matt Evans18.11.2013
  • Youd have to be nuts to choose any other brewers beer!
  • Winter weather forecasts confirm a rise in Squirrel Nuts
    Barry C18.11.2013
  • Hello Mr. Board, could you spare some coins? Oh, thank you, yes, into the bottle, please. God loves you!
  • Conscience: Well Mr.Squirrel, I find this all rather shallow and pedantic.....
    Mr.Squirrel: I concur Other Squirrel.....I concur
    Danny Uzice18.11.2013
  • Mr Squirrel got the concept of downing the bottle completely wrong.
    Charlie Blake18.11.2013
  • Keith Harris and maths dont mix...
    Paul Alexander18.11.2013
  • Ill be stuffed if this batch goes wrong.
  • (P + l) (a + n) = pa+pn+la+ln

    I just foiled your plan evil brew scientists !
    Peter Vannet18.11.2013
  • Equity for nuts?
  • Somehow, Mr Squirrel could sense more comrades could be for the chop...!
    Andrew ABZ18.11.2013
  • Maths is hard enough when you gots brains, let alone in my situation...
    James Staines18.11.2013

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