Christmas. It used to begin on December the 1st, with the groggy peeling back of the first small square of the advent calendar at some unearthly hour of the morning (well, unless you sneaked a few chocolates out beforehand, that is). Now, though, tinsel-time begins as soon as scary-time ends, with the first small festive displays appearing the instant the clock ticks past midnight on Halloween.

But even with two full months of gaudy adverts, party outfit-planning and eggnog avoidance, the whole Christmas thing constitutes a mere one-sixth of the year. It’s fleeting. It may not feel like that at the moment, when you realise there’s still six weeks of it to endure, but festive time isn’t a long time. It’s only half as long again as Movember, for instance (the longest, scratchiest month of the year).

Just think of all the things that we only associate with this particular season that are never seen in March, or August. Obscure relatives. Cannonball-hard puddings. Bleeding fingertips, perforated whilst tying impossibly thin-stringed decorations to a needled tree. Ill-advised photocopying sessions. All meals served with ‘trimmings’.

Of course, there are good things about this time of year, and chief amongst those are presents Christmas beers. The warming, welcoming joys that are just as transient as baubles and sprouts, but infinitely more rewarding. We understand that during the festivities, chances are you’ll need something to turn to whilst listening, yet again, to Uncle Roger’s pike-fishing anecdote (i.e. he caught one), so today is your lucky day! Our Christmas beers are now available in the BrewDog online shop!



Our festive Scotch Ale, Santa Paws packs a solid, roasty backbone from the blend of eight different malts used in its creation. *Deep breath* Extra Pale, Munich, Dark Crystal, Flaked Oats, Carafa Spec3, Amber, Brown and Weyermann Oak Smoked malt give a robustness to the base, and a rousing depth to the finish. And at 4.5% abv, this companion is one you can enjoy for longer periods than most (certainly longer than Roger’s pike story; yes, they hide in weeds Roger, we get it).



If you need a little more spark from your seasonal beer, aside from the comforter of Santa Paws, we’re also re-releasing our hop-forward Festive Pale Ale, Hoppy Christmas. A 7.2% hymn to Simcoe, this one has 70 IBU’s in its stocking. Ever envied those people who celebrate Christmas on the beach? Turn up the fire, close your eyes and this beer will - almost - get you there (just block out the "well, pike are surprisingly intelligent, you know" backdrop).


You can pick up our Christmas beers in our bars, Bottle Dog, and in the online shop, using the following links - Santa Paws, Hoppy Christmas. Pick them up now – you can never have too many trimmings, after all!



Oh, and speaking of which, another beer making its debut today in our online shop is the zesty citrus-monster that is Konnichiwa Kitsune. Think of it as the yuzu fruit in your Christmas stocking!

Want the ultimate Christmas beer package? Check out our beer advent calendar 2020.


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Ricardinho 21.11.2014 @ 8:00pm
That Konnichiwa Kitsune label would make a great Tee design. Looking forward to my cheeks imploding with this one
PeteH 20.11.2014 @ 1:19pm
Sorry, but I couldnt resist ...Hoppy Christmas (War Is Over) ...Santa Paws Is Coming To Town ....
MasterMastodon 19.11.2014 @ 5:33pm
That is one f*cked up label
shtrudl 19.11.2014 @ 3:38pm
cant wait till you start your beer subscription so I can get these beers :D
yuzu4u 19.11.2014 @ 3:34pm
Nice baubles
Richard T 19.11.2014 @ 3:25pm
Chance41 - its like a Japanese lemon/mandarin-thing. More on Kitsune here >
Chance41 19.11.2014 @ 2:28pm
Develin 19.11.2014 @ 2:20pm
Nothing wrong with trimmings!