Craft beer and cut-outs

Craft beer and cut-outs

This weekend, we partnered with our old friends and kindred spirits, the team at Tate Modern for our first popup bar in the imposing Turbine Hall.

Anyone who's visited the Tate's expansive entrance hall will know how humungous and impressive the space is, dwarfing everything in its cavernous corridor. So when we got the chance to set up shop with a temporary bar for the closing weekend of the Matisse cut-outs exhibition, we were all over it.

We've got history with the Tate having created a bespoke rye IPA with them last year for their Lichtenstein retrospective. This year's popup bar enabled us to offer our headliners range of craft beers for anyone visiting the gallery and wanting to indulge in a little liquid art between exhibitions. In addition, a screening of Matisse's work was projected onto the wall by our bar, so you could combine both art and craft beer in one sitting (literally, with lots of comfy cushions scattered on the floor!)

Art and beer are a natural friendship, as the diversity and creativity offered by both mean there is something for everyone, and an endless network of opportunities for discovery, enlightenment and enjoyment. We often look to both traditional as well as abstract artworks to inspire and motivate our experimentation in beer.

The cut-outs exhibition was a brilliant exploration of Matisse's later works as he turned from traditional painted pieces to slices of coloured paper to create shapes and rethink the concept of his earlier compositions.
What future popup collabs would you like to see BrewDog and the Tate embark upon?

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Fanboy Puppy Lover 10.09.2014 @ 9:00am
Like the new BrewDog bar fonts!
bibiveg 09.09.2014 @ 12:32pm
Great concepy. A Dead Pony Club got the critical juices flowing on Saturday. Would like to see more on South Bank at the RFH, BFI, &c.
Zeds Dead 09.09.2014 @ 11:36am
Great bar! Visited on Saturday on a bit of a cultural day out ;) DO MORE!