Diageo Screw BrewDog

Diageo Screw BrewDog

The 2012 BII Scotland Annual Awards: Celebrating  success in the license trade in Scotland. BII are an organisation (www.bii.org) whose mission is to raise standards in licensed retail. The awards on Sunday 6th May were a huge glitzy affair held at the Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow.


Kerry, Mark, Neil S and Neil T attended the award ceremony. We had heard that BrewDog were expected to do quite well in the ‘Bar Operator of the Year’ category and the members of the bar team were suitable excited to see if our hard work would be recognised by this most prestigious and illustrious award.

Neil Taylor and Kerry on the night of the awards. They scrubbed up well!


However we were not announced as winners of the award. This disappointment was further compounded when one of the judges (seated at our table) told us in disbelief ‘this simply cannot be, the independent judging panel voted for BrewDog as clear winners of the award’.

Events took a further twist when the people who got given the award refused to accept it as it clearly had ‘BrewDog’ engraved on the trophy as winners.

On Tuesday, 2 days after the award, I (James) took a phone call from Kenny Mitchell, Chairman of the BII in Scotland and Chairman of the Award Committee explaining the situation. To directly quote Kenny:

‘We are all ashamed and embarrassed about what happened. The awards have to be an independent process and BrewDog were the clear winner’

‘Diageo (the main sponsor) approached us at the start of the meal and said under no circumstances could the award be given to BrewDog. They said if this happened they would pull their sponsorship from all future BII events and their representatives would not present any of the awards on the evening.’

We were as gobsmacked as you by Diageo’s behaviour. We made the wrong decision under extreme pressure. We should have stuck to our guns and gave the award to BrewDog.‘

We would like to thank Kenny Mitchell and the BII for their refreshing honesty here and for initially giving the award to BrewDog before their overbearing and blackmailing sponsor undermined the independent judging process completely by bullying them at the last minute to deny BrewDog of an award they rightfully won.


Update 16.30 on 9/5/12: Diageo have admitted guilt have now issued the following statement:

'There was a serious misjudgement by Diageo staff at the awards dinner on Sunday evening in relation to the Bar Operator of the Year Award. We would like to apologise to BrewDog and to the British Institute of Innkeeping for this error of judgement.'

As for Diageo, once you cut through the glam veneer of pseudo corporate responsibility this incident shows them to be a band of dishonest hammerheads and dumb ass corporate freaks.  No soul and no morals, with the integrity of a rabid dog and the style of a wart hog.

Perhaps more tellingly it is an unwitting microcosm for just how the beer industry is changing and just how scared and jealous the gimp-like establishment are of the craft beer revolutionaries.

We would advise them to drink some craft beer.  To taste the hops and live the dream. It is hard to be a judas goat when you are drinking a Punk IPA.  

Walk tall, kick ass and learn to speak craft beer.

j     x

You can buy some BrewDog craft beer http://www.brewdog.com/shop 

BrewDog Newcastle Exterior

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  • Something very very foolish.
    Guys, keep moving and ass kicking. And don't worry about that plastic awards. Your fans are constanly giving you a real one (I mean award) by drinking your beer.
    Yuri Katunin14.05.2012
  • Diageo is a made up name thought up by marketing and PR people which really says it all.

    Dieago have also managed to srew an entire town, with the closure of Johnny Walkers in Kilmarnock. They were full of promises to the community most of which have not materialised. The land they have left is contaminated. and the land they have offered for a new college represents 15% of the total land they have in the town. The change of use required to get planning permission for the college will allow Diageo to sell the land for houses for a massive profit all of which will go to Diageo.
  • Brew: Edmond Dantes
    Sub: "Revenge is best served slightly chilled"
    I would send Diageo a gift basket!! Just imagine if your name WOULD have been called...What a bird-brain move by Diageo. I can tell you this, I'll pay a little more attention now when I grab my next 6-pack, glass, etc...This is alot of free exposure, I wouldn't get all worked up in their corporate B.S. Stick to your craft don't change a thing and I hope that you kick their ass again next year. Cheers!
  • GRIZZBAR from the Maltose Falcons Home Brewing Society in Los Angeles, California... In the words of Capt. Hook, "Bad form, Diageo!" Look, as far as I'm concerned it's a no-brainer. Other than boycotting Guinness I couldn't give a Tinker's Fuck about the other swill these Corporate Whores fob off on the Unsparged Mashes! To paraphrase the late, great Gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson, Jr., "Good People Drink Good Beer... Ugly People Drink UGLY BEER!" Here's to Punk Brewer's EVERYWHERE! A pox on your brewhouse, Diageo! May all you mashes get stuck and all your fermentations stall! Once you go PUNK you never go back! As Fat Bastard said so elloquently, "If it's not Scottish... IT'S CRAP!!" Now, when do we get a Brew Dog opened up in Los Angeles, (or am I too drunk and I missed it?) Grizzbar of the Skoal Patrol!
  • just google " guinness four" and you can see what a charming bunch of guys they are.
    mico 11.05.2012
  • Why is anyone surprised? Some things are in the corporate DNA of a business.

    Diageo grew out of Guinness, which in 1986 bought Distillers in a share-trading fraud.The CEO of Guinness, Ernest Saunders, was jailed for five years, but was released after ten months because he had Alzheimer's Disease: he subsequently recovered completely, the only person ever to have done so.

    Distillers was the UK manufacturer of Thalidomide, although they fought for years to avoid taking any responsibility.
    Martyn Wilson11.05.2012
  • Stopped drinking macro brews from the likes of Diageo in my first year of university and never looked back. I hope they go bankrupt someday. Both their business practices and the quality of their products are contemptible.
  • shower of thugs, boycott of diagio products is in order
  • you got my support, i'll be avoiding their products - which wont be that hard - in future.
  • As someone who works in the industry, and a massive proponent of Brew Dog as an operation, I find this utterly disgraceful. I'm never going to stock Diageo products again... I always had a hope they were a decent bunch for a big company, and this proves otherwise. I propose everyone else joins me in boycotting them where possible :D
  • Go Brewdawgs! Diageo showing their true colors
    Northern Californian10.05.2012
  • Gotta love them corporate bullyboys. I'll be staying away from their products from now on.
    Kudos to BrewDog!
  • Diagio seem to be a big dull-minded amoral thug of an organization. I'll think about that before I ever buy one of their products again, and I'll spread the word about what happened to you here in Los Angeles. Big corporate organizations need to go away. We just don't need them anymore...
    L.A. Dave10.05.2012
  • Howdy from Seattle!
    Diageo's behavior is simply inexcusable, compounded by their insipid little non-apology. Keep up the good fight, you've got a lot of folks who love what you're doing.
  • Sweet revenge... luv it!!
  • Hey, just checking in from the Pacific Northwest (Vancouver, BC)!

    I wanted to let you know that locally, we're pissed as hell about this, and will do anything and everything we can to support Brew Dog and dis Diageo!
  • Well, I haven't been in the Glasgow BrewDog bar before now, but I damn well will now.
    Raven MacAlba10.05.2012
  • So big company's like Diageo are run by lying, thieving, evil bastards that i would not piss on if they were on fire. I thought this was common knowledge !
  • I used to own Diageo stock. They have exhibited this type of corporate dunderheaded-ness over and over again. I sold my stock and never looked back, but am cheering on brewdog in this battle.
  • what a load of guff! this is a fine example of why i HATE big greedy companies and am always a big supporter of the smaller independent companies who always manage to uphold a higher class of product and customer service. i love brew dog!
    cherry beer10.05.2012
  • Never, and I mean NEVER will I ever drink another beer that has any connection with Diageo. Someone please post a list of all the brands they're connected with so I can avoid them.
  • Pity I've never seen BrewDog here in Virginia, in the USA. Glad I quit drinking Guinness a few years back in favor of local microbrews.
  • you couldn't make this shit up if you tried. Diageo go fuck yourselves for being outrageous!
  • Reason for Diageo not liking Brewdog? - http://www.marketingmagazine.co.uk/news/874570/Diageo-alcohol-firms-back-anti-binge-campaign/
  • YES! its turned in to satire already

  • Dear Diageo.

    I would sincerely like to boycott your products, but I'm a bit drunk and find it hard to remember anything you make other than Guinness. Could you help me out and print the word "CUNTS" on your cans and labels for me?

    I'd be ever so grateful,

    Nobby Cathcart10.05.2012
  • Warthogs have style! At least more style than this. They are not impressed.
  • OMG.
    I have NEVER seen so many comments, so soon on a Brewdog Blog.
    I can'y add much, except to echo Beccy's early Beccy's comment -
    Fuck Diageo !

    Keep on hopping in the real world .....
    Pete Howard, Nottm10.05.2012
  • OMG.
    I have NEVER seen so many comments, so soon on a Brewdog Blog.
    I can'y add much, except to echo Beccy's early Beccy's comment -
    Fuck Diageo !

    Keep on hopping in the real world .....
    Pete Howard, Nottm10.05.2012
  • And the drinks to boycott are.......
    Iain MacIlleChiar10.05.2012
  • Good on you Brewdog, Large PLC campany at its best. The trade should start to move away from the like of Diageo for the way they have acted.

    The BII ask why there in trouble, STOP jumping in to bed with big PLC companys and get back to doing what you do best is in suport the members.
  • As I love Brew Dog (a bit to much my wife would say), I now do declare:

    Harp Lager
    Tusker lager
    Red Stripe
    Senator Keg
    and all of your illk

    - you are henceforth banned from my bloodstream!
  • I hope you guys are going to the media with this. In the prevailing anti-corporate climate they should have a field day with it.
  • The big D shows poor form. Nothing to surprise us in the craft beer movement. We know they like numbers more than flavour. Well done Brewdog on the award lets hope the future isn't so spiteful.
    BlackBar Brewery10.05.2012
  • Constantly amazed at the cuntish behaviour of large corporations in all countries and suprised that it's such a universal trait.
    Dan in Oz10.05.2012
  • "kick ass" lol
  • I agree this is unbelievable conduct by Diageo staff - but also so very funny.

    I will never again buy/consume any of their.... hold on, I haven't purchased/drank any of their shit in years!!!

    Please, please email/write to/call Diageo with your thoughts using the contact deatails given by the good people contributing to this blog.
  • utterly pathetic

    i've never been to the bar but I think I met the staff at the taste of edinburgh thing in the meadows and they seemed an excellent bunch whom got the reason we were there in the first place.

    to get trashed on free samples.

    well done guys :)
  • I am sorry that their beer is so bad they have to stoop to these levels to force thier mediocity on to the public.
    copper lake breweries10.05.2012
  • Scumbags the lot of them. Looks like I'll be completely making the switch to Sailor Jerry's, Three Olive, and Herradura.
  • "no publicity is bad publicity"
    i don't think diagio would agree with that at the mo.

    well done brewdog.
  • Just sent this message to Diageo...


    Sorry, you've lost a customer in me, for your employee's reprehensible behaviour. He spoke for your corporate entity, and you are responsible.

    For Shame.
  • ...F##k Diageo, David will win against Golliat !! Cheers from Chile !! Keep rocking in a free world !!
  • How many PR disasters does it take to propel independent BrewDog above the tyranny of Diageo?

    You cannae take my BrewDog or muh FREEDOM!

    @BrewDog FTW!
    Socially Aware09.05.2012
  • Fair play to the other "winner" who refused to accept a tainted award.
  • Turn the light out on the way out Diageo, you worthless band of piss merchants
    Funtime Charlie09.05.2012
  • Nice, now on Telegraph.co.uk and in the FT...

    "BrewDog bites back at Diageo’s tactics
    By Louise Lucas
    Diageo, the world’s biggest distiller, was on the receiving end of a torrent of wrath on Twitter after blocking an award to feisty independent brewer BrewDog."

  • Just opened a big bottle of Punk to celebrate your "win". Keep it up, gugs
  • The only thing I'll miss from their line up is the Lagavulin and the Don Julio. The beers were all pisswasser anyway.
  • This could be a hint for a new beer: D.I.A.G.E.O.S. ( Death In A Glass Oatmeal Stout). Subtitle: drink me or i'll screw you!!!
  • It's funny how these mega corpoorations like to talk about market forces, but when faced with some actual competition they start playing dirty tricks and flexing their muscles.

    Maybe if they cared about their products and their customers rather than their shareholder dividends they might be a bit more popular with people who actually like beer.
  • What shocking behavior from Diageo and I hope people share your link so that the truth about this can be read. I've just put it up in our facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/tipplecast/
    The tipple cast09.05.2012
  • Diageo also bribed New York State officials to keep wine out of grocery stores.
  • AWESOME! just wish more of the big companies would get caught out doing more of this. Fantastic press for Brew Dog, shit pies for the big boys. Could not have worked out better. Next Brew Dog beer, I will charge my glass to that very thoughtful douche. Cheers Diageo.
  • Diageo....You have to watch these wankers like a hawk.
  • Wow! Unbelievable and unacceptable Diageo. This is not the way to earn new business and customers! You're only creating bad mojo with tactics like this!
  • Brewdog welcome to the crazy fucked up world of big business.
  • Shit... well bye bye Tanquerey, you were my gin of choice. Since I'm not drinking much gin these days though, I doubt you care about the loss of my custom.

    Incidentally, neither do I; I have real beer in my fridge :)
  • hmmm, Diageo's counsel tapped them and pointed out EU competition law much?
  • Now on the BBC website:

  • What a bunch of cheats.
    Right, time to light up Twitter and Facebook methinks.
  • Bloody disgrace from Diageo. Equal disgrace that Bii let themselves be pressured and also that there doesn't seem to be anything on the Bii website acknowledging that this even happened.
  • Well, congratulations Brewdog! The reward in coverage by being denied this award is worth far more than winning the award itself.

    Little needs to be said regarding what happened. Your post above speaks for itself. I will be circulating widely across social networks, brewery contacts and other friends in the industry.

    No more Diagio products for me, and I'll have a pint of Brewdog when I next see it on and raise a glass to the team- congratulations!
  • What utter faceless goons!!! Boycott Diageo and all the brands they've snapped up and ruined. This should be investigated and the person who made the decision should be forced to do a tour of Brewdog bars drink their beer and apologise to all the staff for being a real dumb ass.
    Nobbly B09.05.2012
  • Awful stuff from 'Diageo'.

    I'm going to write them an e-mail decrying this kind of sh*t.
    But, also to thank them for making all of my future purchasing decisions easier, drinking responsibly will now stand for not drinking any of their brands or showing them any support whatsoever!
    Dave McG09.05.2012
  • Hi Brewdog,

    I see Diageo is trending on twitter and not for good reasons either.

    I think Diageo products should be boycotted for what they did to you.

    I for one will not be buying any more of their products for a long time, and I'm saying that as an avid Guinness drinker.

    Congrats on showing up this corporate monster for what it is.

    @babogue (on twitter)
  • I'm amazed. I worked for Diageo up to 10 years ago and we would have loved to have been associated with Brewdog to try to dispell the 'giant corporate' image.
    I suspect this was one prat on the night. If not I'm going to sell my shares because they've lost it...
  • The only consolation for Diageo shareholders over this PR disaster is discovering the company also employ humans who know how to piss in their own bathwater.
  • Nice work Diageo PR types. I bet they are responsible for this monumental **ck up. I bet the big bosses knew nothing of it and would certainly never have sanctioned such a crass move - they would have been far more professional and bribed the committee before Brewdog got their name on the trophy!
  • What a bunch of worms. Met a Diageo hotshot in a bar at Lambert Airport, back when I was living in Missouri, who explained me the "Smirnoff Ice" strategy (ie. turning teens into alcoholics) that he launched and experimented in Ireland. Lame! When you think back, this experiment worked internationally, or at least here in France. All the teenage kids are hooked up on that shitty 4%ABV alcoholic soda. Cracking open a Hardcore IPA in your honor guys. Quite uneasy to get delivered to me in France btw. Do something about it.
    Kevin MG09.05.2012
  • Boycott the following: Crown Royal, Guinness, Baileys, Tanquerey, Jose Guervo, Smirnoff, Ciroc, Captain Morgans, Jonny Walker, J&B, Windsor Premium, Buchanan's, Bushmills & Ketel One! No great loss......!
    CJ W09.05.2012
  • "We would like to thank Kenny Mitchell and the BII for their refreshing honesty..." but he fucked you over in the first place by siding with Diageo. He should have stood up at the time and said a firm NO.
  • Absolutely shocking behaviour! I see this all the time - be it on a smaller scale where people use dirty tactics and blackmail to get what they want in business. As long as you continue to do what you do with integrity, grace and professionalism you'll always do better!
  • Pete Brown has a statement from Diageo here:

    So, all true, but going for the "rogue agent" defense. "which does not reflect in anyway Diageo’s corporate values and behaviour."
    My arse!
  • ..well done Nigel for Wikipedia edit...hope this goes viral.
  • Find a Diageo product on FaceBook, and add this: If {product} ever wins any award anywhere, ever again, people will always be wondering what pressure was brought to bear: http://www.brewdog.com/blog-article/diageo-v-brewdog

    So Diageo: are you going to apologise?
  • I love yr beers and I love yr bar, but more than any of that I love the photo of angry staff. Bravo.
  • Good on Diageo I say - who could think up a better way to make BrewDog's products any more high profile than they already are?

    Rock on the next corporate giant cock up and - REMEMBER BrewDog boys - when YOU get big don't forget where you come from!

    BY THE WAY; Here's Diageo's CSR page: http://www.diageo.com/en-row/CSR/Pages/default.aspx

    Good reading.



    J Mark Dodds09.05.2012
  • For anyone deciding to boycott Diageo owned brands. They are numerous. This should help. http://www.diageo.com/en-sc/OurBrands/pages/default.aspx
  • Absolutely shocking behaviour from global bullies - they deserve to rot and die. Not heard much about BrewDog before - will definitely be checking them out now!
  • They deserve to be cunted right in the fuck.
    I'm going to join the host of people writing to them, and sharing this link.
    The Empress09.05.2012
  • Appalling behaviour. I hope this goes viral to highlight Diageo's bully-boy tactics.
  • well done brewdog. considir this the best possable award. scaring the likes of diago takes some doing. as for me i will never ever again touch any of ther products again. bye bye bushmills single malt
  • That is funny!

    You would think these guys would try getting on the bandwagon rather than trying to derail it. Much hilarity will ensue, fucking epic.
  • is there any specific reason that this has happened? anything you can think of? or do Diageo just shit all over you for no reason at all?
  • Just sent them this:

    Regarding the following:


    I find Diageo's behaviour despicable, and will be avoiding your products from this point onwards. I will also be advising friends and colleagues (I work in the bar industry) to do the same.

    A full public apology to Brewdog would perhaps go some way to make up for the way Diageo has conducted itself.


  • Wow I'm shocked. You've really got them worried if they feel they have to stoop to such desperate tactics!
    Steve W09.05.2012
  • Is that you just realising what a bunch of muppets they are at Diageo? They were leaving us (Kilmarnock, former home of Johnnie Walker) a "legacy" but all they did was give over a small piece of land...and that was so the planning permission would get changed on the rest of their land and they could profit even more from the sale!
  • Fuck you Diageo. It will be easy to boycott you and the brands you whore out
    H F09.05.2012
  • Crap like this makes my blood boil. Clearly being the largest alcoholic beverage conglomerate in the world is not enough for some people.

    P.S. love your work brewdog.
    Mark Deegan09.05.2012
  • Who was representing Diageo at the event?
  • Congrats to Brewdog for winning the award, fantastic beer, bars and staff!!
    Thomas C09.05.2012
  • Alot of people are talking about how much this is worth in PR for Brewdog - while this is true - let's not forget about the reward the hard working bar staff deserve for doing a sterling job!
  • If you strike @brewdog down, they shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine, using twitter
    David O09.05.2012
  • I drink a lot of Moët and Veuve.

    Actually... make that DRANK. Heidsieck Monopole Blue Top for me from now on!
  • One thing - did Kenny Mitchell give you permission to print what he told you in a phone call? If not, you're just as bad as Diageo.
  • time for a nationwide diageo amnesty
    Nick L09.05.2012
  • Terrible sportsmanship from a global company.

    I will be avoiding all Diageo products from now on.

  • what a disgrace. And also a beautiful excuse to open a hardcore ipa!
  • Utterly reprhensible conduct from Diageo, bullying BrewDog out of an award they earned and deserved
  • bunch of shitcunts
  • Horrible basterds have ruined Kilmarnock as well
    David A09.05.2012
  • Fantastic news. Has to be worth 10 times as much press as the awards would have been. How did you pull it off?
  • just read the article. As someone said before, i hope this turns into a PR hell for them. Screw those crooks. Cheers from Chile!
  • Full credit to the BII for their transparency. A few well placed articles could expose Diageo for what they are
    Chris W09.05.2012
  • Diageo are a bunch of cunthammers.
  • ‎..sent an email of complaint to them.
    Simon T09.05.2012
  • Always nice to a company unafraid to pull punches
    Bill S09.05.2012
  • Just sent via Diageo's contact page:

    I've just read about your company's reprehensible behavior at the BII Awards. Strong-arming the independent judging panel with threats of pulling your sponsorship was a callow, petty, and small-minded move.
    If a company the size of yours is so threatened by a small craft brewer and bar operator that you feel the need to withhold public praise from them, what does that say about your confidence in your own products? My only comfort is the knowledge that your behavior will ultimately have the opposite of your intended effect, bringing more attention and praise to BrewDog than the award would have.
    I will be spreading this information to everyone I can both in person and online and I look forward to watching the public backlash.
  • Diageo and their underhand tactics didn't work, well done BII for coming clean!
    Graeme B09.05.2012
  • Dick move from Diageo
    i think i'll try to stay away from their stuff in the future.
  • Effing DISGUSTING behaviour from Diego. I hope they think that move was worth this...
  • Looks like your man who is flicking us the bird at the top of this post seems to have already collected the award.
  • I've dropped Diego's products. No more Tanqueray, from now on mine's Bombay Sapphire with a twist. Gotta make a stand!
  • Fucking terrible from Diageo & equally fucking awesome from @Brewdog
  • @Diageo_News That's the last time I buy your shit. Ever.
    Magic Paul09.05.2012
  • Shitty products, shitty people #diageo
  • The word Diageo comes from the Latin for day (dia) and the Greek for world (geo). We take this to mean every day, everywhere, people celebrate with our brands.

    I think I just done a little sick in my mouth
  • like Coca-Cola picking on a Independent Juice Bar--like WTF?
  • I've just read about Diageo and BrewDog and, well, what can I say that hasn't been said above. Truly terrible behaviour from a bunch of corporate nobshiners. I can't stand Diageo products...and what a truly pretentious name for a drinks company.
  • The only bright side? This got you a LOT of attention on Twitter. Next time I see Brewdog in a pub, I'm ordering one. Cheers mate.
  • Hi James,

    Have you been in touch with Diageo or neard from them? Not that I'd expect you to initiate contact after what they did, but would be very interested to hear what they have to say for themselves!

    Paul C09.05.2012
  • I can't stop laughing!!!!! This is awesome!!! Go get 'em BrewDog! x
  • You don't mention who the award was actually given to.
  • Keep up the good work guys, your supporters and fans of good beer shall continue to follow you and as for Diageo, me thinks they just shot themselves in the foot!! PR nightmare coming their way!!! hahahaha
  • Shocking behaviour Diageo - no more Tanqueray sales from me!
    G. R.09.05.2012
  • Ooh scandale! Heads shall roll.
  • This just got blocked by our filter as "Offensive & Tasteless".

    I will now to the same to all Diageo products.
    David M09.05.2012
  • Full credit to the BII for their transparency. A few well placed articles could expose Diageo for what they are
    Chris W09.05.2012
  • I'm not buying Diageo drinks again (Guinness, Red Stripe, Baileys, Pimms) Corporate chumps
  • Good on ya - you've got them running - now keep it up!
  • Yet another disturbing little glimpse into major corporations vs independent business.
  • Can't wait to hear the names of the people at Diageo who did this.
  • Diageo's tactics disgust me! Let's see how they worm their way out of this one.
  • As if there weren't enough reasons to boycott Diageo and their shit beers.

  • I have a Dogma and two Paradox I was saving for a special moment. I think that moment is now. But that means you need to send more beer to Vermont!!!
    Lindsay K09.05.2012
  • Diageo are corporate bully-boy bastards.
  • Pretty sure I can live without Guinness, Red Stripe, Tanqueray, Baileys, Pimms, Jose Cuervo and Piat D'or from now on. I like some of those, but screw Diageo!
  • Brilliant, free ammunition for that gattling gun of a marketing machine Brewdog has.
    George V09.05.2012
  • tax cheats. i hope this turns into a PR nightmare for them.
    Andrew M09.05.2012
  • Absolutely disgraceful from Diageo! How was this ever going to end in anything other than a PR nightmare?!
  • Shameful backstabbing tactics from Diageo against @brewdog take a jump off the shortest pier that you can find
  • So, not only did DIAGEO give the world Thalidomide (yes, really), now they've decided their entire empire is under threat from a small craft beer brewer. Imagine if you'd have been announced as winners. Drinkers of Diageo brands would cease doing so and switch to Brewdog, it's obvious. Corporate world is full of weasels and frightened fat slugs. Fuck them in the ear.
  • Diagio, how embarrassing! Not surprising, any *one* of Brewdog's beers is better than all of yours put together.
  • Another reason why I always want to work for great companies like BrewDog rather than corporate machines like Diageo.
  • Makes for interesting reading....

    Section 3: Controversies
    Alex M09.05.2012
  • We're still the fucking doctor.
    Ruth J09.05.2012
  • hilarious. "Who gives a fuck about a goddamn Grammy?" Who indeed?
  • http://www.diageo.com/en-row/Pages/contacts.aspx

    Feel free to send a some dog poo to:

    Free Post
    Diageo plc
    Lakeside Drive
    Park Royal
  • Silly, silly.

    Don't fuck with @brewdog as it will eventually come and bite you on the arse!
  • just sent Diageo an email :
    I've just read about your ludicrous and disgusting pettiness at the BII awards - where you shafted BrewDog out of an award that was clearly theirs.

    not only is it pathetic, but it just goes to show that what they are doing (caring about products, consumers and the craft of making amazing beer) is the antithesis of your ideals.

    I'm sure this little news story will help brewDog win even more awareness, awards and customers.

    I'll drink to that (not some fizzy piss water, you can count on that).
  • Can you use that tank which appeared in Camden against Diageo HQ?
  • Let's see everyone reposting this article on Twiiter/Facebook, I'd love a bit of viral revenge. Needless to say we drank up and left instantly.
    Neil S09.05.2012
  • All done whilst Diageo CEO Paul Walsh was speaking at Ethical Corporation’s Responsible Business Summit (#RBS12).
    Diageo Boycott09.05.2012
  • I think I'll email Diageo's CEO (paul.s.walsh@diageo.com) and CMO (andrew.fennell@diageo.com) and ask them why they screwed BrewDog.
    Tim Sonic09.05.2012
  • It's not the first time, nor will it be the last I suspect. Big corps have been and are at this kind of thing all the time, from forcing bars to stock some nasty innovation product under threat of pulling all their other brands (see spiced 'rums') or paying de-listing fees to ensure bars/chains don't stock any perceived competitor products. It's a vipers nest and particularly distasteful. Well done to all concerned for standing up and calling 'bullshit' over this issue.
  • Anyone fancy some diageo beer can baseball in the park at the weekend?? I have bats, mitts and I'm sure we can rob a wino of his Red Stripe!
    Niall R09.05.2012
  • 2 b honest if this is true it's pretty bad but how do u all no it is???? And for all u sayin u won't use their products, u'd b suprised how much of the market this actually covers. I'm sure it's not the first time corporate influence has ever happened, there is worse things goin on in the world!!!! Get over it. Just saying
  • Probably a Diageo PR person panicking and deciding they were going to get in trouble from their bosses if Brewdog got the award.

    Bit of an own goal really - if they wanted to be proper evil geniuses of the brewing industry they should have got the vote rigged before Brewdog's name was on the trophy! No?
    gaz h09.05.2012
  • Even more reason to get some bars in Ireland and NI to battle the Diageo monotony!
  • I wonder if they're launching a 'craft' beer rival in the near future? Can't believe any of the big brewers haven't done it already...?
  • Dear Diageo afraid of little BrewDog were you? Seems pathetic for a responsible chain to resort to award fixing.
  • On this, our day of freedom, let's unite against the bootleg of mass produced beer and stick up for the little guy
  • kind of ironic that their CEO is speaking at a corporate ethics summit during this whole snafu
  • Unbelievable underhand ridiculousness
    Alex R09.05.2012
  • BrewDog won fair and square, Diageos behaviour is disgusting
    Mike R09.05.2012
  • Look out @Diageo_News, the independent breweries with their ability to reveal your outmoded bullying ways are a-coming!
  • Disgusting and pathetic. Good luck to the Diageo PR Team.
    John B09.05.2012
  • Hey @Diageo_News, you're a bunch of cunts! Fuck off and take your shit beverages with you
    Sam Z09.05.2012
  • So sad to know that prestigious business awards are 'fixed' by the sponsors.
  • Ah well, time to add @DiageoPLC to my list of companies to boycott
    Ian B09.05.2012
  • That sucks, but you can't take a company that makes something as fucking disgusting as Baileys seriously!
  • Diageo showing their true colors...

    Be they were hoping this would not get out.
    V & S09.05.2012
  • It strikes me we have them scared.

    I will never touch their products again.

    Fucking corporate whores.
    Peter C09.05.2012
  • Awful underhand tactics by corporate bullies,
  • Has there been any response from anyone at Diageo?

    Surely it's only right to hear the other side of the story before making any judgement calls about this situation.
    Be(er) Here Now09.05.2012
  • No surprise - they are the company that forced Knockdhu to change the name of their whisky because it was similar to Knockando, it had only been called that for 110 years or so. They have no morals.
    David K09.05.2012
  • im sure things like this happen all the time, imagine the things Carlsberg and Heineken have the money to influence. It's about time someone said no more.
    Sam K09.05.2012
  • Fuck 'em. I edited their Wikipedia page.
  • From Diageo's website: "We give ourselves and each other the freedom to succeed because this fosters an entrepreneurial spirit." Yeah, right...
  • Fucking incredible. They are absolute bastards. I'm sure the SLTN and The Sun or Daily Mirror will lap this story up.

    Next beer to be called 'Up Your Diageo'?
  • I fail to see what diageo were trying to acheive? Mostly spirits they produce...and Guinness?
  • This is it. Time to boycott Diageo products.
  • mother fuckers! BTW had a great night @BrewDogMancs on Sunday. I was fucked up but in a nice fun way.
    Tom C09.05.2012
  • Sorry #Guinness you've lost a fan today with this kind of dirty trick!
  • this is scandalous behaviour by Diageo
  • Diageo boycott ahoy
    Mark E09.05.2012
  • Nice work Diageo, shameless even by their standards
    James Hickson09.05.2012
  • Diageo are and always have been monstrous international bastards. Must be doubly disappointing for you guys as you must have them on your target list for being acquired by somesuch organisation.
  • Diageo are idiots.

    Of all the small drinks companies to screw over too. Surely they should have known BrewDog would bite back?

    And how.
    Jack Munch09.05.2012
  • good christ, how utterly utterly petty of them. I'm sure they were just expecting you to take it and say nothing.
    Ben W 09.05.2012
  • Go You Guys.....If you've put Diageo's nose that far out of joint that they are pulling this kinda shit then you are doing something very, very right. That is actually better than any actual award!!!
  • Diageo - crooked, underhand, blackmailing bullies.
    James T09.05.2012
  • Disgusted the way big corps treat the little guys, and Diageo are a fine example. Scumbags.
    Carl M09.05.2012
  • this is heinous diageo
    beer fan09.05.2012
  • Get this to the papers now.
  • A mindbogglingly stupid move!
    Chris W09.05.2012
  • Congratulations to Brewdog Bars. who wants to win an award anyway, not very punk is it! Much better to be a victim of 'The Man'
  • What a horrible incident. Such a shame for all the hard working BrewDog bar team.

    BII should have stood their ground.

    As for Diageo - this deserves to be a massive PR disaster for them. Shockingly arrogant and corrupt.
    Amanda M09.05.2012
  • You're doing something right if you are managing to piss off the big boys! Keep up the good work :D
  • DSB sounds like a good name for a beer brewed in honour of this momentous occasion! But I think really Diageo have screwed themselves here, look forward to seeing this embarrassing news go viral!
  • Bloody hell, Diageo way to make yourselves look like EvilCorp.
  • "It is hard to be a judas goat when you are drinking a Punk IPA." True Dat :)
    Paul J09.05.2012
  • What a bunch of wanks.
    Mind the Montreal Screwjob in the wrestling? Same thing.
    Scott B09.05.2012
  • F*ch Diageo. Viva La Revolución
  • Diageo have a history of screwing people over. They made my dad redundant for no reason in the early 90s, not to mention the Johnnie Walker thing of late.
    I make a point of never consuming anything they produce.
  • Fucken shady pisswater peddlers lo
    J H 09.05.2012
  • Thanks for sharing this, and well done to Kenny Mitchell for his honesty and for (albeit belatedly) standing against this sort of behaviour.

    Diageo have been shown to be crooked, blackmailing bullies.

    And for the record, their Tusker 'beer' is one of the worst I have ever tasted.
  • They, Diageo, are knobjockeys of the highest order. You are extremely charitable to the BII who, if they'd had a pair could have avoided the whole situation.
  • just shows you what goes on behind the scenes.

    so much for UK drinks industry being friendly.

    I am going to call Diageo UK on 020 8978 6000 and tell them what I think.
    Adrian M09.05.2012
  • Kudos to the others for not accepting an award which wasn't due. Shame on Diageo for being corporate whores. Obviously if BrewDog were voted the best and it's opposed to their own ideals then they're out of touch with what consumers really want!
  • OMFG

    Fuck Diageo
  • pathetic behaviour by Diageo, just shows how insecure they are about their future.

    will never buy their shit again.
    Richard T09.05.2012
  • This shows two things:

    1. You have the mainstream brewing establishment running scared.

    2. You are doing exactly the right thing.

    Keep up the good work!
  • Christ Almighty, how absolutely absurd!

    Well done to BII for being so open too.

  • Shocking...email sent via the website to let them know I'll never touch their products in the future.
  • Unbelievable - hope they dump them and find some straight sponsors for next years awards, where Brewdog should get given their award for 2012 (as well as 2013 which I'm sure they'll win as well of course!)
  • Another nail in the coffin for the corporates. Thanks for sharing the inside scoop as to the awards. Well done BrewDog for being the true award winners.

  • Shame on you Diageo
  • No wonder they're playing dirty and trying to bring their massive weight to bear by kicking the small guys. Look at this bland, poor excuse for a line-up:


    These are among the brands that the growth of craft beer is starting to impact in terms of sales. And long may it continue!
  • Truly horrific form Diageo. I will never touch one of their products again.

  • Good wine, they say, needs no bush - and the same goes for good beer. So that's me giving up on Bushmills.
  • Interesting read, you need to stop pissing people off!

    Shocking behaviour by them though to act like that after all the hard work by everyone involved in the bars.

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