Fuel up and Hold Tight

Fuel up and Hold Tight

Drink fast, live fast, sleep late and rip it up down empty streets. These mothers are chopped, tuned and ready to roll.

Tokyo Rising Sun

Brewed in May 2008. And then forgotten about. A beautiful accident. An unsuspecting masterpiece. A beery time capsule. This imperial stout has been aged in a Scotch whisky cask for over 4 years. For more than 48 long months this beer lay hidden in oak in the depths of our north east of Scotland warehouse.

When we brewed the first ever batch of Tokyo, we decided to fill three whisky casks, two Highland and one Lowland. Tokyo Rising Sun is the result.


Lowland Edition Tasting Notes: aged in a Lowland whisky cask resulting in decadent chocolate, toasted vanilla, indulgent spiced fruit, a mesmerizingly hypnotic  mouth-feel and new layers which emerge on every sip. Drink it now or age it for another 4 years.  

Highland Edition Tasting Notes: aged in a Highland whisky cask resulting in a viscous slow motion roller coaster of powdered cacao, hints of burning pirate ships, salted caramel, sharp berries and toasted marshmallow. Best enjoyed with a dose of vagrant optimism.

Columbus and Centennial IPA

A 7% beery tribute to our favourite American West Coast IPAs. 2 classic hops (in huge quantities) gives this beer a solid bitterness and avalanche of Pacific north west hoppiness. We only brewed a small batch and it will only be available only on draft (from today) in all BrewDog bars for a limited time only.


Barrel Aged Mr Squirrel


A beer created by an American chef who was formerly a Viking. Masterchef Winner Tim Anderson also personally created the label too. This dark lager which is 11.3% was brewed in June 2012 with Miso, Toasted Walnuts and the Sorachi Ace hop. Since then it has been aged for 12 months in bourbon barrels.

All our beer is available online here.


Abstrakt AB:10

Our latest Abstrakt is due to be bottled this week. The beer is an 11.5% Imperial Brown Ale which we have aged in amazing Spanish sweet red barrels from Malaga.


Stewart Bowman, our Head Brewer, devised an Imperial Brown Ale designed to perfectly complement the wine flavours and extract maximum depth and character from the giant barrels. We also felt the Imperial Brown Ale was ideally suited to be barrel aged and as well as the infusion of the Malaga wine character will also benefit added complexity and maturity from the time in oak. The beer should be ready to rock at the end of June.


Dead Pony Club

Dead Pony Club, our new 3.8% Pale Ale, is now back in all our bars on draft and will be available online in bottles soon. The beer is perfect for drinking by the bottle, case, or keg. At lunchtime. A 21st century low amplitude, high voltage hop hit.


Some people say slow is good. We believe fast is better. Being shot from a Howitzer beats the hell out of trotting round a paddock. That’s why the internal combustion engine got mounted on two wheels. Screw down the throttle and listen to that dull banshee howl floating back from those malted mufflers. Fuel up and hold tight, this thoroughbred kicks like a mule.


Punk Gift Packs

We have some cool new Punk IPA gift packs on their way and these will be ready to buy from our bars and online shop later in July. They contain 2 bottles of Punk IPA and a killer branded schooner glass.


Guest Beers - some great new international guest craft beers are available to buy on our website here http://www.brewdog.com/shop/guest-beer 

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The Great Beast 17.06.2012 @ 9:52pm
You are all giving me a pain in my hop-gland. I have to finagle and connive to get Punk and Hardcore here in Canada, and see so little of the wonderful-sounding specials you make. Sigh.
steve w 17.06.2012 @ 9:29pm
Just waiting for my delivery!
Sampsa 17.06.2012 @ 9:28pm
Tim's beer looks cool. Love the label design - he did a great job.Tim - if you are listening, what is the best food to pair Barrel Aged Mr Squirrel with?
Mr H 17.06.2012 @ 9:27pm
Had a sneaky taste of Tokyo Rising Sun at the bar.Quite simply amazing. A phenomenal beer.
ale hound 17.06.2012 @ 9:27pm
AB:10 sounds cool. Great to see the use of wine barrels. Bowman's beard just gets better and better.
Spike 17.06.2012 @ 9:26pm
Love the Tokyo Rising Sun labels - looking forward to getting mine in the post.Had Dead Pony Club on draft yesterday. Really great new beer.