Guest Beers Ahoy from James and Martin

Guest Beers Ahoy from James and Martin

We are pretty damn excited about the guest beers we have available online and in our bars at the moment.

Check out the selection here: http://www.brewdog.com/shop/guest-beer

We recently brought in a shipment of amazing American craft beers, most of which were handpicked by James and Martin in their eagerness to get some of their favourite brews from across the pond back home.

Although the guys have been pretty flat out lately with getting the new brewery up and running, I managed to steal them for an afternoon of intimate beer talk. Tip toeing into the warehouse, I put together a couple of boxes of all our guest beers, and asked the boys to tell me a little bit more about their favourites:

guestbeers_620James: Speedway Stout is my all time favourite beer, I make it a personal mission to make sure it goes out of stock as quickly as it comes into BrewDog Aberdeen. In terms of an imperial stout it is as perfect as you can possibly get, and then even better. I love this beer more than life itself.

Martin: Maui Big Swell is my favourite canned IPA. James let me try it in Nuremberg in 2008 and it changed my life. I like the tidal wave of hops that comes straight out of the can and hits you in the face; quintessential American hoppy.

I last had AleSmith Horny Devil with a criminal in America. He had the tattoos to show for it, all over his face. This Belgian style strong ale is esquisite and three times better than delirium tremens.

jandm_620James: San Diego meets Belgium with Green Flash –famous for dsoing insanely hoppy beers, this golden farmhouse ale brewed with orange peel ginger and spices from paradise and loads of hops, funky fruity spicy it’s a perfect marriage of Belgian and West Coast that’s just about crazy enough to make it awesome.

This year we have decided to keep the Fraserburgh on as their brew lab; a place where we will experiment with small batch brews and crazy yeasts. It's only fitting that we have some brilliant Cantillon beers in stock at the moment to inspire our brewers in their pursuit of the frontiers of epic beers.


Martin: Cantillon is undoubtedly the world's most famous lambic brewery. And definately for good reason: their beers are some of the most inspiring I have ever tasted. This Kreik tastes of sour cherry with wonderful hints of almond. Mouth-puckeringly dry, I recently rediscovered this one and it's my go-to lambic.

Check out our awesome range of guest beers right here; http://www.brewdog.com/shop/guest-beer

And as always we have plenty of BrewDog goodies on there too http://www.brewdog.com/shop/our-beer

Do you have a favourite American craft brewery to recommend? We always try to get in new and interesting stuff for our online shop and for our bars, let us know!

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  • Some dogfish head, I don't no why but I can't get hold of the stuff any more and palo santo marron is one of the best beers ever
  • Instead of wasting your money on lambics, you could just swig out of a bottle of Sarson's vinegar.
  • I second the Russian River request and would also make a plea to bring over some Almanac brews!
  • Half Acre Brewing Co - Chicago IL
    Sixpoint - Brooklyn NY
    Blue Point Brewing Co - Long Island NY

    Personal favourite brews from each being Daisy Cutter, Righteous Rye and Hoptical Illusion respectively. Righteous Rye all time fav, I'll personally buy boatloads if you can get it in!
  • I don't know if it ever leaves the state, never mind the States but Elysian Brewery in Seattle makes some lovely stuff
  • River Horse Brewing Company, Lambertville, NJ. Their beers are amazing and their Hop-A-Lot-Amus Double IPA is simply divine. Also, North Coast Brewing Company, Fort Bragg, CA. Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout.
    Gary C06.02.2013
  • Blue Star Brewing Company, San Antonio.
  • Here you go...save you the research...

    Marble - Albuquerque, NM
    La Cumbre -as above
    Il Vicino - as above
    Anderson Valley - CA
    Rogue -OR
    Avery -CO
    Russian River -CA
    Deschutes - OR
    Coronado - CA (Idiot IPA fecking yum!)

    I find with the Yanqui IPAs they are so old and the hops are gone by the time they get to the shelf its almost an exercise in futility.

  • A few suggestions: Lagunitas, Dog Fish Head, Lost Coast, New Belgium
  • Bear Republic - Racer 5 IPA - I love it!
  • When in Hawaii, I discovered the Maui Brewery and it's fantastic coconut porter, but don't overlook the Kona Brewery, it's got great beer too. I liked the Pipeline Porter made with local coffee beans and the brown ale they make. All are made with toasted coconut:http://konabrewingco.com
  • I'm just waiting for you to get in some Russian River.
  • If you could get hold of more Three Floyds, that would just be the best thing ever. Failing that, some more Evil Twin stuff should keep me happy.
  • You already know 3 Floyds beers are awesome, so more of those would be most welcome. Jolly Pumpkin & Jester King are a couple of US breweries making awesome beers. Also love the beers from Swedish brewery Närke Kulturbryggeri but can't seem to find them in bottles anywhere. With your Swedish connections maybe you can help?
    Mark C06.02.2013
  • Think Odell produce some amazingly crafted beers, their 5 shilling pale ale is one of the best I've tasted, probably second to kernel's galaxy pale ale.
  • I'm a huge fan of Lost Coast Brewery from Northern California. Their tangerine wheat beer is so unique and tasty. I'm also on a constant look-out for La Gunitas beers. I've been able to have some in BD Camden before, and I'm particularly fond of their IPA and Dogtown beers.
    Tom Marsden06.02.2013
  • Love Maui!

    Their Cocounut Porter is pretty epic too - and it is in a can.
  • Great selection.

    looking forward to my order arriving.

    Adrian H06.02.2013
  • Tried some of the Red Brick Brewing Company beers when we were in the States for our honeymoon. The porter stands out as a favourite.

    Steve Armstrong06.02.2013

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