Hello, Helsinki?

Hello, Helsinki?

A few weeks ago we asked you guys to tell us which cities worldwide you would like us to target in 2014 for new bar locations, and you did not disappoint! One of the massive stand out suggestions nearly crashed our blog with the amount of times it occurred, so we decided we had to nudge it up our list a little. Helsinki, we are coming for you.

We are confident you guys are giving us a pretty solid suggestion with Helsinki, and our bar in Stockholm is doing amazingly well, so why don't we expand our presence in Scandinavia? There's just one thing...we need your help!


As you may or may not know, we normally launch our international bars with awesome, passionate local partners, so naturally we need to find the ideal candidate to help us set up shop in Finland. Can you help?


What do we want?

- We are looking for a partner with strong local knowledge in Helsinki. That means a very solid grasp of the local beer and bar scene, an understanding of what is current around the city and a decent awareness for the districts and areas around town.

- Operational experience within hospitality is also very high on our list of priorities, so having run a bar before is pretty handy.

- Lastly, you will need to be mega passionate about craft beer and really want to build a successful business with us!

As long as you tick all of the above and are keen to make this project kick ass, we want to hear from you!

Awesome! How do I apply?

Email Neil Taylor (neiltaylor@brewdog.com) with the following:

Subject line:



- 3 ways you would make this bar the best place to go for good beer in Helsinki

- 3 facts about you and your experience

- Your current favourite beer (from any brewery)

What are you waiting for? Let's take over Helsinki!

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  • Hell Yeah! Bring it on baby!
    Cleber the Finn17.01.2014
  • Yes, yes, yes!!!
  • Yes, yes, YESYESYES. Ahem. Please do and honor us.
  • Happy Days!
  • Good luck in one of the toughest markets in the world.
    Hope youve done your research ;-)
  • Oh, we kindly forgive you the minor lapse with Scandinavia and whatnot if only you bring your beers and asses here immediately.
    Fennoscandian Female16.01.2014
  • What are you waiting for? Get in here!
  • You are most welcome!
  • Oh yeah. Bring me good times and excellent beer and I will bring my wallet :)
  • Looking forward to this!
  • Great news, welcome!!!
  • Once opened I will invest all my savings to Brewdogs beers!
  • Shug: Well I guess it is true, but on the other hand you have JAM sake bar which is one of the best craft sake bars I have visited.
  • can i use my kilt in helsinki when u open :)
  • Exciting, what a news! Cant wait to get crafted Brewdog in Helsinki. We are ready, thirsty and waiting, open quickly!
  • Excellent news, welcome!
    The Pope16.01.2014
  • Id love to see you here in Helsinki!
  • This sounds very lovely indeed. Had I the required credentials I would apply instantly.
    I think the timing is hugely in your favor in establishing a bar in Helsinki as the beer awareness is increasing massively in Finland as it is.

    Currently my favorite in your stock is the Tokyo Imperial Stout. The depth in the flavor is outright magnificent. It takes its rightful place with some other fairly nice Imperial Stouts out there.

    All in all, thou art welcome indeed. One enthusiastic customer, right here.
  • Id love to have a presence of brewdog in helsinki! especially as me and my friends are shareholders.. Hope to see you guys soon in a nice relaxing bar in Helsinki rock city... Cheers!
  • The bar scene in Helsinki is blowing up, night clubs are struggling. I think youll do well with a good location and well connected partners. Plus Finns looooove beer. Welcome!
    Buffalo Sampo15.01.2014
  • awesome
    me and my tartan tam will be waiting for you
  • You should already start to plan a branch in Tampere too. :)
    Brewdog to Tampere!15.01.2014
  • Welcome.
    Be prepared for hard competition as Helsinki gas probably best selection of beers around the world, including Brewdog.
    Im missing specialized beer houses German or Belgian style.
  • Meh, Helsinki is full of hipsters. Place the perfect bar in Vantaa, near the airport and Flamingo. Hint hint! ;-)
  • Yes yes yes, lets make it happen!
  • WELCOME! Weve been waiting :)
  • You just made my day with the news! Thank you!
    Officeworker by the day15.01.2014
  • Oslo next, pretty please! :)
  • This was best news today!

    Just a thought: we would definitely have a demand for a proper gastro pub. You know, there are plenty of places you can get sandwiches and other basic stuff, but pubs with short ribs - pulled pork - handmade hotdogs - kind of awesomeness would we VERY welcomed in the Helsinki bar scene.

  • Cool! Welcome!
  • Welcome! Good news, truly.
    Funny though how the conversation rapidly turned to whether Finland is part of Scandinavia or not... I somehow new it would :) Well, its not (however it is part of Fennoscandia or Fenno-Scandinavia) but in any case we love good beer :)
  • If Helsinki is Scandinavia, en Tallinn is Soothern Helsinki an qualifies tay, awe rite ?! ;-)
    soothern helsinki15.01.2014
  • Me and the dog are ready for the brew, bring it on!
  • Yay, superb news! Not living in Helsinki atm, but this piece of news makes me extremely happy indeed! Finland salutes you!
  • AWESOME! So cool!!!:) its not Tampere but close enough;)
  • Looking forward to visit this new place when it opens! Make it fast.
  • This deserves a thumbs up, hats off and cheerleaders bouncing around. The best news of 2014 so far, cant wait!
  • Great piece of news!!
  • Yes! I will come and drink your beer.
  • Please make sure you have gluten-free beer as well. K? Thx. Bye
  • Nice! Welcome! Just dont join forces with SOK, theyre the evil Empire, who want to rule and own everything in Finland.
  • Oh my god! Finally! I guess I have to visit home more often now..
  • Wu-huuuuuu! Welcome!
  • Screw downtown areas, head straight to Kallio district! Cant go wrong.
    Brew Balowski15.01.2014
  • Best news of the year!
  • FANTASTIC NEWS!! Exactly what Helsinki needs! You wont be disappointed :)
  • To Punavuori, please!
  • Dont come. Kids here are obviously mor concerned with geographic nitpicking than getting wasted on fine hops.

    In all seriousness, we need a place with good beer and moderate prices here, just so we can get along in the cold with these pedantic fucks.
    One more Punk15.01.2014
  • Cama! Brilliant news! All the best for the launch in new territory.
    Beer lover15.01.2014
  • Splendid.
  • Hi! Whens the DL for applications?
    An applicant15.01.2014
  • Yeaaahhhh! Im huge fan of BrewDog. I visited BrewDog Edinburgh and Brewdog Aberdeen last summer while on vacation in Scotland, and have now been trying to save some money for a chance to visit BrewDog Stockholm. Even though we luckily have plenty of chances to drink BrewDog beers in Helsinki bars, even the thought of having a chance to visit a BrewDog bar inside the borders of my home town makes me so excited my head will soon fly away! I mean I dared to wish my dream might come true within, say, the next ten years, but it just took a huge leap closer to fulfillment. Keep up the great work guys!
    Equity Punk Suvi15.01.2014
  • Great news! But please make sure that you dont overprice your beers (like most of the famous beer places in Helsinki eg Kaisla). I know that the taxes are one of the reasons why we have so high prices in bars and restaurants. But IMHO the biggest reason is greediness that makes prices ridiculously high. Theres no more true passion about beer and brewering, its all about money. So I would really like to have a new, true pub-stylish and mentality beer loving paradise in Helsinki!
  • Awww yisss! Cant wait! Make sure that you focus on quality guest taps as well! Would love to taste e.g. some of the great Swedish beers that are available at your Stockholm location (Brekeriet, Beerbliotek, Mohawk, Omnipollo etc.)
  • Nice, indeed! Just dont forget to send some beer too. Last summer i went to Manchester and London Brewdog bars, and quess what....in one of the bars here in helsinki has much larger collection of your beers.....kind odd I think.

    All the best!
  • An excellent addition to capital areas beer scene. Welcome!
  • Great! Come!
    And you saying Finland isnt a part of Scandinavia would you stop, pls. Norway and Sweden and also northern parts of Finland are situated on the Scandinavian Peninsula, Denmark and Iceland not. So it is a cultural thing, my wife is a Swedish speaking Finn. BUT ANYWAY, WELCOME!
  • Awesome! Please open a branch in Tampere too once you get started!
  • Most welcome!
  • Finland is considered part of Scandinavia in almost every part of the world - its more of a cultural than a geographical term.

    The Nordics would probably please everyone...
  • Fantastic!
  • Ville, do you think a 50m line in front of Burger King is a tempting sign for someone whos planning to open a new bar ? Actually, it reminds me of Soviet Union etc. Welcome to middle of nowhere and pay an oversize rent of a minimum size business premises !

    Anaways, we warmly welcome you to Helsinki :)
    Mega gay15.01.2014
  • Where can I sign up as a future loyal customer?
  • Awesome! Welcome!
  • Totally brilliant news. Ive only ever visited the Edinburgh pub but fully intend to visit more whenever I get the chance. A brew Dog in Helsinki would be fantastic and only five and a half hours drive from home. Perfect for a saturday visit :)
  • Hi guys. Splendid idea, welcome to Helsinki. I have visited your bar in Stockholm a couple of times and i know it would be a success in Helsinki also.
    Brew dog fan15.01.2014
  • This is great news! Cant wait to see a bit of Scotland here in Finland too!
  • Wow! Awesome!! Massively looking forward to this

    I am a huge fan of Brewdogs beers, especially the I.P.A.s. Select varieties are readily available in many beer connoisseurs bars in Helsinki, but I am sure a dedicated Brewdog bar would be a very welcome addition!

    I am sure Finns will warmly welcome you to our city. People here are always excited about everything new in cuisine from abroad. Recently, Burger King (like it or not) opened their first restaurant in Helsinki. People are so excited even about it, that theyve had continuous long queues ever since their so far only joint was opened in mid-December. People are actually waiting in line outside in the freezing winter weather just to get a bite of something new!

    I hope you will do just as well!
    Ville from Helsinki15.01.2014
  • Finland isnt part of Scandinavia, but it would be great to get you guys over here anyways.
  • Great news - instant success!
    The country where I quite want to be15.01.2014
  • YEA! We already love you!
  • Looking forward to your bar in Helsinki! I love
    many of your beers!!! Unfortunately not occupied with bar / restaurant business. I am pretty sure you will find excellent partners though, just take your time... ;)
  • Hi,
    I ve posted info about your plans in our group in vk.com (russian copy of facebook). Our main goal to provide russian speaking people with good quality info about Helsinki city.


    good luck! hope to see yr bar soon on our streets

  • Hell to the Yeah!
    Flyin Finn15.01.2014
  • Every year there is less people in pubs since taxes go up.
    Good luck15.01.2014
  • Good luck, but Finland isnt actually part of Scandinavia.
  • Awesome!
  • How about brewing a dark beer for our Scandinavian friends and calling it Nordic Noir?
    Fanboy Puppy Lover15.01.2014
  • Great! Looking forward! Will spread this....
  • Great news!
  • Cool, greetings from Helsinki! I hope you get this in motion shortly!

    Lauri L.15.01.2014
  • Oh YES! This is gonna make Helsinki doublefun!
  • Awesome, need to share this!
  • EXCELLENT!! When is the opening party? :)
  • Just to expand the geographical knowledge as well: Finland is not really part of Scandinavia. ;)
  • Awesome news! Tervetuloa!
  • I got this, Hold my beer
    Liberty or Death15.01.2014
  • Finally!
  • I live in Helsinki. And I would damn love it if you could put a bar here!! (Specially near the Kallio area, since its the bar area in Helsinki)
  • Come to Kallio in Helsinki! Punavuori used to be hip, now its declining due to excessive rents and property prices. Youll be most welcome, just be prepared for some serious crap with the alcohol sales authorities.
    Solid rock15.01.2014
  • Aw goddamnit Helsinki always gets the good stuff. Ah well, we have Cosmic Comic Cafe on Turku which will probably have almost all the same beers as the upcoming place in Helsinki... with added comics! So HAH!
  • Hi there, and welcome to Finland! Im sure you will find good local partners.

    Im working for the urban media City, with focus on restaurant, food and drink culture. I put the word out for you in our pages, hopefully right people see this offer.


    Feel free to contact me, if u have any questions about your conquest of Finland: panu@city.fi
    Panu Jansson15.01.2014
  • I am a shareholder in Helsinki...but not in bar biz.
    Not sure if I should give this a stab...:-P
    Prolly not...
  • Welcome!
  • Great news, but that wont expand you presence in Scandinavia... Like opening in Dublin wouldnt expand UK business ;)
  • Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    Jussi from Helsinki15.01.2014
  • Mint!
  • Welcome!!!
  • By the way, Finland isnt part of Scandinavia :)
  • Great news!
  • Dublin! (And Oslo)
  • F*cking hooray!
  • Damn, this is some good news!
  • Hoddamn... I like this idea!
    Jani H.15.01.2014
  • I know many people think that Scandinavia includes Finland, but Finns dont :)
  • Yeah! Superb!
  • Finally! o/
  • Great news! Welcome to Helsinki!
  • I have a few Finnish friends who will be bristling at your claim that Finland is part of Scandinavia...
  • Kyoto! Can get some Brewdog stuff here, but the choice is very limited. Would be great to have a Brewdog Bar over here :)
  • Awesome! :-D
  • I have friends in Helsinki! Ill ask them!
  • Cant wait!
  • Good start - now Copenhagen please!
    Anders D15.01.2014

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