Hello, My Name is Vladimir

Hello, My Name is Vladimir



Hello, my name is Vladimir. I am a beer for uber hetero men who ride horses while topless and carrying knives. I am a beer to mark the 2014 Winter Olympics. But I am not for gays. Love wrestling burly men on the Judo mat or fishing in your Speedos? Then this is the beer for you!


The sick, twisted legislation brought about in Russia that prevents people from living their true lives is something we didn't want to just sit back and not have an opinion on. Our core beliefs are freedom of expression, freedom of speech and a dogged (no pun intended) passion for doing what we love. Thus, we are donating 50% of the profits from this beer to charitable organisations that support like minded individuals wishing to express themselves freely without prejudice.


This beer is a double IPA brewed with Limonnik berries. We heard they're great for improving sexual performance, so we've sent a case to the Kremlin as we suspect there is someone there who would appreciate a little helping hand.


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EmbraB 08.02.2014 @ 3:37pm
Excellent. Laughed all week, and forgot to walk out of my job :)Will put money where mouth is on this one too.
Scotscowgirl 08.02.2014 @ 12:37pm
Bold and Brilliant!
Johan R 08.02.2014 @ 12:13pm
Brewers without borders
Mad Monk 07.02.2014 @ 7:34pm
Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame you BrewGods!Clare Balding in Russia for the Beeb, ha! Wonder if Bad Vlad knows?
a T 07.02.2014 @ 4:37pm
haha! Nice one chaps!
Big Gay Al 07.02.2014 @ 4:35pm
Fuck Yeah!
scottish dave living in canada 07.02.2014 @ 8:21am
Amazing! Now ship some to Canada
Jack b 06.02.2014 @ 7:28pm
Will this get any distribution to the states??? Anyone know?
Fredrik 06.02.2014 @ 2:17pm
FUN! Like it
Motherrussia 05.02.2014 @ 11:19pm
Fuck you faggots !
andy from germany 05.02.2014 @ 9:26pm
Great idea! Keep on fighting homophobia!
tb 05.02.2014 @ 8:38pm
well done, great idea! i have just ordered some and look forward to trying it.
xander 05.02.2014 @ 8:07pm
Ordering a case. Also, the guy holding the crate is uber hot. Just sayin.
voodolou 05.02.2014 @ 5:56pm
Beer to the rescue. Again
MatsB 05.02.2014 @ 4:43pm
No pu(ti)n intended? ;)
Nicholas 05.02.2014 @ 4:26pm
Always felt there was something a bit gay about poor Vladimir. This should help him understand why he likes topless riding and Speedos.Good one guys, you nailed it
Tjeezers 05.02.2014 @ 1:49pm
I support a free world where we are not told by political clowns who tell us what they think is good for us or not. We are living in 2014, and not in 1914, I support this action!
Coinhunter 05.02.2014 @ 1:20pm
To russia with luuuuuuv
Vlad P. 05.02.2014 @ 1:02pm
Thanks for free beer. Taste good, slightly salty - I like!
BC 05.02.2014 @ 1:00pm
Need to get some commemorative glassware made to go with it. Phallus shaped should do the job, after all whats more masculine then a penis?
antirussia 05.02.2014 @ 12:35pm
oh yes fuck!can the beer also be used as fucking lubricant?fuck yes! Tried it, it works fine!
robe inc 05.02.2014 @ 12:32pm
Respect, and nice one....
Pete H., Nottm. 05.02.2014 @ 12:20pm
What a laugh !Your exploits even made it on to the BBC news website yesterday.Keep on rockin in the free world .......
prinsbengt 05.02.2014 @ 11:44am
GrahamNorfolk 05.02.2014 @ 10:28am
You guys are awesome :-)
The Sissy 05.02.2014 @ 10:11am
Awesome (and presumely delicious) initiative, all done with a great sense of humour! best of luck!
Peilihemmo 05.02.2014 @ 8:52am
LOL ! Love you guys, you rock !
Jein 05.02.2014 @ 8:30am
Can you to send one box me to Russia?Very interesting)))
Volker from Berlin 05.02.2014 @ 7:26am
Just great!
jeleke 05.02.2014 @ 3:53am
where can i buy some!!?
Skyfallsteve 04.02.2014 @ 10:34pm
You guys are great!!!
Isambard K 04.02.2014 @ 9:38pm
You Gaydog, you.
jamiebluem 04.02.2014 @ 3:57pm
Shall be ordering a crate of these as soon as the wage is in! Love it.
Greta 04.02.2014 @ 3:42pm
Yes! You guys rock!
Андрей 04.02.2014 @ 3:16pm
Arranged with a friend from Scotland to bring one (some?) to Moscow :) Promised him a picture on Red Square.
fontimania 04.02.2014 @ 3:14pm
Great Idea!
Иван Ангова 04.02.2014 @ 2:56pm
Way to go guys - so impressed with your positive and active stance on this!
STEE 04.02.2014 @ 2:15pm
Greetin with laughter - this has to go viral!! :-)
Masha 04.02.2014 @ 2:11pm
export it to russia!!!
Senrab 04.02.2014 @ 1:57pm
Great right out of the bottle, but probably better Putin a glass !
Andytron 04.02.2014 @ 12:47pm
Made of awesome and win!
elpolitico 04.02.2014 @ 12:28pm
And who said beer couldnt change the world?
ivan 04.02.2014 @ 12:13pm
You sexy man ;) love!
Troubledwaters 04.02.2014 @ 12:12pm
In Russia beer brews you
Dutty Switch 04.02.2014 @ 11:56am
Top work people. Top work!I want that flag!
Nagig 04.02.2014 @ 11:46am
You guys are EPIC!!
wedar 04.02.2014 @ 11:44am
your beer was not sold in Russia. Send this will be an explosion of the market.
wedar 04.02.2014 @ 11:40am
when you can buy in Russia
brewbaby 04.02.2014 @ 11:23am
ooooooooooohhhh yeahhhhh!!!
Sasha 04.02.2014 @ 11:05am
We in Russia enjoyed!
MichaelMouse 04.02.2014 @ 10:59am
I cannot drink this as I am a gay (and I only drink wine or cocktails - true story). Love this though Brewdog! Big respect! Mx
czi 04.02.2014 @ 10:43am
you guys win 9000 internets for this one
cf_phil 04.02.2014 @ 10:26am
Hurray for the gays!Great stuff Brewdog!
dergit 04.02.2014 @ 10:14am
Fantastic. Ship some to Germany, please. Love all the Hello My Name is... so far. :)
TC 04.02.2014 @ 10:10am
Absolutely awesome. Can we get it in the brewdog bars? Might have to pop over at lunch...
HomoBeerDrinker 04.02.2014 @ 10:09am
Where can I get some????
Pub Gay 04.02.2014 @ 10:05am
I would love to fire one of those up my shit hoop whilst in the throws of back street passions.
Pub guy 04.02.2014 @ 10:01am
Im asking my supplier about this right now, We clearly need it in our pub.
Watterloony 04.02.2014 @ 9:46am
ggtono 04.02.2014 @ 9:43am
Awesome dudes!
jaykay 04.02.2014 @ 9:42am
keep it up guys, but dont go to russia or you might end up in the gulag for this!
Guy from Norway 04.02.2014 @ 9:31am
I fucking love you guys!
LGBT 04.02.2014 @ 9:26am
Fucking funny as guys. James, you go, girl.
Georgie 04.02.2014 @ 9:26am
Jesper N 04.02.2014 @ 9:24am
If I buy a 24 pack, do I get the box too ? ;)
Dane 04.02.2014 @ 9:18am
Fuck yes.