Impending Liquid Anarchy: Some upcoming beers

Impending Liquid Anarchy: Some upcoming beers

Consider this like a series of mini movie trailers. Except they are not for movies, they are for upcoming BrewDog beers. These beers are currently either fledgling concepts, fermenting away in our tanks, ageing in oak barrels or rattling along our bottling line. If you are lucky, they will soon be in your beer glass and subsequently your mouth.

Recipe Development: How to Disappear Completely

New adverntures in imperial milds. We are currently developing the recipe for this beer and intend to brew it next week. Based on a small batch we brewed back in 2009 and named after my (James) favourite Radiohead song. The beer will be a modest 2.8%, reasonably dark in colour with low bitterness and an absolute avalanche of dry hops.


Dispatch Hall: Abstrakt AB14

AB:14 is the latest release in our Abstrakt series and is an oak aged Imperial Weizenbock. Expect a big, bold mouth-feel backed by some powerful banana, caramel, toffee, vanilla and spicy hits woven together with some classic weizen notes. All balanced by an eclectic yet bizarrely balanced variety of hops from America (Simcoe) the Czech (Saaz) and the UK (Bramling Cross).

The beer is at 10.2% ABV and has been aged on toasted French oak chips. As close to bannoffee pie as a beer can taste. Seriously.

This beer was the brainchild of our German Lead Brewer Franz.ab14_620

FV 106: Barley Wine 

Our first foray into the embittered, gigantic world of barley wines for a few years. This one is loaded with our favourite American hops meaning the beers blurs the distinction between a giant beast of a malty barley wine and a huge imperial india pale ale.  This beer is destined to be a 12% ABV monster that will develop amazingly well in the bottle.

As of yet this big bad wolf of an American Barley Wine remains unnamed. Please leave your name suggestions in the comments box below. 


Dog Wired

Brewed in collaboration with Soren from New Zealand's stellar 8-Wired brewery, this is an imperial pilsner featuring two of our favourite New Zealand hops: Nelson Sauvin and Motueka. Sitting at a dangerously drinkable 7.1% ABV there's a touch of munich malt which gives this beer that little extra caramel biscuit bite to compliment the lip smackingly tropical hops. Expect an all out NZ hoppy riot. 

FV 406: Punk IPA

Punk IPA. Our flagship beer and it is currently in 6 of our tanks at the moment.  With our new brew-house, our hop cannon and our centrifuge now dialled in Punk IPA is tasting as good as it ever has. The only problem we have is trying to make enough of this beer! Expect sparkling tropical hoppiness, a riot of fruitiness, a satisfying biscuit malt base and a re-assuringly bitter bite. 


Mette Marit

This alluring enigma continues to enchant us all. Who is Mette-Marit?

Transfering from oak into tank: Mix Tape

Almost exactly like the mix tapes you used to make when you were 13 to impress the boy or girl you were just a tiny bit too shy to confess your undying love to. Just with a little less angst and a lot more alcohol. Mix tape is a blend of 2 huge oak aged IPAs. 50% of the beer is an amped up, hopped up Belgian Tripel which has been aged in single grain scotch whisky casks for almost 2 years. The other 50% is Triple India Pale Ale which has also been aged in Scotch whisky barrels for close to 2 years. This beer is inspired by the Belgian Monastic brewing tradition and its centuries of heritage, hopped up, amped up with American new wave craft brewing and everything that rocks about Scotch whisky and oak ageing.

Oh and resident artist & long time friend Johanna Basford is designing the artwork for this beer so expect something very special here. 


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  • What about 'Giant Squid Barley Wine: It's Kraken!'


    Sorry...I'll leave now.
    The Garv30.07.2013
  • The Hop Barley!! - The Marley, sorry sirs, Barley that makes you hop like you were dancing the Gillie Callum.
  • cereal killer
    cjm slobbe30.07.2013
  • Cereal killer
  • pipes des oros
  • Karma Barley Flow (a take on a character's name from the children's TV programme Bod)
  • &quotAnd Let there be Barley!&quot - Said James
    nicko fuchs28.07.2013
  • I've called one of my homebrews this, but would be more than happy for you to use it: &quotMutual Amnesia Sugar&quot
    James H28.07.2013
  • Why is there no pictures of John Allen? I.Am.Disappoint.
  • +1 for barley legal.
  • Snake Oil
  • barley swine
  • What about There's Something About Barley? But i also like Big Bad Wolf. Nailed it!
  • What about There's Something About Barley? But i like Big Bad Wolf too. Nailed it!
  • Or KraterTraitor!
  • In Ancient Greece barley wine was kept in silver and golden 'kraters'.

    So for the name I'm thinking TailKrater or KrateJacket or KraterAde or KraterAle?????

    Basically anything including the word Krater would be cool!!
  • &quotIn small country houses with their own breweries was often the job of the Butler to brew the Barley Wine&quot
    so how about...

    Fit as a Butlers Dog
    Adam D26.07.2013
  • Surrealist Manifesto
  • What about &quotBeowulf&quot, or is that copyrighted? Beowa is linked to an old name for Barley, and it picks up the wolf thing.
  • AngryLupulinBeastie
  • Broadside Barley?
    Raphaël Gagliano26.07.2013
  • How about 'Cereal Killer'..........?
  • Sugar Ape
    Anton Sporz26.07.2013
  • The Wine That Shakes the Barley, no?
  • Really looking forward to trying the 8 wired collaboration!

    Mix tape sounds great. Perhaps it would be interesting to also sell the two individual IPAs so you can see what they bring to the blend?
  • Call it 'The 8th Coallition'. *beer geek fact* - Barley wine became popular in the 18th and 19th centures within the British upper classes because, being consistently at war with France, claret was frowned upon. The coalitions were formed to fight against France (a mixture of allies) and only went up to 7... Welcome to the 8th coallition!

    I'll stop boring everyone now. As you were.
  • SCUK:ASA .... (Scottish Connection UK:Advertising Standards Authority)
  • All looks great. I'm hoping to keep the number of orders to a minimum (to save on delivery costs) - is there any way of finding out roughly when the beers (that are bottled or near bottling) will be released. Don't want to miss out on those glasses either (although I did just order two from America!)
  • Barley Legal
    King George the 12th
  • Head for the Hills
  • Call the Barley wine....... Z Day....(you know) turns you into a crazy Zombie) but your still better then all the other Zombies out there drinking piss water.....something along those lines
  • Nobody commented on that fookin' nice IPA glass yet? Want!
  • Wine names:

    Barley Conscious

    Why wine?
  • Call the barley wine: Beast Mode
  • The big bad wolf --Mr Warley Bine--
  • Brutal bastard barley wine?

    Mixtape sounds fab
  • Where can I get hold of one of those IPA Is Dead glasses?
  • Nice one - have you guys done a Belgian Tripel before? Would be interesting to see what that started out like before ageing.
    Karl Karlsson26.07.2013
  • Barley wine somehow always makes me think of those robinsons barley water adverts of the 80's with the tennis players, So maybe Grand Slam? Seeing as a scot won wimbledon it seems to fit.
  • &quotAs of yet this big bad wolf of an American Barley Wine remains unnamed&quot - the description says it all, name it &quotBig Bad Wolf&quot!
  • All over Mix Tape. Yes please!
    Anna x26.07.2013
  • I think you've already come up with the best name for FV 106: Barley Wine... &quotBig Bad Wolf&quot.
  • Barmy Wine?
    Harry Phillips26.07.2013
  • Looking forward to DogWired, any more plans to collaborate with brewers from the south? Some awesome things happening in Australia at the moment!

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