International Arms Race: Flying Dog v BrewDog

International Arms Race: Flying Dog v BrewDog

A fury of dots and dashes come through the receiver. The translator turns in amazement. "An IPA with no hops by two breweries separated by sea?" His commanding officer lays a grizzled hand on his shoulder as his eyes narrow toward the horizon. "No bastard ever won a war by playing it safe, son."  Flying Dog Quote. This is not a famous quote (I don't think).

When the hardcore team at Flying Dog threw down a gauntlet and challenged us to a battle collaboration entitled International Arms Race there was no way we were not going to take them on and show them who is boss.

The International Arms Race is a new type of collaboration - a battle collaboration! The brewing team from both Flying Dog and BrewDog set the parameters for the beer and then both brewers have to see who can make the best beer within these parameters. We have decided the ingredients and launch date and the war games have now begun!



And just to add another little edge to the contest, the labels will also be a battle of the illustrators with long time friend of BrewDog Johanna Basford going head to head with the legendary Ralph Steadman to illustrate the labels for the respective beers.


Both beers will be dubbed 'Zero IBU IPA' and the challenge is to brew an IPA style beer using no hops! The hops will be replaced with berries, herbs and roots. With hops completely banned from the International Arms Race the results are certainly going to be interesting.


We will keep you up to date with the brewing and you guys can look forward to tasting the beers in June. 


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  • I like Ralph's dog fight concept but I prefer johanna's artwork style.
  • *SO* excited about this :D
  • yous guys are so awesome, yous like gods too me.
  • Sweat Jesus this will be awesome! Sorry guys but the art of Gonzo will win me over everyone! Cannot wait to get hold of these beers!

    Will shareholders get any pre-public release sales??
    Crowson 18728.03.2012
  • Hey! That's my writing on spices bags! LOL
  • Hope it's something like Saison Du Buff which was an awesome herby beer
  • We will have the 2 different beers on draft side by side in our bars and both bottles will be available online.
    BrewDog James27.03.2012
  • YEAH!! Stoked, so so stoked right now, Blame the Black Tokyo! My two favs going at it.
  • Is Brewdog Newcastle still on schedule to open on 10th April? If so, what time will the shenanigans begin? Plan on making a special trip up for the day/evening as it's the Easter holidays.
  • This is epc! Get the gruit in!
  • No hops is the new hops!
  • nice one
  • If you've got loads of raspberries in the freezer go for that. You'll kick ass.
  • I am looking forward to this!
  • An IPA with no IBU?
    This is MADNESS! BrewDogs & Flying Dogs living together-- MASS HYSTERIA!

    In all seriousness, I'm looking forward to seeing how each side's brew comes out. Very innovative premise all around, and another reason why BrewDog is one of the coolest brewers today.
  • Wormwood... You need Wormwood.
  • Will we be able to get hold of both beers here or will only the brewdog version be available from the online store?
  • This sounds great!
  • looks great
  • Coolest Collaboration Ever!

    Battle it up Dogs!

  • Mega Exciting and love the artwork!

  • Looks Epic - Can't Wait!
    Adrian M26.03.2012

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