Introducing Dead Metaphor

Introducing Dead Metaphor

The world of beer blogging is an incredibly colourful canvas of extremes. There are the foodies, the traditionalists, the angry mobs, the attention seekers and there's a healthy dose of the downright crazy. But in amongst this minefield, there are some of the most articulate, thought provoking, insightful blogs available online.

We wanted to connect with some of the most intelligent and entertaining beer writers that we follow and do what we do best with them; brew beer! So we invited Rob from Hopzine and Rich from The BeerCast, two of our most frequented blogs, to join us in Fraserburgh to brew a beer of which they were to design.


The guys chose to collaborate on a beer that really embodied what a writer needs to get those cogs turning; coffee for a pick-me-up and chocolate for a sweet kick and they added oatmeal for a Scottish twist. The beer is a 6.5% milk, oatmeal, chocolate coffee stout.  They joined us at our old stomping ground, the original BrewDog brewery in Fraserburgh (affectionately known as the Dystopian Puppet Hobby Centre), for a brew day to help us make the beer. They also took a tour of the new brewery in Ellon with Captain James and we sampled a few special beers with them too, all while filling the guys in on some of our top secret plans for the next 12 months.


Rob and Rich have named the beer Dead Metaphor, after a lot of the nomenclature and meaningless buzz words and phrases that are bandied about in the world of beer writing. This beer should be sipped for instant inspiration.


Dead Metaphor will be launched in October at the amazing Indy Man Beer Con, which is an annual key date in our diaries! Swing by the BrewDog bar to sample it. 

We're also planning a couple of meet the brewer events with Rich and Rob, which will take place at their local bars, Leeds and Edinburgh. More to come on that soon!


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HopZine 14.09.2013 @ 4:15pm
Mr C - Im am a &quotbeertuber&quot and post five days a week on YouTube. I agree I'd love to see Peter &quotThe Master of Hoppets&quot and Terry Kay &quotBeer Goggles&quot brew with Brwdog...they are welcome to invite me again too. :-)
BdFan 14.09.2013 @ 8:53am
Is that George!!
Mr C. 13.09.2013 @ 2:10pm
Hopzine and The Beer Cast are pretty great - good way to keep up with the various movements in craft beer. Any plans for more blogger collaborations? Maybe get some youtubers involved with the next one?
ashgates 13.09.2013 @ 2:07pm
Dead Metaphor? I like it, speaks to how sometimes beers just can't be described adequately. 'Awesome!' only goes so far...