IPA is Dead 2014 & Brixton Porter

IPA is Dead 2014 & Brixton Porter

IPA Is Dead 2014


We have just taken delivery of our brand new, freshly harvested hops. And we wasted no time putting them to copious and liberal use in our single hop IPA series.

Our IPA is Dead 2014 beers have been brewed with same malt bill and to the same 7.2% ABV, but with only one hop variety in each beer. The malt bill provides a toasty caramel backbone, and our clean tasting US ale yeast allows the hop flavour to dominate, making picking out the differences between the hops as straightforward as possible. The most obvious way to enjoy IPA is Dead is to compare them against each other, but you can also have fun blending them together to create your own personal IPA with your favourite flavours.

Just in case you don't spend your days rolling in piles of hops on a brewery floor, or stuffing them in your face to get better acquainted with their subtle differences, here's what you can expect from this year’s batch.



One of our favourite American hops; all about the fruit. Think blood orange, orange zest and  citrussy goodness fruit, the fruit is balanced by floral notes in the most classic of new wave IPA hops.  


As you’d expect from a New Zealand hop variety, Kohatu contributes bags of tropical fruit, but with loads of lime notes, & pineapple hits.

EXP 366

A brand new, un-named American hop going under the title of HBC Experimental 366. Piney, resinous with spicy fruit notes and biting grapefruit.


A potently bitter hop variety originally grown in the US around 40 years ago, Comet has been newly resurrected - this German version has bold resinous grapefruit flavours.

IPA is Dead 2014 series are available now on the online shop.


Brixton Porter


Winner of the Prototype Challenge 2013, this has become the latest in our occasional brews range, joining the likes of Jack Hammer, our super bitter West coast IPA, Cocoa Psycho, our amped-up imperial stout brewed with cacao and coffee, and Dogma, our heather honey Scotch ale.

Brixton Porter is our 21st century interpretation of an 18th century style. Brixton Porter delivers a bold chocolate and coffee flavours with light smokiness and hints of autumn fruit all but built on a low ABV, lighter bodied backbone. As much a session beer as Dead Pony Club or 5am Saint, Brixton Porter is complex and intriguing, but you won't have to stop after one. If - like us - you enjoy drinking all afternoon in the sun, but - like us - you live in a country that means the temperature might still be south of chilly, this will suit you perfectly.

Expect an update soon on what's currently fermenting away in tank, but in the meantime, head on over to the online shop to try out our latest beers available in bottle.

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David Davidson 30.03.2014 @ 5:52pm
I miss Interstellar :(
Pete 30.03.2014 @ 2:00pm
Can you do a single hop tettnang?
Boba 28.03.2014 @ 12:29am
Looking forward to trying these new IPAs out.
Lily782 27.03.2014 @ 11:41am
Aw man...dont get me wrong, Brixton Porter is awesome, but please tell me you will be brewing Interstellar again? ....pretty please?!
hop head 27.03.2014 @ 11:31am
Cant wait to try the IPAID range, last years were excellent! GO HOPS!
Colin M 27.03.2014 @ 11:28am
Think Ill be mixing Amarillo & EXP for citrussy fun-time!
Arnie fan 27.03.2014 @ 11:26am
Kohatu reminds me of Cohaagen. Are they the same?