Is this the way to BrewDog São Paulo?

Is this the way to BrewDog São Paulo?

Awesome news for craft beer lovers in Brazil, BrewDog São Paulo launches officially on 22nd January! This will be our second bar outside the UK (following Stockholm, which launched in 2013) and we're insanely excited about this one. Look at how awesome it is.


The new bar is set in a beautiful location with plenty of outdoor space to soak up the South American sun. They'll have numerous craft beers on tap, including plenty of BrewDog beer alongside local craft brews as well as a very special number, which is a house beer brewed expecially for the bar. It's a session pale ale brewed by local Brazilian brewery Way Beer! Check out WayDog and let us know what you think of this bonus brew.


There'll also be some scrummy food available, including beer infused hot dogs with veal sausage, sauerkraut, bacon bits, mustard seeds and BrewDog's Paradox in a reduction. There are other beery hot dogs too, as well as some tasty crackers and cheese boards, all paired perfectly with beers on tap.

Hit up this hot (literally...our Scottish skin is frazzled!) new bar at Rua dos Coropés, 41, Pinheiros, São Paulo from 22nd January 2014. You can follow the bar on Twitter here https://twitter.com/BrewDogSaoPaulo

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  • Thanks hops god! Ill visit tomorrow!!!
  • https://maps.google.se/maps?q=Rua+dos+Corop%C3%A9s+41&hl=sv&ie=UTF8&ll=-23.561175,-46.693957&spn=0.002348,0.004128&sll=-23.560683,-46.694091&sspn=0.002358,0.004128&hnear=Rua+Corop%C3%A9,+41+-+Pinheiros,+S%C3%A3o+Paulo,+05426-010,+Brasilien&t=m&z=19&layer=c&cbll=-23.561203,-46.694059&panoid=s-9NjdYBGn17N4C-eMQu6w&cbp=12,142.77,,0,-5.09

    Heres a better picture of the surroundings
  • Sensacional!
    Thanks for bring BrewDog for brazilian beer lovers! ;)
  • For those who are interested:

  • Great! thats South America sorted, now for North America?? Can we have a photo looking out from the bar please to get a better idea of the location - looks interesting.
    Fanboy Puppy Lover21.01.2014
  • Mal posso esperar! Its gonna be awesome.
  • @Djaw. Read the last paragraph....
  • Awesome indeed !
    Your (our ?) second international Brewdog bar opening !
    Any chance of getting some (bottled) WayDog over in the U.K. ?
    Pete H., Nottm20.01.2014
  • Too good to be true!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!
  • Will you be serving food? From my experience in Brazil over the past 19 months the culture is very much to eat while you drink. Im talking more than just a pack of crisps here...

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