James' Equity Punk Tour Extravaganza

James' Equity Punk Tour Extravaganza

Hey all you Equity Punks!

It's been a while since we last sat down with a schooner and caught up on all the awesome things that have been happening at BrewDog.

James’ Equity for Punks Tour is going to change all that. 8 different cities in 8 nights, the Equity for Punks tour gives you a chance to learn first-hand about your company’s performance in 2012 and our plans for 2013. All over some complimentary prototype beers, some Punk IPA from the new brewery and a slice of pizza.


It will be your first chance to taste beer from our brand new brewery as we unveil the first ever batches of Punk IPA brewed there. In addition, we will also taste and talk about our latest prototype beers on draft: Cocoa Psycho, Jackhammer and Nuns with Guns. Furthermore we will be tempting you with delicious treats from our local bar menus.

There will be a Q & A session with James after the presentation, and a chance for you to share your thoughts and ideas on how we can make BrewDog even better in 2013.


Equity for Punk Tour Dates

London – BrewDog Camden on Sunday 9th  December, two sessions - 4pm & 6pm.

Bristol – BrewDog Bristol on Monday 10th December, 7pm.

Nottingham – BrewDog Nottingham Tuesday 11th December, 7pm.

Manchester – BrewDog Manchester Wednesday 12th December, 7pm.

Newcastle – BrewDog Newcastle on Thursday 13th December, 6pm.

Edinburgh- BrewDog Edinburgh on Friday 14th December, 3pm.

Glasgow – BrewDog Glasgow on Saturday 15th December, 11am.

Aberdeen - Musa on Monday 17th December, 7pm.

Looking forward to seeing you then!

*Extra details can also be found on the www.equitypunks.com forum

* As these events are Equity Punks only - please bring along your Equity for Punks cards.

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  • GLASGOW @ 11am - starting a campaign for free breakfast rolls for the first 50 in the doors. Bacon Roll for me please !
  • Looking forward to the Newcastle meeting
    Bopping Geo29.11.2012
  • It'll be good to see you in Nottm again.
    Looking forward to trying some beer from the new brewery, comparing notes, extensive testing and generally putting the world to rights.
    See you Tuesday 11th.
    Pete H, Nottm27.11.2012
  • Damm! I've booked train tickets to Newcastle on Sat 15th! Knew I should've gone to Glasgow that day :(
  • No need to book for Musa. Details can also be found on the forum section of the EFP website.
    BrewDog James 27.11.2012
  • As musa is a dining venue, are we required to book? If so, how? I phoned musa and they have nothing to do with tix. Also, no new news articles on EFP website. Thanks.
  • @believer - as Glasgow does not have a secondary space we would not have been able to hold the event during a busy Saturday night there.

    We did our best to provide a range of times and options in different cities so hopefully you can make it along to one of the events.
    BrewDog James 27.11.2012
  • Wish Edinburgh wasn't during the day :(
  • Saturday 11 am is a rubbish time. Some people have family and stuff. Any day 7pm (like all the other cities) would be much appreciated. Cheers.
  • In London on the Saturday for Taste of Christmas, staying the night, looks like I'll be getting the later train back on Sunday!
  • Poets day colinbm, poets day.
    I'm in for Edinburgh!
    James H26.11.2012
  • Sounds belting this unfortunatly I missed out on buying shares. Iv also been wondering if the oppertunity will come round again in the future.
  • In terms of +1s - we will try to accommodate them but we cannot guarantee this given the bars are smaller than the AGM venue!

    The bars will all be open anyway so if you want to bring someone along I would recommend doing so and if we can fit them into the EFP event we will, if not they can just hang out in the main part of the bar.

    We just have to ensure that all the shareholders that want to attend the events get in before the +1s so there is no guarantee here.
    BrewDog James 26.11.2012
  • Will this be on a +1 basis like the AGM or is this really only for us this time?
  • Sounds pretty awesome, I'll be there with bells on.
  • Are equity for punks members allowed to bring a guest to these sessions?
  • @James - fair enough, I may try to knock off early on the Friday. I'm only 5 minutes from the bar.
  • I can't decide if making the Glasgow one 11am is necessary scheduling, or a commentary on the drinking culture of the city...

    ... I'll probably be there either way.
  • @Colin - as Edinburgh does not have a secondary space we decided to hold the Edinburgh one in the afternoon before the bar gets too busy on the Friday evening.

    If you are working then though just hop over to Glasgow on the train for the Saturday morning one. It is just a 45 minute train journey!
    BrewDog James 26.11.2012
  • this rocks and this is why I invested in the company.

    Customer and Shareholder engagement at it's best.
    Adrian M26.11.2012
  • Such a cool thing to do!

    Looking forward to attending the Camden one.

    Can't wait to taste the new beers. And hear about the business too of course
    Mr T26.11.2012
  • Edinburgh at 3pm - is that a typo? Would love to come to this but will be at work then.
  • still selling any stock?

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