James’ Equity Punk Tour – Wrapping Up 2012

James’ Equity Punk Tour – Wrapping Up 2012

8 bars, 9 days, 523 shareholders,  2,524 badges 41 kegs of beer and 32 train journeys: James’ whirlwind Equity Punk tour of the bars last week was an awesome success. Thank you to all of the shareholders who took the time to stop by and try our brand spanking new prototype beers, get a BrewDog business update and share their thoughts on the story so far. Thanks for the incredible enthusiasm and feedback, we’re working hard to make sure 2013 rocks your socks off!


Things kicked off with a schooner of Hoppy Christmas in Camden's hop bunker, with thirds of the three prototypes rolling out as James went through his year end review. 


Bristol ended up being so packed out that we decided to hire a conference room in the hotel around the corner, and had the business chat over cans of Punk IPA.

 Before we hit up the bar for the prototypes and tasty cheese and meat platters.


Nottingham was a cosy squeeze in the back of the bar, and it was great to see shareholders who had travelled from further afield to attend the event.



Manchester was another packed out event, so we scooted across the road with schooners of Hoppy Christmas and cans of Punk, much to the bemusement of the staff at the Radisson!



James even rolled up his sleeves and poured a couple of Jackhammers for the Equity Punks!


In Newcastle there was plenty of serious business chat - all in the breakfast room of the hotel above the bar.


But every discussion is best had over a beer, and James hung out at all the bars to speak to some punks one to one.


It was a busy week on the road for both James and Zarah.



And by Friday it was great to be back at the Scottish bars, with an early afternoon lock in at Edinburgh followed by a delighful early start in Glasgow on the Saturday.




On Monday evening we wrapped up the tour back at home base in Aberdeen.




Thanks again to everyone who took the time to come along!

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  • Christ, Liev Schreiber showed up at Notts
  • Another great event.
    Always good to meet James, and get the story first hand. Also nice to meet other local share holders and see their enthusiasm. And it's not a bad shot of the back of my white Brewdog T shirt in the Nottm photo .....

    I hope you can do it again next year, as not all share-holders can get to the AGM (I don't think I can go in 2013). :-(
    Pete H, Nottm19.12.2012
  • Fantastic night in Nottingham. The only way is UPPPP!
  • Really enjoyed the Bristol stop on the tour, meeting James, other local shareholders, and learning about the company. Also, I got a lightsaber! :D
  • Will the presentation be available online to Equity Punks?
  • Loved it.

    Thanks to James, Zarah and Dean.

    Really refreshing just how honest James was in the presentation and also answers.

    Genuine, passionate and inspirational. Rock on BrewDog.
    Markus K18.12.2012
  • The passion from James is amazing.

    Such a great story, business, team and of course product too.

    So happy I invested and am part of the BrewDog journey.
  • I was at the Camden event and it was great.

    Such a cool thing to do and amazing that the business is doing so well.

    Rock in 2013
    Mr T18.12.2012

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