Lumberjack Breakfast Stout

Lumberjack Breakfast Stout

Back in May 2012, we invited MasterChef winner Tim Anderson, and runner-up Tom Whitaker, up to the Dystopian Puppet Hobby Centre to spend the day brewing with us. The beer we created then spent the subsequent 21 months ageing in oak barrels. It is something very special.


Lumberjack Breakfast Stout is a huge, intense, barrel-aged beast. The beer took its inspiration from what an actual proper Lumberjack may have for breakfast: coffee, oatmeal, maple syrup, blueberries, bacon and potentially bourbon. All of these inspirations found their way into the beer as we used oats, speciality and smoked malts, copious amounts of blueberries, maple syrup, spicy Willamette hops, and yes, bacon. It is a breakfast stout after all...

Lumberjack Breakfast Stout weighs in at a substantial 15.2% ABV and has been aged for over a year and a half in a mixture of rum, bourbon and whisky barrels.


Complex and varied aromas intertwine with each other; treacle, toffee apple, liquorice and brandy all feature, with rich chocolate torte and cafe latte running through the background.

Big flavours of chocolate, toffee and honeycomb dominate, with smoke, nut, liqueur chocolate, light coffee, aniseed, and molasses layered on top. A berry tartness runs through the whole thing. The blueberries and maple syrup combine in such a way that none dominate, but balance and lend tartness, sweetness and smokiness in perfect harmony.

The body has some viscosity but doesn't cloy; good attenuation and the blueberry tartness lift the beer from the palate, giving a light, almost chocolate milkshake feel.


Lumberjack Breakfast Stout is a very special beer. It is exclusively available in keg in all our BrewDog bars at the moment. It was a very small batch so head to a BrewDog bar to ensure you don’t miss out.

Tried it? Let us know what you think below.

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  • Excellent. I was just asking the Bristol Dogs about bacon beers and WHY WE DIDNT DO ONE! :)
  • Last night in Shoreditch I was after some Brixton Porter, there was none, but very helpful staff suggested this and it more than made up for it. Its really high quality stout, definitely one of the best youve produced. The flavour is fantastic Id love a bottle...
  • hey, I put it in barrels on my last shift in brewdog! super nice :)
  • Tasted awesome at the Euston Tap back in the day when Tim worked there, and even better at his IMBC dinner this year. Incredible stuff!
  • Ill echo KongTheApe, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, some bottles for the Equity Punks??
    Hollow cave aka coty04214.02.2014
  • Tried it 2 days ago at BD Shepherds Bush. Mental. Like a non-smokey Paradox, but more complex. Ultra rich yet smooth mouth-feel. Worth going out of your way to try.
  • Sounds fantastic.
    Shame theres not a veggie version without the bacon.
    Pete H., Nottm14.02.2014
  • If only there was a BrewDog bar anywhere near me...
  • Bars only, no bottles? Booo!!

    Any chance of some bottles being released as Equity Punk exclusives? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ;-)
  • One of the best unique beers youve done. Loved it with the blueberries cutting through it all. And you can really taste the rum cask.
    Craft Beer Channel14.02.2014
  • Wow, this is perfect for me. Shame I cant get it here in Prague.
  • When is Tim making another beer with you?! This one is amazing!
    tim fan14.02.2014
  • can you open the bars at 8am so we can have this for breakfast? please?
  • Tried it last night. Outstanding.
    frank b14.02.2014

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