Magic Rock Takeover Bristol

Magic Rock Takeover Bristol

The Magic Rock boys are coming to Bristol armed with 6 of their latest and greatest beers. We’re big admirers of the beers they’ve been making in their meteoric rise to fame in the last few months, and some of their latest efforts have been mind blowing! Rich and Stu (pictured below on the left and in the middle respectively), the owners/brewers of Magic Rock, will be around having a beer or three on Thursday, so drop by and say hello.

magic_rock_brewers_620_03Here’s what the guys had to say on the matter;

"BrewDog have been an inspiring influence on Magic Rock and have been really supportive of our new brewery and what we’re trying to achieve; their beers, passion and enthusiasm have been a breath of fresh air to the UK beer scene over the last 5 years and we’re delighted to be invited to do another event at one of the bars."


The not to be missed line-up this Thursday night includes;

Highwire NZ


Magic 8 Ball

Clown Juice

Human Cannonball

Bearded Lady

Add 6 BrewDog beers to the mix, our awesome locally sourced food menu and all the usual tricks we get up to, it’s looking like a night you won’t want to miss! Clown costumes optional.

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  • I think Human Cannonball is one of the few beers that can match Hardcore IPA. Magic 8 Ball is definitely my favourite black IPA, what a great brewery! Looking forward to seeing these at Brewdog Edinburgh too.
  • You look just darling on that pic Stu
  • Stu, you are indeed very good-looking in the picture. Don't fret.
  • Get Thornbridge in in Manchester!
  • I hate that picture
  • You lucky scamps !
    I've tried various Magic Rock beers at the Grove, Huddersfield and the Nottingham Robin Hood beer festival. Their beer is the only one I've tried recently that rivals Brewdog. Enjoy !
    Brewdog Pete, Nottm13.11.2012

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