#Mashtag 2014 Day 3: Hops!

#Mashtag 2014 Day 3: Hops!

Poll: #Mashtag 2014 Day 3: Hops!

Global Hops - 65 IBU
UK Hops - 90 IBU
US Hops - 120 IBU
Total votes: 11429

Day 2 is over, and the winner of the malt round by an overwhelming margin is...

9% ABV Imperial Red!


The voting rates were even higher, with 7000 of you taking part, presumably while listening to the Imperial March. The breakdown was:

4% Session - 7.2%

6% Amber - 5.4%

9% Imperial - 87.4%

For those of you just joining us, here's how #Mashtag works:

Every day this week we'll post a blog at 10am. Each post will present you with three options; it's up to you to decide which one we go with. To make the decision, you can cast your vote here on the blog, on twitter, or on facebook. Here's how the week will pan out:

Monday: Beer style - red ale

Tuesday: Malt bill - 9% imperial red with copious speciality malts and black malt

Wednesday: Hops & IBU

Thursday: Special Twist (Infused with berries? Wine barrel aged? Matured aboard an X-Wing?)

Friday: Label

Voting is open from 10am - 8pm each day, with the exception of Friday (more details will be revealed, but there's no harm in getting your artistic hats on early). Simcoe and his little helpers will tally up the votes each evening and each day we'll include the results from the day before in the blog. As we go we'll explain the ingredients and methods involved in each option, to give you the chance to make an informed opinion and give you an insight into how we come up with some of the ideas for our beer.

Day 3: Hops & IBU

Based on the imperial red base, we have designed 3 hop profiles, with different levels of bitterness, which will be able to balance such a punchy malt bill. Your choices for the next stage are:

Global Hops - 65 IBU


Amarillo (US), Motueka (NZ), Mittelfruh (Ger) 

A blend of hops which will just balance the sweetness from the speciality malts and present a light, floral and citrus character. The bitterness level will prevent the sweetness giving a cloying mouthfeel.

UK Hops - 90 IBU


Challenger, Fuggles, Bramling X

A blend of English hops which will give a spicy aroma; dark and complex, and with a higher bitterness level. This combination will combine to give a medium length, interesting hop flavour, balanced with the malt sweetness.

US Hops - 120 IBU


Simcoe, Chinook, Columbus

This is a huge, resinous blend of hops that will give a long and drawn out finish. A lot of the hop bitterness will balance the malt base, but the flavour will still be resinous and hop forward.


We're not sure we need to explain here why we love hops so much, but in case you're new to BrewDog, suffice it to say that hops impart bitterness, flavour and aroma in beer. The IBU level is a measurement of the converted alpha acids in the beer, which cause the bitter taste, but be sure to consider both the flavour of the hops and the IBU level when making your choice!


Don't forget to get your votes in before 8pm, and check back here at 10am tomorrow to see which hops we'll use in your beer!


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  • Global hops it is! :-) Elegant.
  • US hops!
  • After trying Old World IPA Ill go after UK hops - a funny thing, but its quite original in the era of New World hops.
  • Red ale style claims for hops that dont hide the malt. UK hops, for sure.
  • Hope hope hope hope. Under 100 IBU i dont drink it !!
  • I chose UK Hops for home ground loyalty :)
  • Hope its more hops kill than 10 heads high
  • Would have went global for the session beer :( but if its high abv lets go big hops.
    Still fancy a selesion though.
  • Why would anyone choose uk hops over us ones its beyond me
  • gadfly, has it not occurred to you that everyone is voting for them to do a high abv beer? if you wanted sometheing different you could have asked your friends to vote!
    joe p12.03.2014
  • Wow, a high ABV beer hopped to all hell. What a novelty.

    Please, guys, do something different.
  • Lots of US Hops and Berry infused.PunkRock beer!
  • UK
  • Yeah, UK hops and berry-infused. Id love that.
  • UK Hops!
  • I like uk hop.
  • US Hops. The more IBUs the better ....
    Pete H., Nottm12.03.2014
  • The fruitiness of Bramling Cross will work SO well, so UK all the way.
  • English hops! I fully support having berries as an option in tomorrows vote should UK hops win. This is shaping up beautifully.
  • UK!
  • From the choices it has to be us hops.. I would have liked mosiac tho..
  • Dont set the bar low, go for the Simcoe!
  • Id like UK hops.
    Koichi Osawa12.03.2014
  • International Hops!
  • US Hops, I need the bitterness!!!
  • Global for me, would be great to have a red ale that wasnt like earwax.
  • Global!
    Reds are usually too bitter or funky, would be nice to see a fruitier, mellow take. =)
  • UK hops and infused with berries!!!
  • Agreed with Hoppunk!
  • I vote UK, with some berries in the mix it would be nice if it didnt go overpowered on the hops. That is if berries get voted in there xD
  • Love a bit of Motueka!
  • Some nice UK hops. Some bitterness to balance the sweetness from the malts without overpowering the malts entirely.
  • UK, for sure...
  • Something with a massive malt bill need a massive hop bill and lots of bitterness, especially if mashing for a sweeter full bodied beer. Which only leaves one choice in my mind! 120 IBU.
  • Enough big reds out there with bucket loads of US hops... Lets try UK!
  • US Hops all the way, I want that bitterness drilling my tastebuds into oblivion
  • Go for Simcoe and co!
    US Hops all the way!

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