Meet the BrewDog Camden Team

Meet the BrewDog Camden Team

say hi to some craft beer superstars.........

BrewDog Camden bar

Neil Taylor


I’m Neil. I’ve been working for BrewDog for a year now and have ended up as General Manager of BrewDog Camden by way of BrewDog Edinburgh and BrewDog Aberdeen. I always wear a hat, I have terrible taste in music and I’m not ashamed, I like getting drawn on, I’m the only Scot in the bar, I resent the notion of sleep, I love craft beer and I am a big fan of swearing in ways even my staff can’t understand.

Lucy Peacock 


I’m Lucy, assistant manager at Brewdog Camden and work wife to Neil. My role is to assist Neil with anything he desires, which includes regular demands of 'juice' (Irn Bru) and 'something spicy, saucy, meaty and cheesy'. I make sure all the staff are happy and supplied with vitamins and sweet treats. I spend 70% of my time dancing and singing and you will rarely see me without lipstick.

I started my beery career in a craft beer bar in Rochester, New York called The Old Toad. I arrived in America with no knowledge of beer what so ever but within an hour of arriving had tasted my first Dogfish Head 120minute IPA and the geekery had begun.

Henry Hall


I am the epitome of a posh punk. That is to say, i love full flavoured, hand crafted brews (especially if they're dark) and a good gin and tonic. I am also hugely interested in collecting/drinking single malts so I can have a whisky cellar when I am older. Beer has gone from a small interest to being my life, thanks to the work of some dedicated Brewdogians across Scotland and England. The eclectic music heard in our bar invariably comes from myself, with a little help from my friends. I’ll talk to anyone about anything, anytime you want. As long as its beer, sports or music. Proud holder of the 2nd happiest member of staff award, behind Lucy. Just.

Jonny Bright


Mash tun emptier of the year 2011, I thought my life couldn't get any better... Then BrewDog decided to open a bar in London. I love craft beer, I'm constantly frustrated by CAMRA dinosaurs, and I dislike shaving. You'll see me at new bars as they open, but I'll always come home to Camden.

I'd like to say I have all these super cool hobbies outside of work but I don't, it's all about beer! I home brew, I cook food to match with beer, and I attend lots of beery events. I recently converted my Dad to craft beer, a wine drinker of 38 years, come see me in the bar and this will happen to you!

Joe Booth


Hi I'm Joe, resident beer evangelist and viking at Camden. I spend my time converting lager hordes to the folds of the craft beer revolouton using only the tools of my dazzling charm and wit. I can also be found looking surly in a pink apron as I embark on voyages of pizza and burger perfection.

My other hobbies include: reading things, baking things, tending to my sincere caffeine addiction, cleaning out my beer rating dungeon, hanging on a tree for 9 days pierced by my own spear gugnir and being utterly pretentious.

Kieran Hawkins


I’m Kieran (kitchen bitch) I mostly work in a windowless room underground. Think of me as a culinary Gollum. Occasionally I escape and you’ll find me on the bar attempting to convert unimaginative lager boys and wine girls into beer geeks like me. I have a law degree I don’t use because beer is so much more interesting! When I’m not working I drink great beer, cook and eat great food and read, a lot. I’m really into beer and food matching so just ask for killer combinations.

Nicci Peet


Hi! I'm Nicci. I thought I knew a bit about beer before I started working here, but I didn't. Brew Dog Camden is slowly turning me into a beer geek and I'm not complaining.

When I'm not serving you lovely people and working on my beer knowledge I'm generally wandering around London taking pictures, impulse buying weird looking magazines and going to gigs. I have a preoccupation with travel (to the point where I have the small problem of instantly buying a plane ticket as soon as I have enough money) and an unhealthy obsession with tea (I have more types of tea in my kitchen than fingers to count them on)...and that's pretty much me.

Zara Hale


Brewdogger, home brewer, general beer geek. Originally from Bristol, but I've never driven a tractor.
Loves: Sweetcorn, Nintendo, Wyeast 3742.
Does not love: Prawns, the word 'moist'.

Matt Bunn


I’m a whimsical gentleman. I once befriended a ne'er-do-well owl. On a scale of 1 to arbitrary, I'd rate myself a solid 5. If you listen closely, you'll hear that I'm constantly singing Disney songs. I have seen the godfather at least twice. I’m 1,276th in line to the throne of Norway. I’m an expert in counterterrorism. I can read and write ancient Greek and hieroglyphics. I once killed a man. I brew and like some beers. I once trampled a mountain. I killed Mufasa. I’ve been described as 'that guy.' I once tied a cat to a dog. I appear on Malaysian 50 dollar notes, in the background. If I could describe myself in 3 words, I probably wouldn't.

Abigail Reid aka Abs


Occupation: Full time Part I Architect and part time bar tender

A little about me: I first came to BrewDog for a good beer and a chat with a friend, after one beer the boys behind the bar swayed me to become one of them. Who could refuse good beer, good company and a great atmosphere. I haven’t left or looked back since.

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BrewDog Camden exterior

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  • I've already 'met' several of them. And by 'met' I mean 'they've served me beer' :)
    Nick P21.03.2012
  • i hope to 'meet' them in may! :)
  • My pilgrimage is delayed until April. Hurry up and open one in Ireland so I don't have to fly to another country for a series of proper beers.
    Dexter OT21.03.2012
  • The staff are what makes the BrewDog bars awesome!

    And the bar in Camden is certainly no exception, a great team who make going there a brilliant experience every time.
  • Kieran should have to wear that pink hat all the time!

  • Great Blog post!

    more of these please. Oh and more of what is in the tanks too.

    dog lover21.03.2012
  • Heard so many amazing things about the BrewDog staff in all their locations.

    On my first visit to Camden I certainly was not disappointed. Epic customer service from people who are insanely passionate about great beer.

    And their love of it really is infectious!

    No Sunday is now complete without a Punk IPA, Whitechapel burger and a game of Connect 4 at BrewDog Camden!
  • Best Craft Beer Bar in London.

    And it is all down to the amazing staff.

    End of.

  • Henry is my fav

  • Loving Matt's Bio!
    Mr T21.03.2012
  • Knew Neil from the Aberdeen bar - cracking guy. And by all accounts a great team in Camden.

    The food rocks there too - as much credit is due to Kieran as to Tim Anderson here!
  • The staff at the Camden Bar really do rock. I can in here as a craft beer novice and got given free tasters and some great information.

    Now I am hooked!

    Special shout out to Jonny who took my craft beer virginity!

    Amanda M21.03.2012
  • Yes! Similar blogs are coming soon!

    BrewDog James21.03.2012
  • How about similar article on the other BrewDog bar staff?

    Peter M21.03.2012
  • Great little bios - always good to find out more about the awesome people behind London (and the UK's) best beer bar ever!
  • The Staff in ALL BrewDog bars are amazing and the guys in Camden Rock! Lucy is my favourite.

    Here is an awesome article Pete Brown wrote about the bar staff http://petebrown.blogspot.com/2011/08/perfect-pub-service-how-to-charm-and.html
  • I love working for BrewDog. They look after the staff, very well too might I add.

    Anyone who says different us clearly insane. That is all.
  • This makes me even more excited to be working in Brewdog Newcastle than I already was!
  • wow- would love them all
  • This blog makes me want to work for BrewDog even moreso

    Ukulele Kris20.03.2012

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