Meet the BrewDog Manchester Team

Meet the BrewDog Manchester Team

Located on Peter Street in the centre of the city, Brewdog Manchester opened its doors at the beginning of May as a cathedral of craft beer.


General Manager Dean retired from a career as a world champion Sheep Herder to join the Brew Dog team. “The only thing that beats this thrill of hearing the crowd roar when you get that last sheep in the pen is the look on someone’s face when they try a craft beer for the first time”. A world champion at only 6 ¾ years old, Dean moved to Manchester a month ago and loves it so far. The way to his heart is with a Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino and Haribo.


Assistant Manager Jim is a remarkable fellow who had a film made of his early trials and tribulations. This heart-warming story is called American Pie. He speaks a combination of Klingon and Welsh.


Grizzled BrewDog veteran Becca relinquished her nomadic lifestyle to settle in Manchester. She believes it to be the epicentre of the forthcoming zombie apocalypse which only she can avert with her trusty Remington M1100 shotgun. She also may have played too much Resident Evil and favours animal based B-horror films, such as Sharktopus.


Back in the 60’s, Dave conquered a Central American country with his best mate, but was later captured and murdered by the CIA in Bolivia. After his death he escaped to Ireland where he became the only person who can make skinny jeans look baggy.


Super-chemist Dani developed serum that allowed her to live as an immortal. This, along with her work with Christopher Lloyd on the DeLorean has allowed her to travel back through time and start musical revolutions including Disco and Japanese Prog Rock, and was once married to Leo Sayer for 13 days in June 1978.


Al has one ambition in life, to be the world’s greatest super-villain. Although he has mastered his maniacal laugh, he has been deemed far too nice for Villainhood. He has a secret part time career as a Techno Viking.


Rob is an expert knife thrower, and can slice an apple if half from almost 700 metres. He is a huge fan of neo-gothic architecture and writes poetry whilst sporting facepaint in the style of Kiss drummer Eric Singer.


Matt has one goal in life (other than meeting Meryl Streep), he wants to be a top TV chef and work with Ainsley Harriot. The only thing holding him back is that he’s never been able get into a kitchen without flashbacks from an accident involving mushy peas back when he was 12.


The son of an African drummer, Mick is an experienced Irish pirate recently back on land after being adrift for more than 2 years, hitching a ride on the back of a sea-faring Sausage Dog. He has a fondness for climbing but gravity has not proven too kind.


Sarah is an expert in the way of the ‘Force’, and was once the stunt double for Hans Solo. She also starred in Quadrophenia, is worshipped by Paul Weller and is currently under investigation for stealing Hunter S. Thompson’s shirt.

More details on BrewDog Manchester can be found here 

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Pete Howard, Nottm 06.06.2012 @ 1:28pm
Good to hear that Nomad Becca has finally settled. Manchester is only up the road, so I've 2 reasons to visit.:-P-
Stephanos 04.06.2012 @ 11:46am
yeah good effort on non-standard shots guys, the other bars have a lot to live up to!
Stacey 04.06.2012 @ 9:53am
Great photos!Love the one with Dean!Been super impressed with the Manchester Bar on my visits there.
love 04.06.2012 @ 9:47am
Manchester bar looks awesome, and good job Becca on picking some HOT bar staff!!!