New Beers Land In BrewDog Online Shop

New Beers Land In BrewDog Online Shop

We know it is not Christmas (bitches) but we have some kickin' new craft beers to our online. We guarantee there's something for everyone amongst these latest additions which include three one hop wonders from BrewDog, two unforgettable creations from Southern Tier and a riot of ales from our good friends at Mikkeller.

So what exactly can you get your paws on?

Well, for starters there's our Bramling X IPA http://www.brewdog.com/product/bramling-x  – an English hop that foregoes croquet on the lawn in favour of a fruity riot packed with plum, pear and blackberry flavours.

Guest beers, please take a moment to get acquainted with two awesome, high strength brews from New York-based Southern Tier brewery. We think the 11% ABV Cholkat Stout www.brewdog.com/product/southern-tier-choklat-stout and 9% ABV Iniquity Imperial Black Ale make for a pretty good first impression.

Finally, if none of the aforementioned brews catch your eye then how about dabbling in a drop of Mikkeller?

We're proud to stock a range of beers from these Danish dynamites of brewing and currently feature two coffee infused beers in the form of the refreshing Mikkeller Koppi IPA www.brewdog.com/product/mikkeller-koppi-ipa and the slightly stronger and smokier Beer Geek Bacon http://www.brewdog.com/product/mikkeller-beer-geek-bacon 

If our single hop range doesn't pack the hoppy kaleidoscope you were hoping for, why not check out Mikkeller's 10 IPA www.brewdog.com/product/mikkeller-10-ipa which – unlike their US hop crammed American Dream www.brewdog.com/product/mikkeller-american-dream – is hopped to the brink and back with ten varieties from all over the world including Warrior, Amarillo, Nelson Sauvin and East Kent Goldings hops.

Alternatively, if it's fruit flavours you're after, both the Mikkeller Spontanframbos www.brewdog.com/product/mikkeller-spontanframboos and the Mikkeller Spontakreik www.brewdog.com/product/mikkeller-spontankreik have raspberry and cherry notes in abundance; perfect for a spring weekend. 

Visit our online shop now www.brewdog.com/shop  to get your paws on our new beers, we also have a great range including all the BrewDog line up and some awesome guest from Stone, Mikkeller, Three Floyds, Alesmith and many other, as well as some cool BrewDog clothing and some new glasses to enjoy your beer from http://www.brewdog.com/product/brewdog-glasses

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  • Are those glasses also 4 sale in the Edinburgh bar?
  • had a bottle of the southern tiers' choklat stout last night. awesome. totally awesome. real competition for rouges' chocolate stout. awsome.
  • Why no Nelson Sauvin realease? Sorachi Ace was my favourite anyway.

    Also when will we find out the winner of the caption competition?
    Ed Beech25.03.2011

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