Oskar Blues meets BrewDog!

Oskar Blues meets BrewDog!

Ever since Oskar Blues' epic brews hit our bars earlier this Summer, we've been obsessed with the likes of Dale's Pale Ale and Ten Fidy. Now we are super psyched to announce that we'll be hosting a series of Meet The Brewer events with the folks from Oskar Blues in BrewDog bars! Not only that, but we will also be brewing a collaboration beer with them too.


Oskar Blues hail from Colorado and have been brewing since 1999, making serious waves in the American craft beer scene in recent years. These guys are massive advocates of canned craft beer. Their pale ale (Dale's Pale Ale) has recently been named New York Times' best pale ale. In a country famous for epic pale ales, this is a serious accolade.


Oskar Blues' Dave, Stephen and Chad will be heading over to the UK next week, and we will be hosting them up in Ellon to create some beers of huge proportions. They'll then be cruising through a few of our bars in the following order:

Monday 19th August – Aberdeen
Wednesday 21st August – Newcastle
Thursday 22nd August – Leeds
Friday 23rd August – Shoreditch


We will also have some super special, UK exclusive kegs on for the events, so get these dates in your diaries and make sure you're there to hang out with some of the coolest guys in craft beer.

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  • @Daleinburgh - Every bar is going to get at least one exclusive Oskar Blues keg. Edinburgh's getting two. And they're both awesome.

    @Geordie Sam - Some of the bars will have Dale's, but all of the bars will have Deviant Dale's, the Imperial IPA.

    @Dave C - We don't have any plans to send anything over to Ireland at the moment, but some of the brews will be available to buy on the online shop.

    @Fat Tom - Yes. Yes it does.
    BrewDog Matt15.08.2013
  • This sounds fantastic!

    Do you think some of these brews will be available in specialist off licenses in Ireland? Will they be available for order?
    Dave C14.08.2013
  • Will you be getting more growlers in before these events? Would be cool to be able to take some home with me from these limited kegs.
    Danny Taylor13.08.2013
  • No Edinburgh or Glasgow but Leeds and Newcastle? :|

    Will you only be able to get the exclusive gear at the events?
  • Tried Dales Pale Ale when I was over in the States earlier this year - knocked me socks off! Will all bars have it in stock?
    Geordie Sam13.08.2013
  • This rules. That is all.
    Fat Tom13.08.2013
  • Awwww hells yeah! Lucky I've got that week off, so I'll be groupie-ing it up!
    George H13.08.2013

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