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Once again, Twitter was a flurry with our #PimpMyDog last week. One ingenious rapscallion by the name of @andersnilsen sent us a picture of his pimped out Punk IPA can as a pen holder and it gave us an idea… being the eco-friendly lot we are, we asked our followers to put their thinking caps on and send us pictures of clever BrewDog bottle inventions and the winner would win shares in BrewDog. POW.

Below are the top 5 entries and the winner. We knew you were a smart bunch but some of them have blown us away.

1) Pole position and the winner of #PimpMyDog is @rebobaydobay and his Punk IPA Beer Goggles. A truly imaginative and ingenious use of a can. Awesome! Shares are winging their way to you.


2)  Don’t try this at home scamps, but @gaijintendo turned his Punk IPA bottle into a glass.


3) @liamhagan23’s soap dispenser had to have a mention and has given us some ideas for some redecoration.


4) @ysbruck had some amazing entries but this medieval-like centre piece caught our eye.


5) This interesting piece came from @ianprise. A for ingenuity and originality!


Thank you to all that entered. If you have been inspired by anything you’ve seen then get your recycle on and #PimpMyDog.

Invest in BrewDog at www.brewdog.com/equityforpunks  

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  • No, we've sold the rights to all our porters to Sainsbury's, and we don't like poor people.
    James, BrewDog06.10.2011
  • is there going to be any winter porter for us poor people ?
    count von bat27.09.2011
  • It's supposed to improve your wifi signal.
  • What is Prise's thing meant to be?
  • That is a well deserved winner right there. And Equity for Steam Punks sounds perfectly fair!

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