#PunkAGM2014 announced!

It's official, our Equity for Punks #PunkAGM2014 has been confirmed for Saturday 21st June 2014!

In true Equity for Punks tradition, this exclusive event for our shareholders will be brimming with  business talks from our founders James and Martin, live bands, great food, fantastic company and lots and LOTS of beer!


All shareholders were emailed a link to RSVP last week, but if you missed the email or lost the link, just click here . You will need your shareholder ID number to register.


We need to get planning, but we want your input! So...

1. Which guest breweries should we invite?
2. What bands should we get on the bill?
3. What food do you fancy?

Get commenting!

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  • Brodies, Oakham and Fyne Ales for guest beers. Pulled pork, ribs,and stovies to soak them up with The Exploited and Slaughter and The Dogs to complete this Punk/Hardcore event
  • 1.Point brewery, Off beat brewery, and Rocky head brewery

    2. Rock cover bands....Uk foo fighters, AC/DC cover band

    3. Anything Pork and BBQ based!
  • Any chance you can get some Dogfish Head?
    James H07.02.2014
  • Flying Monkeys Brewery
    Frightened Rabbit!
    Local foods that go well with the beer :)
  • LOndon fields and Camden and Beavertown...on the Roster?
  • 1. To OL
    2. Mikkeller
    3. Flying Dog
  • 1. SKA Brewing, Oskar Blues, Nogne, Lagunitas
    2. I Trust your almighty judgement!
    3. U.S BBQ e.g smoked brisket, pulled pork etc
    Gie's a Swally04.02.2014
  • Guests - Magic Hat from Vermont USA ! also agree with Black Isle Brewery, Cairngorm and Deeside brewerys. Encourage them to open Equity accounts also!
    Music - Biffy is a great shout for a band but id imagine quite unlikely. How about some tribute rock bands?
    Food - love the idea of local meat in any format!!
  • Quick question about RSVP with a plus one. Myself and another shareholder might be bringing plus ones, can we RSVP and then get in touch later to add the plus ones?

    For the questions
    1. Magic Rock Brewing, Eden Brewery, Evil Twin, Arbor Ales and Tempest
    2. Wolfstone, Twilight Sad or Frightened Rabbit
    3. Food was much better last year, Rock Dogs are good but any chance of a bar battle between Brewdog Glasgow with their Stewdog and Brewdog Manchester with their BBQ menu?
  • As a total newbie, I donno about brewries and bands, but for food, its got to be a firepit with meat supplied by local butchers.
    Salad supplied by local farm shops for the rare veggies among us!
    Rocky Robin04.02.2014
  • As far a breweries to suggest, Id have to say Mikkeller, To ol, Amager Bryghus, Wild Ales, Eden Brewery, Islay Ales... As far as music, Id love to suggest something crazy, but Im not gonna go there.. Can I suggest that the food should be somewhat local (and somewhat sustainable/ environmentally friendly)? Maybe some venison burgers, wild boar sausages, oysters, mussels... things that can be cooked and eaten easily..
  • Stone, Kernel, Cigar City and Mikkeller.
  • Odell, Ballast Point and Maui pleeeease!
  • The food was much better last year than the year before. Just make sure theres plenty of it - and plenty of variety, including decent options for veggies - and you should be fine again.
  • I would love to see Beavertown, Partizan and Weird Beard invited :-)
    Rachel R03.02.2014
  • Lagunitas, Bear Republic, Stone, Victory, Half Acre, Kona, Oscar Blues. Anchor (again)
  • Frightened Rabbit!
    Black Isle?
    Pulled pork!
  • 1. Ballast Point
    2. Darth Elvis and the Imperials
    3. Cheeseboard of course
  • 1. Oskar blues, Amager Bryghus, Ska Brewing
    2. Biffy Clyro (home grown talent!)
    3. A big ass burger with all the gubbins
  • Would be great to see some local bands! How about Duke seeing as one of them works in the bar :)

    Guest from windswept would be awesome.

    Pulled pork has to happen!
  • Would love to see Beavertown, Thornbridge, Kernel, Brodies and Buxton there!
  • Thanks Gaz - fixed it now :)
  • The link in this article doesnt work! :-)
  • I second Frightened Rabbit!

    Dont know why but I thought we could only suggest UK breweries.

    Ska Brewing, Evil Twin and Oskar Blues would be great!
  • 1. Mikkeller; The Kernel; Partizan; Stone; Dogfish Head; Russian River; The Alchemist.

    2. Frightened Rabbit

    3. Anything that is an interesting match with the beer!
  • Can you get Rock Dogs to come up from Edinburgh with their awesome BrewDog hot dogs?
    Big Rich 03.02.2014
  • 1, Cantillon
    2, Anthrax
    3, Scottish pies with hotsauce
  • Foreign wise I would love to see Cigar City on tap.
    UK wise, partizan, kernel, magic rock, BBNO.
  • Guest brewery suggestion: Id highly recommend that you check out Austmann brewery here in Trondheim, Norway. Theyre three guys that started out from scratch last year and have been working their asses off to bring good craft beer to, as well as stay in touch with and support, the local craft beer community.
  • Invite Camden Town brewery/magic rock and Meantime! Camden for defiant easy their helles lager and ink stout are the bomb! Talking of bombs, book bombskare again and Aberdeen band The Chandeliers!!
  • British Sea Power!!!!!!
    Miss C03.02.2014
  • The Kernel Brewery
    Gnarwolves to play!
    What ever food, as long as there is a veggie option.

  • Get No! Disco as one of the bands - www.nodisco.net
  • Ah man - can we bring two +1s???
  • GAH! Missed the email, will RSVP now...!
  • I CAN SEE THE BACK OF MY HEAD! Already RSVPd, lets do this!

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