Putting Together a Brewery. Part 6.

Putting Together a Brewery. Part 6.

Our new craft brewery at Ellon is almost complete. We made the first test brews at the end of October and we are due to package the first ever beer brewed there later this week. This is the world’s first ever crowd funded brewery and the project is only a reality because of all the Equity Punks who invested in our company. It is so exciting to finally have the capacity to keep up with the international demand for our beers and to be able to make our beers in a much more energy efficient way.


From a state of the art centrifuge so that we can completely avoid filtration to a patented ‘Hop Cannon’ we developed with the manufacturer, everything at the new brewery is focussed on making completely awesome beers.

4 new fermentation tanks arrived this week but most excitingly our new centrifuge arrived too. According to Dempster it has the same volume output as a freight train at 20 yards. We will be building a sound proof box to house it in. It spins at 4800 rpm. It looks like this:


It will be amazing in terms of final beer quality. We are investing heavily at the moment and everything we invest in is geared towards one thing and one thing only – making the best beers we can.

We also have a new Hop Cannon which looks like this:


The Hop Cannon is for dry hopping. It fires loads of hops into our new big tanks. Maybe all the bars should have hop cannons too?

2 of our 200HL tanks from Fraserburgh arrive.


Our 3 bright beer tanks.

The new brewery’s equipment is going to give us so much more control over the brewing process meaning our beers are consistently great as well as giving us the flexibility to brew a wider range of beer styles.  All of the new equipment is cutting edge in the craft beer world and is going to give us the control and flexibility to make our beers taste even better.


Tasting the beer from the tanks. 


If everything goes to plan we should be bottling later this week. We will keep you updated.  

Putting Together a Brewery. Part 4

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  • Wow !! looking damn fine.
    Once up and running, will there be brewery tours ? :-)
    Pete H, Nottm10.12.2012
  • The dog done good.
  • Great update! I remember there being a wind turbine in the original plans. Did that get axed?
  • "hop cannon" - wonderful :) I want one.

    Hope to head up and see it in action some time.
  • Can't wait next week ;)
  • Any plans for releasing first batches to the Equity For Punks investors?
  • Good job!!
    Glad to see my crowd sourced pennies have been put to good use!
    Fanboy Puppy Lover06.12.2012
  • Can't believe how quickly you guys have built this.

    Well done and looking forward to tasting the beers from there.

    Oh and the Hop Cannon looks sick.
    Zippy Z06.12.2012
  • Love the photos and can't wait to taste the beer from the new brewery

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