Say hi to Jonny

Say hi to Jonny

Our Scotland Sales Manager Jonny is busy; busy getting our beer from the brewery warehouse and into your mitts.

In fact, Jonny’s been lurking aboard the good ship BrewDog since his uni days; when he struck lucky after emailing James for a summer work experience placement.

We saw the potential in this young gun and he’s stuck around ever since. So how do you go from work experience lad to full-blown brewdog? Over to Jonny…

“I was a fan of the beer and the ethos of the company from early on and rather than doing a standard work experience summer while I was at university I got to come up to the old BrewDog brewery in Fraserburgh.

“In my final year I did various marketing exercises with the company and the day after I graduated I hosted my first Dog’s Dinner event in Edinburgh. I’ve never looked back since.”


As Scotland Sales Manager, it’s Jonny’s job to travel the length and breadth of the country working with existing customers and welcoming new ones into the craft beer fold. 

“I love my job! It’s an ace team to work with and there’s definitely never a dull moment or a week that’s the same as the last. Getting the chance to travel around Scotland spreading the BrewDog gospel and converting new drinkers is a lot of fun.

Spending so much time on the ground at the forefront of the movement means that Jonny gets to experience the Scottish craft beer scene first hand. From John O’Groats to Gretna Green, he knows exactly how stockists and drinkers feel about craft beer:

“Scotland has become such an incredible hub for great craft beer. There are new independent retailers, bars and breweries opening all the time and it’s exciting to be involved with people who are so passionate about good beer as well as getting to travel such an awesome country.


“For anyone yet to stock craft beer I would say take a look at the figures - craft beer sales are leading the way in terms of growth within the on-trade.

So when it comes to the beer itself, what’s Jonny starting to feel the hype for?

 “I’m super excited about the release of Mix Tape. Mix Tape is a blend of two massive IPA, inspired by Belgian Monastic brewing tradition. The whole beer is a collision of oak aging, Scotch whisky and big American hop flavours. 50% of the beer is an outrageous Belgian Tripel which is aged in single grain scotch whisky casks. The other 50% is Triple India Pale Ale which has also been aged in Scotch whisky barrels. It’s going to be something special.


“We’ve always got brand new stuff on the go and I’ve got some exciting tasting events coming up as well as the Stockholm Beer and Whisky Festival which is always a great experience.”

Before we go, it’s only fair that Jonny gets to name drop a few of his favourite BrewDog stockists… 

“I love The Fuller Thomson pub group who own The Southern, Red Squirrel & Holyrood 9a in Edinburgh and Duke’s, Drouthy’s & Jute Café Bar in Dundee; they are doing a great job championing craft beer within a great setting.


“Independents such as Appellation, Cornelius, Great Grog, the Beer Hive and Cork and Cask in Edinburgh, The Good Spirits Co, Hippo Beers and Valhalla’s Goat in Glasgow, Luvians in St Andrews and Thistle News in Aberdeen are some great places to stop by and soak up the atmosphere, and the great craft beers of course!”

Got a question for Jonny? Fire them to him at Jonny@brewdog.com or tweet him @brewdogjonny

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  • cheers for the Great Grog shout out man!
  • well done, what a great advert :P
  • Not to be pedantic at all but I notice the van shows the historic 6% Punk! Unless there's something you're not telling us?!
  • You guys hiring any more sales staff at all?
    Ben Taylor, Glasgow30.09.2013
  • The Good Spirits Co, Hippo Beers and Valhalla’s Goat are all great places. Along with the BrewDog bar and Inn Deep I reckon they've made Glasgow a bit of a craft beer capital. Just seems to fit with the city's vibe.
  • I've noticed BrewDog beers popping up in more and more places around Scotland - and it's always a welcome sight! Thanks Johnny (and all the operators who take on proper beers)!

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