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Simcoe's Dog Blog

It’s been a year since our faithful leader Bracken moved on to the giant beer festival in the sky (which by the way, only serves craft beer) and I took over as BrewDog’s Chief Executive Canine, so we felt it was time for a quick Dog Blog update.
It’s been an awesome year but I’ve had a lot learning (and a lot of growing) to do.


Those first few weeks in the BrewDog HQ were a little bewildering if I’m honest. I missed my brothers and sisters and worried that they may have gone to owners who drank Stella or Budweiser. Poor pups.
Getting up to speed with running the company soon took my mind off this though. There was a lot of paper to be shredded, sandwiches to steal and hop varieties to acquaint my little nose with.


The Brewery opening day was my first public event. There were a few crowd control issues and the usual problems with Puparrazzi, but generally the hysteria and puppy love didn’t get out of hand. Hanging out with my fans is pretty cool, especially the ones who aren’t clever enough to get someone else to hold their burger whilst they get their photo taken with me… silly scamps!
Recently I’ve been assisting with recruitment. One of my friends is a sniffer dog at Aberdeen Airport and he taught me how to detect if someone is a vegan or a cat lover just by sniffing their CV. Handy.


Visiting our bars has been one of the highlights of the year. I do undercover visits so I don’t get mobbed and to get an accurate picture of how things are going. I do all the usual stuff; check the layout for optimal snooze locations (booths are best), conduct quality control tests on the bar snacks and ensure the Jenga is suitably chew resistant.
As you can see, a dog’s work is never done. I’m working on developing a better work / life balance but to be honest, there’s little time to chase Frisbees and watch Crufts when you are leading a revolution. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.
I snooze happily at night though, secure in the knowledge that we are continuing Bracken’s great work and that he’s looking down on us with a waggy tail.



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  • Awesome read, and the cutest dog ;)

    I've got one just like it, called mine Snoopy (after The Peanuts), he's been sick recently though, he's on Benadryl... Yes I know, you can actually give Benadryl to dogs:

    Timmy Richardson20.10.2013
  • I admit, I got a little teary reading the last paragraph. Simcoe would make Bracken proud :D
  • Simcoe you are so grown up now, keep tweeting we love it.
  • do you have a dog and beard hair filter that you run all brews through before bottling?
  • That dog Simcoe needs to do a tour of the bars. Probably spending a week, at least, at shoreditch.
  • Highlight of the Electric India EFP brewday was playing with Simcoe.
    Andrew D18.10.2013
    SIMCOE #1 FAN18.10.2013
  • Bloody love Simcoe.
    James K18.10.2013
  • I loved reading that.

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