So you like the taste of…citrus

So you like the taste of…citrus

Looking to lose yourself in the hedonism of an awesome craft beer experience but not sure where to start? Let our suggest-o-meter guide you through the flavour maze!

For reluctant hopheads in particular, it can get tricky finding beers that match your palate. So for those of you who have a penchant for citrus and count freshly squeezed lemon, zesty orange and bitter grapefruit among your flavour favourites but aren't necessarily up on your hop knowledge, here are the craft beers that need your attention. Immediately.



Oskar Blues - Deviant Dale’s

Quaff a can of Deviant Dale’s and the first thing you’re going to be hit with are the aromas of grapefruit rind and pine. Fans of bitter grapefruit tastes will find this beer a winner while resinous, woody notes ensure it’s not a complete fruit bowl in a can; mainly thanks to the hop Zeus which Dale's is rumoured to be dry-hopped with.

BrewDog – Jackhammer

Enough pithy grapefruit bitterness to shatter the taste buds of mere mortals.  This is beer for the devoted and a BrewDog staff favourite.

Dieu Du Ciel! – Corne Du Diable (Horn of the Devil)

The Canadians were nice enough to send us some beer, and our bars are the only place you can get it in the UK. This American-Style IPA unleashes an avalanche of grapefruit pith and pine which balances out perfectly with the caramel malt backbone. Those guys North of the border can do more than just play ice hockey and ride moose.



Mikkeller – SpontanSeabuckthorn

Mikkeller has made some extraordinary beers, and the Spontan series leads the pack in both innovation and taste. While we played with sea buckthorn in Sunk Punk, we’re really impressed by the citrus punch it packs while flying solo in this spectacular brew. Inspired by the Lambics of the Senne Valley, this puckering sour ale has a distinct lemon sherbet flavour along with all the complex farm-yard aromas and berry tartness.

Green Flash – Imperial IPA

What do you expect from an Imperial IPA? Tropical fruits? Citrus zest? Face melting bitterness? Well this baby has got it all. To be honest this beer could fit into all three categories with its complex wash of American hops but there is an unmistakeable lemon pith on the aroma.


Sly Fox – Pikeland Pils

For so long lagers have been bastardised by the corporations, but craft brewers are starting to take the style back. Pikeland Pils has a subtle complexity of floral, herbaceous hops with an undercurrent of lemon zest intermingling with toasted, biscuity malt. After tasting this you will never look at an industrial lager the same way.



BrewDog – 5AM Saint

5AM Saint is our second most popular beer and as a riot of orange and lychee flavours you can start to see why. A blend of American and New Zealand hops such Amarillo and Nelson Sauvin, we dry hop with 5 varieties to create outrageously orangey vibes.


Birra del Borgo - Agua Caliente

Not too heavy on the hops and an absolutely stand-up IPA, this little number will please craft beer junkies the world over. If you especially like undertones of orange you’ll be sure to find them here with a marmalade character that’ll transport you directly to the orange groves of Italy.

Alesmith – Horny Devil

This Belgian ale is brewed with candy sugar and Belgian yeast for a truly authentic taste. The addition of coriander seeds sets off the orange peel notes to a T. Belgian ale lovers the world over are big fans of this beer so now’s the time to get involved.

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  • Jackhammer is my favourite beer bar none - it deserves a place in the core range.
  • I too love Jackhammer - my love for citrus IPAs was born in Nevada where I first tried Green Flashs Palate Wrecker. Im going to add these other beers to my list. Trouble is I bought in my Xmas beers last weekend from Brewdog and, by Sunday, theyd all gone!
    Jay Bolt08.12.2013
  • Jackhammers been consistently stunning. I know the original plan was for this to be a one-year brew. Seems to be a popular choice though so - will you be keeping it on?

    Go ahead punks. Make my day.
  • Jackhammer has got to be my favourite beer and the Corne Du Diable is lovely. a must try missing from the list if you like zesty flavours is limoncello from siren
  • I have tried the Green Flash Imperial IPA, on Tom (Brewdog Nottm)s recommendation, and it was very nice and hoppy.
    I am also a BIG fan of Jackhammer, although the first batch seemed to be the most bitter. Either that, or Im getting used to it ...
    Pete H., Nottm05.12.2013
  • Down with the flu, feverish, feeling nausea and Ive aches in my head and joints. Dont feel like eating/drinking anything EXCEPT a bottle of cold Jackhammer. Dry enough and a brilliant bitterness that rips away (some of) the discomfort. Two thumbs up!
  • The Mikkeller 19 is amazing. I wish that was available.
  • Yesterday I was tasting JackHammer - uuu, bitter like hell :-)
  • Otto, you can get it from us! Right here - http://www.brewdog.com/product/mikkeller-spontanseabuckthorn
    BrewDog Rob04.12.2013
  • Love Jackhammer - only thing is, I want it more bitter - does that make me a freak?
  • Where can I get the Mikkeller sea buckthorn
  • So its ok to replace your morning orange juice with beer?
    Rick P04.12.2013

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