STOP!... It's competition time #ShirtHot

STOP!... It's competition time  #ShirtHot

We have a theory here at BrewDog. One which is being proven over and over again. The theory? BrewDog fans are the most talented beer fans in the country. No... UNIVERSE. You've been smashing perceptions alongside us for the past few years, holding our paws whilst together we show the world that beer fans aren't just leather waistcoat wearing, slightly-angry old men. We are eager, ambitious, tasteful and talented. Just look at the entries from #BrewBake, #PunkPirate, #PimpMyDog and most recently, #DIYDog. The entries have been hilarious, mind-blowing and, sometimes, questionable, but each and every time we decide to have a bit of fun, you guys outdo yourselves. For this, we thank you. You rock.


So, after the absolutely outstanding efforts of #DIYDog, we have decided to hold a similar competition. Have you ever wanted something you've made to be sold and worn by the masses? Well, now you can. We want our next T-Shirt to be designed by YOU. You have completely free reins on what the entry; it can be a BrewDog beer executing a Stella, James and Martin dressed as women, Bracken as king - as long as the BrewDog logo is featured, we're game for anything. Go wild.


To enter the designs you can either tweet them or upload them to our Facebook page, just hashtag them #ShirtHot (Sorry...). The top 10, chosen by Bracken, will then be posted on the blog for the public to decide. Simple yet BEAUTIFUL.

Brand Materials including logos can be found here http://www.brewdog.com/downloads 

You have one week.

Go go go!

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  • Josh - Twitter tells me that you will receive a load of the t-shirts you designed and also a batch of beer, whilst having your t-shirts sold to the masses.

    Pretty cool...
  • Just to make sure, is the prize just that you will sell the tee? Because that seems a little cheeky no? Unless i am missing something :-)
  • went in past ellon on the way home for a look o the new brew sheds .coming along nice the roof should be on in the next few days
  • Yeah, would not mind seeing the winners of the caption competitions announced now and then either... They are fun but pretty much useless if there are no winners. Even the #22 from 26.10.2011 still has no winner.
  • who won the last 2 caption competitions?
  • Glad to see your saluting with your right hand james, well done mate.
  • #DogShirt more like.

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