The 2011 BrewDog Photo Competition

The 2011 BrewDog Photo Competition

The BrewDog Photo Competition is back for the third time. In 2009 and 2010 we received some awesome pictures proving that there are a lot of very talented craft beer drinking photographers out there. 

All you have to do is capture a moment when BrewDog is present and send it on over to us.  The only rule for the photo is that it must contain something BrewDog.  This competition will be open for three weeks (no photos accepted after (July 13th). 

The people here at BrewDog will choose the top 5 photos, then we’ll turn the vote over to the youu guys. There will be a poll on the blog to decide which of the top 5 is crowned the ultimate winner.

Oh yeah, there are killer prizes! 

First Place: A night's accomodation at the brilliant Carmelite Hotel in Aberdeen and a Beer Dinner at Musa and drinks at BrewDog Aberdeen - all for 2.*

Second Place:  A Beer Dinner for 2 at Musa Aberdeen and a £100 voucher for BrewDog Bars or our online shop.*

Third Place: A £100 voucher for our online shop

*for people who can't make it to Aberdeen we can swap this for online shop voouchers to the equivilent value.

Send all submissions to laura@brewdog.com  

Get snap happy scamps!

BrewDog Photo Competition Winners 2009


Here are some of last year's entries.

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  • Good Point David. We will send the people in places 4 & 5 a case of beer too.
    James, BrewDog24.06.2011
  • great prizes!
  • I feel sorry for the two in the top 5 who won't win a prize :(
  • Completely off topic, but please bring back chaos theory.... again!
    Lee S22.06.2011
  • you can submit up to 5 pictures per human.
  • Silly question (just to be sure, you never can tell): 1 pic per participant, am I right?
  • photoshop as much as you want!

    there are no rules! Just needs to look awesome.
    James, BrewDog21.06.2011
  • I assume things can't be Photoshopped? I was thinking of shooting separate elements at separate times, not combining images from the web.

    Bracken's Bitches21.06.2011
  • Great Prizes

    I am off to dig out the camera!

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