The Results of the 2012 Prototype Challenge

The Results of the 2012 Prototype Challenge

The 2012 prototype challenge was the biggest and best yet, and in terms of the voting it was also the closest ever. We brewed 3 brand new prototype beers and let you guys vote on which of the 3 you wanted to see us brew permanently in 2013. The beers were available both online and in all of our BrewDog bars.

Over 650 votes were cast and here are the official results.

1st Place Cocoa Psycho (40.88%)

2nd Place Jack Hammer (37.54%)

3rd Place Nuns with Guns (21.58%)


Wallace and Bowman with their winning brew.  

So this 10% opulent and decadent Russian Imperial Stout will be added to our year round range for 2013. Martin and Bowman have already ordered loads of cacao, coffee and toasted oak chips and we are going to be brewing the first official batch in 10 days time.


We are also working on finalising the logo for this new beer and trying to figure out if we can use chocolate and coffee in our hop cannon (this would then make it a hop, coffee & chocolate cannon which is quite clumsy as a title for an exciting piece of craft brewing hardware).


Jack Hammer got so much love that despite the fact it did not win, it will make a few guest appearances over the course of 2013 as an occasionally brewed beer.

Thanks to everyone who sampled the beers and got involved in the voting. For the record Cocoa Psycho is best enjoyed whilst reading Dostoyevsky, playing chess or planning a visit to the Kremlin.

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  • As a man of the cloth I failed to vote but would obviously preferred to see the Nuns with guns on top. A fine wet with cheesy comestibles. Very taken with Cocoa Psycho,also fine with cheesy comestibles. Sorry but didn't feel the love for Jack Hammer, rather reminded me of Tom Cruise being Jack Reacher....
    Father Eamon Redshanks06.01.2013
  • Cocoa Psycho was a tasty treat, but it's more of a 'one-off' type beer. I'd be more likely to pop in for a half of Nuns or Jackhammer than for a Psycho.
    Saying that though, surely with this big fancy new brewery you guys have, you'd be able to produce regular batches of all three. It seems a shame any of them have to lose out.
  • Much as I loved Cocoa Psycho, I think BrewDog do other beers in similar vein, so Jack Hammer would have been a better regular addition. But at least it will pop in as a guest. Loved both, anyway.

    But I do think BrewDog needs a lager, much as I am not a lager drinker. There are a lot of people out there who are. Nuns with Guns was maybe not the one, although it was better than 77. But it is a gap that does need to be filled if we are going to get our lager drinking friends into BrewDog bars.
  • Love it, Cocoa Psychic was the perfect stout, but I need more now, right now, oh and keep the price down boys!
  • Love the winner but surprised JH didn't win. I thought Nuns lacked character, very unBrewDog, so not surprised that was last.
  • That was the order in which I liked them too. I would imagine a lot of BrewDog fans agreed w ithe the order too.. Yet after all that, the beer that BrewDog needs the most in its range is Nuns with Guns! Even though I preferred the other 2, it is Nuns with Guns that I voted for. It is the best lager that I have ever had by a mile, much better than 77 , and for someone just discovering BrewDog this is the beer that will win you more new fans than the other 2.
  • Congrats to Cocoa Psycho, It's a fine brew but I would have thought that Jackhammer would have a biigger fanbase of regular drinkers with the lesser abv. Great occassional drink but maybe limited to a few per sesh due to it's 10% volume. I personally regularly drink the much more sensible Hardcore IPA which at a measly 9.2% is a much more feasible session ale for the discerning motorist and astronaut. Looking forward to the Amarillo IPA. Will you be doing a Citra IPA again ?
    Keep it Hardcore !!!
  • Sad that Nuns with Guns didn't do any better. I thought it was a fine pint and my favourite of the 3! Jackhammer would have been my second choice. Cocoa Psycho is fabulous too...but Nuns with Guns!!!!! Sigh.
    Still...Looking forward to what 2013 has to bring for Brewdog :) x
  • The idea of hopping cocoa psycho is amazing.
  • Yep, forgot to vote too.. But I agree with the result :-)
  • Cocoa Psycho was my favourite beer of 2012. Delighted I will be able to drink it in 2013 too.

    And it makes awesome brownies!
    Mr T 02.01.2013
  • @HopZine Rob - Jack Hammer is intentionally totally unbalanced (Balance is overrated anyway). It is designed to be devastatingly bitter, dry and hoppy.

    If you prefer more balance, our Hoppy Christmas would have gone down well. We are also making a single hop IPA with Amarillo which will be reasonably balanced.

    However Jack Hammer and balance do not really fit in the same sentence together :)
    BrewDog James 02.01.2013
  • Someone call the Police. Jack Hammer was robbed
    Martin C02.01.2013
  • Could have done with a final reminder to vote.

    Not that my one vote for Jackhammer would have made a difference. And Cocoa Psycho is a damn good beer.

    Are there any other changes planned for the core range this year?
    Stuart M02.01.2013
  • Loved Cocoa Psycho, but surprised Jack Hammer didn't win.
  • Hooooraaaay! I love Cocoa Psycho.
    Jackhammer is a funny one, when I first got the bottles and also tried the keg it tastes a bit to resinous but a couple of weeks later the bottles I had left where tasting lovely. Personally I'd prefer a bit more balance, less bitterness and a bit more flavour.
    HopZine Rob02.01.2013
  • I'm 'crazy' to enjoy here in Brazil .................
    Osni Formaggio02.01.2013
  • YAY!
  • Shame about nuns, it's a solid pint kind of beer. But I look forward to having many post cocoa jet black turds.

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