This. Is. Lager.

This. Is. Lager.

This is the end of brainwashed, glassy-eyed beer consumption.
This is the start of something special.
This is craft beer.
This. Is. Lager.

Today we announce one of our most ambitious beers to date. It's not a barrel aged wonder with complex, strange and rare ingredients. It's not a beer brewed off the coast of North-East Scotland. It's not packaged in an animal's carcass. 
This. Is. Lager.
True to its namesake. True to itself. True to you, the drinker. No additives. No big expensive billboard campaign. No added colours. No fakery. Just. Lager.

Tomorrow, from noon until midnight (Wednesday 3rd September) we will be offering you the chance to try this beer free of charge in our UK bars and make up your own mind as to whether it's as fantastic as we think it is. We're not going to force repetitive, empty slogans down your throat, just offer you the chance to be your own judge and try 1/3 pint of our new beer. And we will foot the bill.

Its intent is to redefine a beer style that has for so long been defined by shallow, listless beers undeserving of the name.

This. Is. Lager. is brewed with 100% malt and ten times the hops of most industrial lagers. It is aged for five weeks before bottling like a real lager should be, and fermented with a genuine German lager yeast.

Its mission is to put the heart and soul back into a beer style that has been bastardised the world over.
This. Is. Lager.

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  • Tried it tonight, and I do think its the best lager BrewDog have come up with, by far (the Unleash the Yeast Pilsner was good, too, but that wasnt a standard strength lager). Way better than 77 or Fake.

    Finally a lager worthy of inclusion in the range, in my opinion.
  • I think you should have included one more aromatic hop than Columbus in it. Mozaic or Motueka goes well with lagers.

    But Will see...
  • Lager. Jim. But. Not. As. We. Know. It. A. Triumph.
  • Re.disappointed of London.dont knock if you aint tried it.yes some people dont like lager and some people dont like ales or stouts .I just respect peoples tastes what ever they are.PS.brewdog.Ill be down tonight for a sample.god help you if its over hoppy like becks was.dont stop fake lager. I understand you try to improve things but please listen to your customers.you didnt when you scrapped 77. Best lager Id ever tasted
  • I loved 77 then you stopped it.just getting used to fake lager now. Please dont tell me your phasing fake lager out please
  • Sounds shyte like all lagers
    disappointed of london03.09.2014
  • @James BrewDog

    What equipment/technology has enabled you to make the lager you always wanted to do - and the yeast?

    Is this like for the new Tokyo where the recipe has been changed to not damage the yeast?

    Paul - Glasgow03.09.2014
  • Oh its tooooo pungent?

    Im losing the Will to live

    So Im going to go and try the beer

    More soon
  • canni wack a hoppy lager, its better than most

    Will is just hoppist
  • Do it like everyone else?

    Isnt that exactly what brewdog DONT want to do
  • Listen, Im a pro. Ive got certificates. Columbus is too pungent, and caramalt too tasty. You need to do it like everybody else. When will youre incredibly. Successful. Brewery. Learn?
  • Will is just bitter. Hahaha. Get it. Bitter. Like Hops.
  • Great idea, Ill be down to try it. Smiley face

    Can I just say, I like hops, all hops, they are like people so basically Will is like a racist or something ?

    I love lager

    I hate Will.

  • I was very interested until I saw that you are using some Columbus hops. Which no doubt ruin it. Why cant use guys just once produce a beer which some element of balance? And caramalt?? Come on Brew Dog - Grow. The. Heck. Up.
  • Whens it available on the online shop?
  • Sounds great

    Same hops as Mikkeller American Dream. Same malts as Brooklyn lager. 5 weeks cold maturation. Dry hopped?

    Will be great if its got the same aroma and assertive bitterness as American Dream but with a bit more malt backing it up

    Live in Sweden so wont be able to get a freebie at a bar due to crazy alcohol laws. But hopefully arriving at a Systemet near me sometime soon?
  • Look forward to tasting tomorrow at DogTap
  • Will. This. Lager. Come to Norway?
  • So is the recipe from some long lossy time? I dont think ice every had an IPA lager/pilsner before.
  • Really loving the newly rolled out branding. Will be swinging by tomorrow for a brew!
  • German Pilsner.
    BrewDog James02.09.2014
  • What style of lager is it? Pilsner? Helles?
  • cmurray6 - bottles, yes. You will have chance to buy tomorrow morning online.
  • Will this be released to share holders first?
  • Will it be available to buy at the weekend in bars?
  • Second attempt at appeasing lager drinkers, good luck.
  • This is a whole new beer.

    We finally have the equipment, technology and yeast capabilities to brew the lager we always wanted to brew.

    It rocks.

    BrewDog James02.09.2014
  • Looking forward to trying this. Not been a fan of fake lager so hoping this is a new recipe, not just a new label.
  • So is this intended to replace Hop Rocker when you phase it out?
    Chris H02.09.2014
  • JoshMacc - in our UK bars and online tomorrow (wednesday)
    andyhawkes - a new beer!
  • Looking forward to tasting this! When does it go on sale?
  • Is this the new face of Fake Lager, or a whole new beer?
  • Will this replace 77?
  • Aged for 5 or 6 weeks?
    i want free beer02.09.2014
  • The new packaging looks great on this, gotta say.
  • Free 1/3pints? you must be confident! ;)
    Free beer!02.09.2014
  • Sounds ace - like the sound of the added Columbus. Bring it on!

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