Three times the fun – new beers released

Three times the fun – new beers released

Today we unleash three maniacal new beers on the world. A distant cousin of the beers and styles you're used to, these three bear the characteristics of concoctions created by Dr Frankenstein having afternoon tea with the Mad Hatter. These are gloriously bizarre, unnervingly unpredictable and deliciously unorthodox beers

Dog C

Dog C is an extra special brew, marking 7 years of BrewDog. Like Dog A & B before it, Dog C is an imperial stout, brewed with a potent mix of speciality ingredients.

Pouring like dark matter into your glass, with a deep tan head, on the nose there’s a subtle but powerful blend of dark chocolate, espresso, chilli spice and molasses, boosted with hints of molasses, cocoa powder and brandy.  On the palate, there’s a chewy treacle toffee backbone, supporting the spicy hop flavour and naga chilli heat. The malt bill adds further spice from the rye, and a smooth refined mouthfeel from the wheat and oats.

If you've tried Dog A and Dog B, you gotta try Dog C to compare. This is a mighty fine incarnation of our annual brew. Grab a bottle here

Everyday Anarchy

If we could sum up Everyday Anarchy in one sentence, it would probably be “it doesn’t have to make sense.”  

Take everything you were expecting about this beer, and file it under 'I' for 'Irrelevant'. This French white wine barrel aged imperial saison (the sibling of Black Jacques, which was a black saison aged in red wine barrels) has a plethora of intertwining aromas and flavours.  

On the nose, there’s raisin, caramel, sherry notes, apricot, plum; a fruit punch explosion from your glass, mixed with the presence of some sophisticated alcoholic aromas.On the palate, there’s a running battle for dominance between bitter, sweet and sour. Peach melba, redcurrant, sour plum, spice, syrup, chewy toffee; the list goes on.  

Like a strange, slightly unkempt, aristrocratic bear with an accent you recognise but just can't quite place, this beer will bewilder and intrigue. Get it here

Black Eyed King Imp

Back in 2012 we brewed this extra-small-batch prototype of the now infamous Cocoa Psycho, and rather than bottle it there and then, we locked it away in some gnarly old whisky barrels at the back of our Fraserburgh warehouse.  

Before it even went into barrel, this stout had huge chocolate aromas and flavours, from the intense malt bill and cacao nibs, tempered with a roasty bitter espresso character and a spicy hop profile.  Two years in barrel has intensified the rich, round sweet malt flavours, layered in deep chewy molasses, warming spicy brandy notes, and a liqueur coffee creaminess.

If you like Cocoa Psycho, you're going to cry when you try this. It is beautifully decadent, so treat it with the attention and respect it deserves. Get hold of some here.

We've also still got some Vote Sepp in stock, our Hibiscus Wit beer, brewed to bribe Mr Blatter into hosting the 2022 World Cup in Scotland. It makes total sense, see our rationale here. Pick up the beer and indulge in a wink and a nod to the football führer here!

All three beers are available online from our online shop now, just click the links above, and will be available in our bars from Friday 4th July at 6pm.

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  • Does Roppongi currently have these or will it be a few days? Cant wait to try all three.
    American in Roppongi02.07.2014
  • Love the bottle label for Everyday Anarchy!
  • I have all three Dogs so far! Going to stack them up and enjoy all 26 one day :)

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