Unsung Heroes of Brewing

Unsung Heroes of Brewing

Attempting to brew the best craft beer in the world can be a risky business; especially when you have a penchant for blowing things up.

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology however, we're well on top of our game when it comes to getting things done in the brewery.

In fact, our arsenal of gadgetry really doesn’t get the airtime it deserves. So, in recognition of the stuff that keeps our beer tasting epic and our brew team in one piece, here’s a few of our favourite unsung heroes:

1) The sample tap
It doesn’t have the towering, terrifying presence of our tanks, but it’s just as important.

The sample tap allows us to take on the spot samples of our beers during the brew so we can test the beer, partly for taste, partly for things like density which helps us measure ABV.

The sample tap saves time and helps our brewers to be as efficient as possible which equals more beer in the long run.

2) Hop Cannon

scotthop_620Our hop cannon is a custom piece of awesome brewery kit which helps our brewers deliver hops for dry hopping some of our favourite beers.

This pressurised device shoots the hops through sealed pipes straight into the top of our big conditioning tanks, saving our brewers all the heavy lifting that would be involved in getting hundreds of kilos of hops to the top of our big tanks.

It also ensures that we're not opening the tops of our tanks up to the elements, preserving the quality of our brews.

3) Walkie talkies
We all love a walkie talkie, especially our brew team.

The nature of brewing means constant back and forth between the brew office and the kit. Walkie talkies mean the team operating our state-of-the-art computer system can give direction to the team on the brewhouse floor.

Originally we tried the old ‘can and string’ technique. When that failed we opted for interpretative dance. In the end, walkie talkies proved the most fun… ‘craft beer panda do you read me?’ Over and out.

4) Adjustable C-spanner
The true unsung hero of BrewDog.

Each and every attachment - from hoses to stainless steel bends - is attached or unattached with one of these; helping to keep the brew kit airtight and secure.

Without the C-spanner we could have a massive spillage of beer on our hands. Ultimately, without the C-spanner, the brewery's reputation as a parlour of chaos would be taken to entirely new levels.

5) 8.0% alcohol solution
Brewers have often been compared to ‘janitors who brew’ and this unsung hero supports that theory.

8.0% sanitising spray allows us to clean fittings and equipment on the move; minimising any risk of bacteria spoiling the beer.

Calling all home brewers! Do you have a favourite unsung hero from your own adventures in brewing? Let us know what bits of kit - no matter how bizarre - you couldn't do without when making your own beer. We're all ears.

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  • My custom built (thanks Mum!) grain bags. I use the Brew In A Bag technique and, well, it wouldn't work without bags.
  • Jay K - Milton fluid is quite common. Mothers use it for baby bottles. You can get granulated sanitizer from home brew stores- just make sure it is odourless and colour-less.

    If you can't be bothered with that, 100 Celsius water, or 85 Celsius water maintained for 20-25 minutes. Latex gloves are useful, too.
  • baby bottle sanatiser tablets - Life Saver!
  • 8.0 % sanitising spray? Shouldn't that be 80 % ?
    brew freak31.08.2013
  • I really like my Barley Crusher. It is the first and importent step of every brew. Tried crushing every single malt kernel with a hammer by hand for a while, but I find a mill to be more time efficient, consistent and convenient.
  • I've a big strainer type thing with extending arms that goes over my fermentor to strain out the hops when transferring the wort. I think its meant for draining veggies.
  • StarSan all the way, best homebrew sanitizer in my opinion as its a no-rinse solution.
  • My Brewfridge - it lets me keep my brew at whatever temperature is right for the style, so I can brew what I like, when I like.
    Fatboy Slimfast30.08.2013
  • Holy shit! Check out that beard! You're one of them now, Ryan!
    Tony Stevens, Mancs30.08.2013
  • Cool blog. What products would you guys recommend for sanitation at home for homebrewerS?
    Jay K30.08.2013
  • Check out those C-spanners! I didn't realise there were so many different connections in a brewery.

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