Upcoming brews; The latest from Brew HQ

Upcoming brews; The latest from Brew HQ

Prepare yourselves once again, as we lead you round the brewery and take a sneaky peek at what we’re up to…

FV 102 - Dog C

Get ready for the serious and subtle combination of Naga chilli, coffee and cacao, as the latest incarnation of one of our most popular and sought-after beer series approaches maturation. Dark and menacing, with chocolate, smoky molasses, charcoal, bitter espresso, and warming chilli heat - this beer has almost reached full complexity. Having previously brewed Dog A and Dog B for our 5th and 6th anniversaries, we can't wait to mark our 7th with this, the Darth Vader of beers.
FV 205 - Victory / BrewDog collaboration porter

A huge Baltic porter brewed with smoked malt and fermented at a cool temperature with a lager yeast strain, this collaboration is the brainchild of Bill Covaleski (co-founder of the incredible Victory Brewing Company) and our own dynamic brewing duo of Bowman and Franz.
Huge quantities of speciality malt give this beer a mouthfilling sweetness, bittered with the addition of Mittelfruh and Galena, for a balanced, clean bitterness. Keep an eye out for this beer later in the summer.

Bill recently spent some time in the UK, taking over the taps of several BrewDog bars with his awesome Victory brews, and spending time talking to our army of beer geeks. You can read about Bill's UK adventure here
FV 101 - Hibiscus Wit

Destined for kegs to be served in BrewDog bars, Hibiscus Wit is a Belgian-style white beer, flavoured with - you guessed it - hibiscus flower. Light, zippy and floral, with a delicate tartness and a lightly spicy Belgian yeast character, Hibiscus Wit will be ideal for sipping at sunset. Perfect to sip on whilst lamenting the lack of an actual summer time in Scotland as you ponder over how nice this beer would be if you were drinking it in an actual summer, with sun and stuff.
In oak barrel - Everyday Anarchy

An imperial saison, aged in white wine barrels from France. This will be available as a limited edition in bottle, featuring exclusive artwork. All kinds of awesome, squirreled away in unassuming oak barrels. Huge aromas of peach, syrup, tangerine, sherry, toffee and raisin and dynamic bracing acidity exploded from our delicate little tasting glasses when we sampled this. Expect this beer soon.
Just off the bottling line
#MashTag 2014 and Hello My Name Is Päivi

Head on over to our last blog for more information on our two newest beers. #Mashtag 2014 is a 9% imperial red ale with blood orange and citrus peel, while Hello My Name Is Päivi is a refreshingly tart sea-buckthorn infused double IPA, brewed for our friends in Finland. They're both outstanding in their own ways, and a great pair of beers to toast the start of the summer!
#MashTag is available here
Hello My Name is Päivi is available here


On the horizon
Black Eyed King Imp

This one will be bottle only. A test brew of Cocoa Psycho with a huge amount of coffee & chocolate made in Fraserburgh almost 2 years ago, this beauty has been sitting in old grain barrels ever since. Stay tuned...

Magic Stone Dog

A 3-way collaboration of epic proportions, which will involve hanging out with two of our all-time favourite breweries, Stone and Magic Rock. Start getting excited now. We are. This beer will be brewed the day before the AGM with Rich & Stu from Magic Rock and with Greg Koch from Stone Brewing Company. We are going to be making a session farmhouse IPA. Perfect for summer! A 4.5% hopped up ale fermented with a saison yeast with a few rustic spices thrown in for good measure.

We were almost dewy-eyed at the sight of our old offices being smashed to bits, until we remembered what we were building in their place. DogTap edges closer to completion, under the auspicious eye of the Emperor (Simcoe). When armed and fully operational, we'll be serving the freshest BrewDog beer on the planet in the same building we brew it in. Here are a couple of sneaky peaks of what's going on (and into) our new bar, due to open later in the summer.

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Pete H., Nottm 09.06.2014 @ 12:48pm
Brewdog, Magic Rock and Stone .....I am already excited !And Black Eyed King Imp. Oh Emperor, you are spoling us. Again ......
Nick A 09.06.2014 @ 12:37pm
Black Eyed King Imp should become Crypto Psycho. Pleeeease. It totally works!
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Shareholder Steve 09.06.2014 @ 11:02am
Got my Dog A & B lined up ready to compare!